How long i shall wait for u (epi 15)


Helloooooooo friends thanks for ur support thank u SURAJ,SARA,HAYATHI,RASHI,NISHU,PRIYA KUMAR,SWARA,MEERA,VARSHINI,SARA,HARINI,RAISHA & all silent readers….
in epi 14 we saw that viraj n priya beacomes good friends,sunaina rank top in unite exam of collage….
nearly 10 month passed,the 12th board exam is coming near,sunaina n priya prepare for exams…………priya receives “GOOD LUCK” msg from viraj…now beacomes her best friends..she thank to her best friends….all relative wish priya good luck but only few relative wish sunaina as they think sunaina is not good in studies so….

Relatives phones r starts coming but sunaina is waiting for the virajs call……when any call comes n sunaina comes to receive but gets sad by reading others name on screen…she think how long shall i wait for ur call viraj???????
then the phone rings she ran to receive and its virajs call …a wide smile comes on sunainas face n she happily talks
sunaina- Hellooooooo
viraj-Hellooo sunaina,how r u??????
sunaina- im fine,ur????
viraj-me too..whats about exam???.prepare well..All the best!!!! n dont take tention
(she wanted to talk more with viraj but all family talk with him n then cuts the call)…but she think thank God at least viraj wished me!!!!!!
now its time for board exam…

sunaina used to become confused,nurvous at exam time but now our sunaina is very confident n faces all chalenges of life boldly…..

sunaina n priya both gives board exams,….now its hollidays sunainas mom invites priya for hollidays.n priya comes to sunainas vilage….when priya comes to sunainas home sunaina was wearing royal blue long top with jeans she kept her hair open
n priya is stunned to saw the sunainas bold avtar n teases her
sunaina with bright smile welcomes her
PRIYA(teasingly)-who r u??? sorry i didnt recognise u
SUNAINA(confused)-priya! im sunaina,ur best friend,r u forgot me????????
PRIYA-noo sunaina used to wear suits and she did ponytail n look at look
SUNAINA-ohhhhh!!! stop ur drama priya!!(laughingly) come!!!!
priya n sunaina comes inside..priya is really happy as she never live in vilage but she likes sunainas vilage soo much!!!!!!
after some time priya n sunaina shares one room!!!its sunainas room….both chatting with each other then priya said
PRIYA-sunaina! ur so chaged in 1year!!jst look at u..u never speek so boldly..u know what! i really like ur chages keep it up dear!!!!!
sunaina smiles…n then priya gets msg from viraj
viraj-Good night…
Priya also reply him-goooood ni8…..sunaina brings milk shake 4 priya..
sunaina-r u busy Priya?????(priya chats with viraj through msges)
Priya-no sunaina!! actually im talking with “MR.KHADUS”
sunaina-mr khadus?????
priya remembars how sunaina scold her last time when she talk bad about viraj.
then Priya makes puffy face n says-actually its viraj..n sorry i said khadus to viraj but u know what viraj is not khadus..he is good no actually he is exellent n parfect
sunaina said-yeah ur ri8…he is parfect n u r very lucky!!!
PRIYA-why im lucky?????
then kaya calls them n both girls goes to hall

In morning
Priya remembars sunainas works “U R VERY LUCKY”…& again ask her about that.
sunaina thinks(in mind)-really ur very lucky..u speak to viraj daily but im counting every second for meeting with him..speaking with him!!!

Credit to: TAMANNA

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