How long i shall wait for u (epi 13) THE NEW BEGINING


Helloooooo friends thanks for reading…Thank u SARA,DEVI ,ROMA,PRIYA KUMAR,VAR
Lets starts the epi13

The epi starts with
sunaina reach her home with family & she decides to be bold and smart,it will her new begining which starts from tomorrow……..
next morning sunaina wakes up early as usual..she gets ready,but this time she kept her suits inside the cubbord and take a white kurta with black desines and takes black leggins with it,she wears it..she looking stunning in it…she finds the new sunaina in mirrore…she smiles lightly..instead of making pony tail she kept her hair open she is.looking like a diva..she goes to breakfast & greets every1…every1 is surprise to see her new look…kaya smiles & complement her…..
sunaina goes to collage…every1 is surprise by seeing sunainas beauty..actually boys cant take their eyes off from sunaina…sunaina hesitatly seats at 1st bench as she used to seat in 4/5th bench but today she seat in 1st bench as she want to beacome smart,Topper and she will ready to do all hard work beacause she wanted her love,her soulmate……
In Pune priyas house
priya arrive home frm collage.she opens her facebook acc..she find new friendrequest & it is of VIRAJ SINGHANIA…without wasting a single second she accept it…she goes on his profile…hes looking soo hot!!!(virajs profile pic)….omggg viraj have 500 likes to his pic & 455 seems hes really popular..priya exclaimed

hey guys give me feedback…due to my exams the chapter is short sorry…bt ill update long epi soon

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. Its ok tamanna gud change of sunaina , all the best u r exams

  2. i like new sunaina

  3. nice di

  4. today episode i like so much

  5. awesome

  6. Awesome episode, loved sunaina’s bold n smart avataar 🙂 …she is sooo sweeeeeet n beautiful 🙂 ….hmmm priya n viraj now Facebook friends 🙁 …but I’m very happy for sunaina’s new beginning…all the best sunaina… tamanna dearrr, i wish you get very grades in your exams, work hard n take care sweetie. you loads


  8. Thank u devi

  9. I’m excited for future episode when viraj fall sunaina

  10. i think you make someone fall for sunaina also.

  11. plz update yaar………. wanna whose there for sunnaina

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