Which ‘long-running’ serials you think should end?

In season one, the story revolves around the two Indian sisters, Simar (DipikaKakar) and Roli (AvikaGor) marries two brothers, Prem (Shoaib Ibrahim / DheerajDhoopar) and Siddhant (Manish Raisinghan) respectively, and how the two sisters become perfect daughters-in-law of the Bharadwaj family.

The second season shows Simar (DipikaKakar), her sister, Roli (AvikaGor), Simar’s husband Prem (DheerajDhoopar) and his brother Siddhant (Manish Raisinghan) and how they protects Bharadwaj family from some supernatural creatures who wants to destroy them.

After a major leap, the third season of the story focuses on Simar (DipikaKakar / KeertiGaekwadKelkar), her husband, Prem (DheerajDhoopar) and their children Anjali (VaishaliTakkar) and Piyush (Varun Sharma) and how the parents helps their children in their married life.

This serial is an epic creation as at a point of time the protagonist i.esimar becomes a fly!!!

The series revolves around the fictitious Modi family, who live in a mansion in Rajkot. The show explores morals and family values of a typical Gujarati joint family.
Initially, the show focuses on the life and arranged marriage of two female cousins (Gopi and Rashi) and their contrasting personalities. It is the story of how KokilaModi – the strict, strong-minded mother-in-law of Gopi, transforms the latter into a confident and smarter woman so that she gets accepted by her husband. Both cousins happily get accepted into their families and by their spouses.

According to the current story line, Gopi marries Jaggi to save him from Radhika’s evil plans, and eventually the family accepts their relationship. Gaura returns once again to avenge the Modis – she pays Chanda (Meera’s child’s surrogate mother) to trouble the Suryavanshis, and eventually kills her when she [Chanda] tries to expose her, putting the blame on Vidya. It is revealed that Gaura was also responsible for the accident that caused Ahem’s death.

the show follows the love story of Dr. IshitaIyer, who is a Tamil dentist and Raman Kumar Bhalla, who is a Punjabi CEO. Ishita is sterile and gets attached emotionally to Raman’s daughter, Ruhi, who lives with her divorced father. Raman’s ex-wife, Shagun, lives with her boyfriend Ashok Khanna and Aditya, her son with Raman. Due to circumstances, Raman and Ishita marry each other. Eventually they fall in love.

According to the current plot, Ashok who was the real curl pit of chandans death comes to know adi is alive when shagun and Mani visit to a hotel to book it for a marriage function later he tells gaganchandans brother about Adi being alive and also tells him abtadi and Aliya’s marriage.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is the story of a young couple, Naitik and Akshara Singhania, who live in a Marwari joint family in Udaipur. The story showcases their journey first as a married couple going through adjustment issues, then as parents of young children and how they learn to love each other and their respective extended families while becoming mature members of their household. Over the course of the series, Akshara and Naitik have a baby boy called Naksh..

The present track is all about the situations after their marriage. Just one day after marriage, Kartik comes to know about the promise Naira did to Suwarna before marriage that she will try to make Kartik stay in Goenka house forever. So he immediately leaves with Naira to stay in a separate flat though Naira is not happy with it. After Naira is injured by robbers that broke into the flat, she and Karthik move back into the Goenka home. Naira meets the man whose brother is in jail for killing her mother and learns that Akshara’s accident was caused by Mansi, Karthik’s sister. The news reaches the Singhanias and they are heartbroken. The Goenkas come to apologize.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki is about young love and extended family dynamics. Suhani is an average looking yet free spirited and kind girl who loves everyone. Her best friend is Soumya, a very beautiful girl. Yuvraj, a rich boy who values beauty secretly falls in love with Soumya, who is in an arranged marriage with Yuvraj and believes they are already in love.

As per the current track, yuvan started to realized his mistake for marrying baby then he try to win back krishna’s love but he find out krishna falling for her husband sayyam.so he started to create rift between sayyam and krishna but it gets opposite react it make krishna and sayyam even more close.baby try to create misunderstanding between dadiand suhani. Everyone work together to deal with Baba and Baby . Krishna and Sayyam intimate for the first time .Krishna to get pregnant. Baby fakes memory loss.

Kumkum Bhagya is its Indian interpretation, which follows the life of a Hindu-Punjabi matriarch, SarlaArora, who runs a marriage hall. Sarla lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters Pragya and Bulbul, happily married some day. The pivotal characters of this show are strong, feisty women, living together in an all-female matriarchal family.rockstarabhi marries pragya for his sister aliya. Eventually they fall in love and were not able to confess.

The track of the past one month is about wedding day of tanu and abhi.

Set in 1996 in the village of Azadganj, Udaan is the story of the bonded labourers of a wealthy landlord, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi (SaiBallal). The story features the female protagonist Chakor (SpandanChaturvedi), who is kept as collateral (girvhi). While Chakor’s mother, KasturiBhuvan (SaiDeodhar), is pregnant with her, her father, Hariya, dies in an accident. Bhuvan has neither money nor a cow to donate to Pandit for Hariya’s funeral, so Bhuvan and Kasturi go to Rajvanshi’s haveli and beg for money from him. Instead, his wife Tejaswini suggests that they keep the unborn child as a collateral.

After seven year, Chakor enters the haveli. She is a fearless, kind-hearted, and intelligent girl. In the haveli, she meets and befriends VivaanRajvanshi, ManoharRajvanshi’s son. With Vivaan’s help, Chakor escapes the haveli but is dragged back into slavery by her mother. While being supported by IshwarRawat (SandeepBaswana), she dreams of freedom. Ishwar adores Chakor like a daughter and wants her to be educated. Chakor goes to school, where ArjunKhanna (VineetRaina), a physical education trainer, enters Chakor’s life. The season 1 comes to an end with Ishwar’s death and the twin sister plot of chakor.

Season2: The show leaps ahead ten years, following Chakor (MeeraDeosthale), AdityaRawat (Varun Sharma), and VivaanRajawanshi (ParasArora). Characters variously fall in love, betray one another, arrange marriages both wanted and unwanted, attempt suicide, and finally arrange a double wedding in which identities are hidden until the end of the wedding, resulting in a surprise bridal swap. According to the current track suraj accepts imli-vivaan baby to be his in order to protect imli.

Thapki is a cheerful and intelligent girl. She never loses hope and doesn’t let her stuttering become an obstacle in her life. Thapki isn’t getting a marriage proposal because of her stuttering.Thapki gets a job in a channel named News 365, owned by DhruvPandey. Dhruv tells his family that he wishes to marry Thapki. Dhruv’s mother says yes for the marriage. Vasundhra hate things which doesn’t work properly or people who stutter. Vasu didn’t know about Thapki’s stuttering, but as soon as she gets to know, she finds ways to separate Dhruv and Thapki. On the day of the marriage, Vasu asks her adopted son and the brother of Dhruv, Bihaan (Manish Goplani), to mix drugs in Dhruv’s meals. Bihaan then marries Thapki. Eventually thapki-bihaan fall in love, surpassing all the cheap tricks of vasu and shraddha(druv’s wife).

As per the current track, Aryan Khanna many times,who is just looks like Bihaan. She asks her to be her husband for whick he agrees. On the day of Mehendi of Tina, Bani asks Thapki to break Tina’s marriage or she will kill herself but before Thapki could do so, Aryan cames there as Bihaan and everyone gets schocked. Munna gets to know that it is Aryan not Bihaan.

SO Let us know which serial you think should end?

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  1. KKB and SSK

  2. I totally agree with Mahaaijaz.
    And specially the serials-YHM, SSEL, YRKKH, SNS.

  3. How come u forgot to give an option

    All r crap …. Each one is above the other in showing or repeating the crap …. They r spoiling indian culture ….

    Tel me any one character from the above mentioned craps having only one love whom she or he married … From start till end ???

    1. And all the crap should end at a time …

      It wil b a big relief to indian television…

  4. Shreya.

    Kkb, ssk plzz end these shows…

  5. Karthu

    I think tpk , sns , ssk yhm, yrkkh should end.. These r long running shows and the stories are also bakwass.
    Thapki is nice in first reason n first its different series .. But after its get worse after the entry of koshi like devil… n now the second season ITE more worse .
    Sath nibhana sathiya story is also good at first .. Now I think their is no story n also it hurting the relationship Also.. First they kill lead role then he return back as step brother.. Then step brother marry brother’s wife.. n also lots of bakwass..
    Suhani is good at first .. Its a family show.. But after the chemiatry of yuvraj n suhani .their is no story .. Just create dramas n suhani slove the prblm . that’s only…
    Coming to ye rishta.. It’s just repeating the story of akshara. That’s only. Family drama n ptblms n solving of prblm..

    Coming to sasural simar ka most worse show.. It should end firstly.. Only gost n terror . only bakwasssss . I hate this show…
    Finally ye hai mohabatein.. Its a super duper show n nice story.. But now a days its just bakwass . their is no story. Its start as love b/w ishra now their is no value of ishara.. Just seeing bakwass. Just stop it..
    And I also read all comments all r want that kkb should end. The current track of kkb is worse.. n they repetiting the track.. But I’m also so sad about current track tanu – abhi wedding.. Just dragging.. But I can’t even think to stop this serial.. I really love u kkb n abhigya

  6. Simrank

    Ssk shud end nd also sns
    But i dnt wnt tpk to end coz i love manyasa? especially mani?

  7. Don’t know which show should end. But Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai should definitely stay. Kaira are awesome. They are such a breath of fresh air between all the forcefully married couple.

  8. YRRKH because they are repeating the story.
    Suhani became bad when Sambhav raped Suhani which was then sayyaim was concieved which was horrible and too much racism.
    YHM because they are killing characters and not showing what even happened to them.

  9. ALL are deserved to go off air. anyways suhani si ek ladki is going off air next month

  10. i think every one likes different serials everyone has their own choices so we should not say like this it can hurt someone

  11. all listed serials is happy ending. this time all listed serial in list is worst serials ,, bakwas hogya hai.. sabhi pagalhoo gaye hai..

  12. Anubhuti

    Ssk should end coz its turn boring now

    And so sns and kkb


      THAHAAN budde hogye hai…. tab bhi tumhe serial ko end nahi kar na chathi ho kya….❗❓


    All should end..


    TPK… because…full of bakwasssss, aur main iss serial ki lead pair ko new serial mein dekhna cha tha hoon….?

  15. Ssk ended fr me…when roli died…I just watched all that crap fr my rosid..now I’m free bird..sns should end

  16. Honey

    sns,i stopped watching the serial long only……………backbasssssssssss serial

  17. Sns, ssk & kb

  18. Ck1234

    Its time for SNS , SSK, YRKKH to go off air……

  19. Don’t end ssk. get a new prem quickly, and create normal family drama.

  20. I think all have different opinions &likes.I’m just giving my opinion don’t take me wrong.
    sns ,kb,ssel,tpk,ssk should end first.Initially these were very good now they are bakwas,especially kb & ssk they are worst enough.In yhm,how can they seperate love birds ,plz change the track.yrkkh is good now because of kaira but it is slow.udaan is OK.If possible plz change the track of yhm or else end that too.If my opinion hurts anyone(fans),I’m really sorry.

  21. YHM, KKB, SSK were some of the best shows in the initial stage……but now they have totally lost its charm!! Not that YRKKH, SNS ans SSEL are doing much better than the rest…..but I think comparatively negativity is less in the latter!! If the channels are thinking about a makeover then I would suggest them to wind-up all these 6 shows!!

  22. Sasural simar ka: In this serial first of all superstitious things happened every time and simar always solved the problems, she also fight with the ghosts…and now her son’s love story is going on….horrible serial..
    Yrkkh:Kartik and naira is love and married life is showing in the present track that is really boring….
    Kumkum bhayga:This serial always showed pragya and abhi’s love story incomplete….in first season…. and now when abhi losted his memory same story….two times….its stupidity…

  23. kumkum bhagya should be first ended. The story is so bring. They are only repeating the things. The marriage of tanu and abhi is continuing since 2 months. So bakwas serial

  24. Kumku bhagyaSNS

  25. Pragyashree

    end all! I want new shows to gain audience but they are not leaving their position.

  26. i think all the serials should end and especially kb such a boring mess. always tanu and aliya win and after knowing their motives also dadi keeps them in the house.

  27. Kumkum Bhagya should deffo end cos Im so sick and tired of seeing two thirsty females fighting for that dumb ass Abhi . Tanu is desperate, irkes my soul and Pargya has no self respect. Thapki should end after she was reunited with Bihan by Kabir but no they decided to experiment with characters playing double roles lmaooo and what can I say about Sasural Simar Ka ? Lets just say they should end it before they decided to turn Simar into a fly.. ??????? Now Im into Swabhiman, Naamkaran, Beyhad, Badho Bahu and Waaris. I used to watch Saathiya and YRKKH since back in 2009

  28. Jayani

    I feel all d serials shud end… No serial is gud after a year or 2… At d max 3… Dat’s all… If dere is no story den dey shud end it WID A PROPER ENDING… Don’t mistaken me

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