As long as you love me…SEGMENT #16


As long as you love me
Segment #16

“The fights we had, then
The fun we have, now
The roller coaster of mood swings
I donno when you bend down
N pull out a ring.”

Recap – Kunj’s exceptional proposal

☆On the road.

Kunj gets down the car and move to Twinkle’s seat, bringing her out of the car, Too.

Kunj: So, Twinkle..?
Twinkle nods.
Twinkle: Yes, Kunj. I would love to be yours not only in this lifetime, but in the next six too. I love you, too.
Their friends start shouting and hooting. Kunj picks Twinkle up in his arms and Swirl her. A complete chaos was made on the road, blocking it and thus leading to Traffic Jam. They all winded up and left for their homes.

☆ Sarna Mansion

TwiNj reach home. They see everyone with angry faces.
Manohar- Kunj, Twinkle, where were you both?
Usha- You went to Robin’s wedding party, Right?
TwiNj nods.
Bebe- Toh phir, kya Hua? Yeh hum kya sunn rahe H?
Leela- Aur dekh b rhe H?
Kunj- Kya Leela Maa, Bebe? Mujhe kuchh Samajh nii aa Rha?
Twinkle: Mujhe b nii. Humne kuchh Galat kiya h kya.
TwiNj stand shocked.

RT switches on the TV.
Reporter1- Yeh dekhiye, yeh video Aurangzeb Road ki h, jaha Manohar Sarna ke Bete, Kunj Sarna apni newly wed wife, Twinkle Kunj Sarna ko propose karte dikhe.
Reporter2- Yahi nii, Luthra industries ke heir, Yuvraj Luthra Aur Mahi Yuvraj Luthra b Waha present the. Unke saath…….
RT switches off the TV.

Leela – Haan, kuchh samjh kaise aayega ab, Haina?
Usha- Aur ab puchh rahe ho Galat kya kiya h?
TwiNj look at their shoes.
Bebe- Puttar, isse achhi khushi toh kuchh ho hi ni sakti. Usha aaj toh sabka Muh mitha kara.
Usha- Bebe, rasmalai Lau?
Bebe- Rasmalai Kyo? Ladoo, Rasgulla, Gulab jamun, Sab laa.
TwiNj blush.
Leela- Twinkle ka toh sharmana Banta h, Par Kunj puttar, tu kyo sharma rha H?
Kunj – wo..Nhii, Leela Maa.
Usha comes with sweets.
Usha- Mujhe lagta tha Sirf Bebe Aur Mai hi Kunj ki Taang kheechte h, Par Leela ji aap b.
Manohar – Ab Taang kheech li, toh mitha b khila do.
Bebe- Monu, doctor ne zyada meetha mana kiya h na.
Manohar – Par Bebe..
Bebe – Par war, kuchh nii.
RT – Aur Bebe, Mai?
Bebe- Pehle Twinkle Aur kunj ko khilao.

Times passes by. TwiNj are always on the heat of romancing, because of it, they are teased by Bebe and Usha.

One day,
Twinkle was folding sheets, while Kunj was busy in his cell.
Twinkle: Kunj it’s our 1 month anniversary. Wow.
Kunj(closing his phone and coming close to her): Yeah love. Issi baat par ek kiss toh banti h.
Twinkle(pushes him slightly): Abhi? Bebe is calling. Chalo.
BEBE (from hall): Kunj puttar, Twinkle, jaldi neeche aao.
Kunj: Yrr, Bebe har baar mere romance ki band baja deti h.
Twinkle giggles, both reaches hall.

Bebe: Toh, Kunj, Twinkle, aaj tumhari one month anniversary h. Toh aaj, Kunj tum Twinkle ko shopping le jaao Aur ek pyaara sa gift dilana.
Kunj(whispers; but is audible): Apna gift hi le rha tha, Aapne disturb kar diya.
Twinkle shies and starts drinking water to avoid any questions.
Bebe(giggles): Achha Aisa Kya gift de rhi thi, Twinkle?
Twinkle coughs and water spills from her mouth.
Twinkle: Rohan (servant) come and clean this, and Kunj hum chale shopping.
Usha(teasingly)- Twinkle, Bebe ne kuchh puchha Aisa kya gift dene wali thi tum jo Bebe ne kharab kar diya. Waise tum yaha b de sakti hu.
Twinkle- Mom, par yaha…….
Kunj- Nhii, Maa. Mujhe ab koi gift nii chahiye. Sach m.
Bebe- Achha Waise gift tha Kya?
Twinkle- Uh….Umm… Bebe wo Kunj aapko bataega. Kunj- Bebe, m kaise. Uhh. Haa, gift toh Twinkle de rhi thi na.
Twinkle- Bebe, hum shopping ke liye jaaye. Meko ready b hona h.
Bebe- Haan haan. Jaa, puttar. Aur gift zaroor de dena. Aur haan, aaj Tumhe dessert banana h, Okay?
Twinkle- Jii, Bebe . Chalo, Kunj.

She drags Kunj to the room, leaving Bebe and Usha, giggling.

Precap- Shopping and the best ever Dessert.

So, this update is for Ria.
Ria, I told you I’ll update it on Tuesday, I did. I’m just 14 Days late. Yeah. I had to upload it on 25 October, that Is last to last Tuesday.
Well, Happiest birthday, Kruti.
You be such a great friend.
Thank you much.
I won’t speak much. You b the best.
Love you loads.

N yaa peeps, shower your love through comments.

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  1. Adya

    Ahhhhaaaaaa…….meeta di….wht a sry..
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  2. Awesome….amazing plzzz try to post nxt asap

  3. Ria

    You know what? This isn’t fair. That’s all I can say.

    The update was amazing. I loved it a lot. Try posting the next one soon.

    Loads of love.❣

    1. Meeta

      What this ain’t Fair?

  4. Simiyy

    Omg Meeta you finally posted
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    Amazing!!!! I loved it to the core!!!

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    The episode was awesome plz show us romance of them

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    Meeta awesome episode….really loved that gift wala part….awe…..amazing

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

  9. Wow what an episode?? loved twinkle’s reply to Kunj’s proposal and how they both were being teased by the elders???.. do cont soon ❤

  10. Ramya

    Hii meeta missed I episode was awesome n twwinj proposal n whole family teasing dem was also amazing loved it

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    Hey Meeta! it was amazing fantastic cute n funny epi…. loved it…. love kunj’s dialoge… pls post next asap… eagerly waiting for next..


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    Finally !!!!i missed it so much
    It’s fabulous. ? lovely
    I loved it to the core
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    Meeetttaaa! (okay, I am crazy ?) but dude, this was a bliss to read. The way the family reacted to the whole thing is just so adorable. Anyway, I felt the update was quite short ? (it genuinely was ?) I longed for this. Now, you better post soon alright?
    Loves! xx ?

  14. Kruti

    Well Thank u for ur wishes meeta??

    And d epi was damn cute…..leg pulling????….Amazing it was….Loved it

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