As long as you love me…..Segment #12


As long as you love me
Segment #12

“ Hundred times would I fall
Till you’re there to hold me
Hundred times I could stand up
Till you’re here to heal me. ”

⭐Sarna mansion

Terrible descends the stairs looking like an angel from heaven wearing red-floor length Anarkali with silver heels having marriage bangles (Chura), along with henna (mehandi), vermilion filled hairline and mangalsutra.

Bebe: Ae lo, Twinkle puttar came.
Twinkle gets everyone.

Usha: Beta, aaj tumhari muh dikhai ku rasam h shaam ko. Toh no College.

Kunj comes and hearts what Usha said.
Kunj: Ma, we’re not going to college. Actually today’s Rhea’s birthday, so we’re going to her place.
Bebe: Wish her on call.
Twinkle: Bebe, actually gift bhi toh Dena hota hai Na.
Bebe: Achha, chalo jaao, par Come home soon.
TwiNj: Sure, bebe.
They leave.

TwiNj reach court n see YuHi n Robin there.
Robin: you’re an hour late.
Twinkle: Oh, Mr. despo! I am late because of you. You made me sit on the Mandap for marriage and now, I have to follow all After-marriage rituals.
{Robin: Oh, really. You didn’t wanted to get married to Kunj.
TwiNj coughs together.
Twinkle: Umm….Umm..Uh…G..Guys, yes. Guys, may we start the plan. }(Parts in {} are specially added for some fun. Yeh bahot boring ho gaya tha. Actually I wrote it in school n now m typing).
Kunj: Ye..Yes. She’s right. Well, you all have to come tonight at our home.
{Robin(whispers):Yeh log meri raat kharab karenge.
Yuvi: You said something.
Robin: Nope.
YuNj(together): Bachu, abhi bhi time h, bhaag jaa, ek baar shaadi ho gayi toh will repent.
Ahh, leave are ears yaar. We were joking.
TwiHi: Better}
Mahi: Achha, let’s leave all this. May we start. Robin seems desperate.
Robin: Of course. It’s my marriage to my lady love.
TwiNj: Whatever! Xhalo, let’s start.

On call(Speaker)….
Mahi: Hello Rhea!
Rhea: Heyy, Mahi.!
Mahi(worriedly): Rh…Rhe…Rhea. Robin had a robbery. So, he’s near the court. Please reach there soon. We are leaving too.[I wrote it was an accident but then thought to change something because of lines below] Rhea(panicks): Oh, no. Mahi. I’m near the court only. I reach there in 5.
Mahi: Yeah Yeah. Sure.

Rhea reached and sees Robin. She goes to him and hugs him asking what had been stolen and was it really expensive.
Robin: Yeah, it was really very expensive. Actually someone came and stole my heart away. Now, she has my heart. I just wanna ask her if she would share her heart with mine, too.(Bends on a knee)Will you marry me Rhea?
Rhea(blushes): Ofc! Robin, I love you. After the court marriage, we’ll have church wedding, too.
Twinkle: Haa Haa. Kar Lena. But, we have to reach home by 6. Tumne jaha phasaya h, uska result h. My After- marriage rituals.

All giggles.
RheObin get married.
Robin: Well, to be honest, I’ll miss my bachelor’s life.
Rhea widens her eyes.
Twinkle: I’ll miss it too. Kunj toh kahi bahar hi nhii le jaata.
Kunj: Oh, Mrs. Kunj Sarna! Shaadi ko sirf ek hi din hua hai. OK, tumhe bahar jaana h Na, toh we’ll meet at Kaanch club. Call Naman, Misha, Alisha, too.
Robin: OK, we’ll meet but it’s my first night. Rhea aur m jaldi chale jaaenge. Also, I’ll pay the bill as it’s my wifey’s birthday.
Rhea: You remember.?
All: Happy birthday Rhea.
Rhea: you all remember. Thank you guys.

They take Rhea to her home, where she finds 22 gifts.
Rhea: Oh my f**king God! These are 22 gifts. Why? And when u did all this?
Robin: You turn 22 today, Love. Also, you forgot, yesterday night you stayed at Samode Palace n from there you directly went to Shopping n I, here.
Rhea: Thank-you, husband.
Robin: Aise hii kaam nii, chalega.

Rhea turns n captures his lips into a short kiss.
Robin: I didn’t mean this. I said that pack you bags and let’s leave to OUR home.
Rhea(shies): Oops, Sorry.

TwiNj n YuHi giggles.

Precap: Twinkle’s muh dikhayi.


I guess that this was there longest I wrote.
N you guys know what.
I got such bad marks in all subjects except English. Thanks to you guys. My story was the most different one. Because of y’all.
I was given GOOD ATTEMPT in the story writing. Thank you all again.
Romaisha.. Romaisha, your comment made me feel heaven.
Thanks all for showering you presence here.
Jisha dii returned.
Love y’all.

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      Sorry, Ritzi.
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