As long as you love me…..Segment #10


As long as you love me
Segment #10

?Hurra. Completed 10 episodes. Completed a decade.

Precap- TwinJs fight cum Romance. Rhea’s Birthday to b celebrated!

“For the times you fight with me
For times you laugh,
at those silly jokes, wholeheartedly.
Don’t know when but I fall for u, so quickly.
Times changed n so does relations
But ur still the same for me.”

Twinj- Ab Kya kare? It’s already 3 in the morning.
Yuvraj- Wait, guys you remember, she wanted to marry before her birthday?
Twinkle- Yeah. But, ab toh aisa nii ho sakta Na.
Yuvraj- Why not? Don’t u guys think it would be better if she gets married on her birthday only.
Yuvraj- Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.
Twinkle- Great. Call Robin n ask him if he is ready warna ab hamari doosri shaadi ho jaayegi.(Or else we’ll have a second marriage.)
Kunj- Nhii. Bas ek bar hi main iss Siyappa Queen ko handle kar sakta hu.(No. I can handle this Siyappa Queen only once).
Twinkle- Whatever. Wait I’ll call Robin n puts call on speaker.
On Call…
Robin- Abey, kaun h Yeh Saala.(Who’s this bastard?) Just now I went to sleep. N my marriage broke too.
Yuvraj- Do you love Rhea? Do you wanna marry her?
Robin checks the caller n find it to b Twinkle’s no.
Robin- Ohh, Yuvraj, Right?
Yuvraj- You give the answer, asshole.
Robin- Yess.but how?
Yuvraj- Today is her birthday. We’ll càll her n…………………
Robin- You think this would work.
Twinkle- Of course, it’ll.
Robin- Okay, then Biee.
Call ends.
Mahi- Okay, now you both sleep. We need to wake up early
Kunj- Hmm, okay.
YuHi leaves.
Kunj- Toh…
Twinkle- Toh, Kya?
Kunj- Biee. Have a good night’s sleep.
Twinkle (thinks) Wow, he’s so good. He’s gonna sleep on couch n M on his bed. That what happens in unwanted marriages,right? But I wanted this marriage from so long. Haww. Babaji I love him so much.
Twinkle less on the bed n Kunj looks at her shocked.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- M gonna sleep on the bed, you r going to sleep on the couch.
Twinkle- Kunj, par aise kaise. Achha hum toh BFFs h Na. So I won’t mind if you sleep on the left corner of the bed.
Kunj- N u’ll sleep on the right corner?
Twinkle- Oh, no Kunj. I’ll sleep on the centre. I have a habit of sleeping in the centre.
Kunj- This is not done.
Twinkle- Why?
Kunj- Because, this is not fair. This is my room. Kunj Sarna’s room.
Twinkle- Ohh, Everything is fair in love n war, Darling. N I think you forgot, u have to share this room with your wife I.e. Me, Twinkle Taneja oops Kunj Sarna. Share karne ki aadat daal lo. Kyonki Jo tera h Wo mera h.(Get in a habit of sharing. Coz from now on, what yours is mine)
She passes a cheesy smile while Kunj gives a whatever wala look.
They both sleep on the corners.

? Morning.
Kunj n Twinkle both r seen cuddling each other when the sun kisses the faces of the to fall in love wale lovebirds.
Twinkle wakes up n sees her face digged in Kunj’s chest n sees that Kunj is about to open his eyes. She pretends to sleep.
Kunj- Ohh, f**k. Twinkle get up.
She gets up. He knows her well n realises that she was just pretending to b asleep but was awake.
Twinkle- Kya hua Kunj?……Oh How r we sleeping.?
Kunj tries to tease her.
Kunj- Arey, don’t b shocked. Tumne hi toh raat ko neend M mujhe confess kiya tha how much you love me n we shared a kisses. (You only confessed in sleep how much you love me n them we shared a kiss). [He bites his lips.] Twinkle looks shocked.

Precap- RheObin’s wedding.

Okay, I know M late. But please bear me.

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing meeta ………..loved twinj scenes

  2. Ria

    Meeta, it was superb. Just loved it. TwiNj is legit cute. N congrats for ur decade? Please try posting the next one soon.
    Loads of love.?

  3. Ayu

    Bechari twinki n silly kunj…heart attack karva dega twinki ka…the bed wala n last vala scene were my fav❤️❤️
    Main has hasK pagal ho rahi hun ??
    Keep writing meetu cuz ur fab at it?

  4. Woow

  5. Partner!
    Too good bub!
    I loved this so much!
    Long tym sweetheart…
    Miss u…n love u?

  6. SidMin

    wow Loved it and like all the other ff’s this time Kunj did not volunteer to sleep on the couch and Twinkle requesting him was so sweet and Kunj making Twinkle scared with the imaginary talks of yesterday night just Loved it 🙂

  7. Kritika14

    I loved it. and the last part was too cute ? anyway, write soon x and love you ?

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  9. Baby

    meeta di amazing hahhahaahaa
    luvd d episode dd last part was d best kunj is really very naughty han cnfsn n kiss
    hahhaahaa luvd it di post nxt asap

  10. Awesome epi.. naughty kunj ?.. do cont soon ?

  11. Shatakshi

    That was Awesome meeta

  12. Loved it….

  13. Romaisha

    Last part was funny ?? ? seriously enjoyed the epi !!
    Post soon
    Love u ❤

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