As long as you love me – RagSan / RagLak (Intro)

Hello dearies
Polly is back with her brand new ff On Raglak and Ragsan

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You all must be thinking purane ff update karne ka toh time nahi milta and she is starting a new one
Well sorry I will update my pending ff’s soon as only 2-3 chapters are left and then they will end.

Character Introduction

Ragini Gadodiya – A lead female vocalist in Lakshya’s band.
Carefree and independent girl , wants to live life on her own terms
Does work of a part time music tutor to meet the expenses

Lakshya Maheshwari -A singer by profession , has started his own band
“The Dazzlers”
Son of a millionaire for whom only music is important
A bit arrogant and rash.

Sanskaar Maheshwari – Lakshya’s cousin ,
A Guitarist in his brother’s band
He hates lakshya but due to his passion for music he plays guitar in lakshya’s band
A very cunning man


Here we go

The episode starts with Lakshya snatching ice – cream from Ragini’s hand

Ragini – What the hell Lakshya???????

Lakshya – You must refrain from eating this as this may harm your throat and you would not be able to sing

Ragini – Mr. Lakshya , I know what is best for my throat and what not so please stop interfering in my life

Lakshya (pulling her) – Ragini , You are the lead singer in my band , do as I say

Ragini – (looking into his eyes) – Fine I will , leave me

Lakshya leaves her and goes

Ragini (to herself) – Why is he always after me??????
In college also I had no interest in singing but he forcefully made me learn singing and then made me a lead in his band
He could’ve taken anyone far better than me

Ragini keeps thinking just then her mobile rings

Ragini picks up the mobile and starts walking but some pebbles are there on the way so she stumbles and is about to fall
but two firm hands hold her

Ragini – (composing herself) What the …..

Just then someone puts hands on her mouth

“Chi chi gaaliyan mat do paap lagega”

Ragini sternly looks at the man

So guys I am back
And yes Both ragsan and raglak fans can comment as this ff would contain steamy , passionate romance between both the couples
and yes the next update will be on 26th As till then I have my exams
So guys please be with me and support me
In the upcoming episodes I shall give you very hot scenes
So keep the AC’s on as the temperature will rise soon

Good Bye
Take care dearies

Loads of love

Yours very own



  1. Gayu

    I loves Raglak a lot. As long as raglak is the end game I am up for it. But if it is Ragsan is the end game. U need to convince me without wantedly making laksh bad. Not many authors did that. But I ll read it for Raglak for now

  2. raksha

    Please don’t feel bad but if you are going to show both couples but in the end only one will be final couple then other fandom will be sad n it feels really bad dear because we gets attached to the story n if couple will not be the one we are expecting then it feels heartbreaking yar.but ur concept is based on both the couple but I have a request make final pair as RAGLAK because raglak are probably accepted by everyone n ragsan fans will not feel that bad because they have seen it in the show as well but but dear if you will show it ragsan as final pair then it will be more hard for raglak fans compared to ragsan fansfor accepting raglak as pair. good luck dear well I like ragsan but I prefer RAGLAK more.sorry if you feel bad

    • Lahari


      |Registered Member

      It will not good to see too much romance bw 2 couples ..i mean with same girl…choose one final pair nd show whatever u want..its opinion dear..
      Im sry if i hurts u..but plz choose one pair

  3. Naymaz



    Hey guys just to clarify that sanky is a very cunning man and lucky a rude guy
    both will want ragu and then something will happen on ragu’s wedding day and all three lives will be changed
    Rest is suspense plzz don’t feel bad
    I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings its just that the pairing is a suspense which will come out soon
    No bad intention guys just support me

  4. vani

    Interesting i would like to read if RAGSAN are lead. I can’t see rags with other EXCEPT SANKY only want RAGSAN.

  5. [email protected]

    dun mak non exitcne couple a pair dear plz mak raglak…

  6. Varshni


    |Registered Member

    Amazing Polly dear !!!! I really like the idea !!! But I would be happy if it’s ragsan in the end !!! But I ‘m okay with anything !!!! It’s u whom gonna write it !!! Keep it up dear !!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.