As long as you love me…episode 7


As long as you love me
Segment #7

Precap- YuHi along with TwiNj comes to Sarna mansion. Families shocked. Bebe to take the decision.

⭐ Sarna mansion
Bebe- My decision is that……(coughs).
RT- Bebe, please kill the suspense. It’s about my daughter’s life.
Bebe- She’s only your daughter but she’s my daughter in law. Chal kudiye, tera grah pravesh karte h.

Everyone looks on, shocked. Twinkle shows she is shocked, par andar to ladoo phoot rahe the.

Bebe- Aise meri shakal kya dekh rahe ho. Usha Rani jaa aarti ki thaal le kar AA.
Usha- Haa Bebe, par Yeh shaadi…..

Bebe- Maine kuchh ni Sunna h, Twinkle ko toh kabse Maine apni nooh banane ke baare M socha tha. Woh toh Rab di meher h tumhari shaadi ho gayi Kunj, galti SE hi sahi. Warna mujhe tere peeche bhaagna padhta ke Twinkle SE shaadi karle. I’ll definitely say Thanks to RheObin.
Usha(comes)-Bebe, aarti ki thaali.

Bebe takes Twinkle to the main gate n does her grah pravesh.
Bebe- Twinkle tu living room M baith. Main tum dono ka room sahi karwati hu, aur Haa angoothi dhoondne ki rasam b toh karni h.
RT- Bebe, humne toh…..(Bebe cuts him)
Bebe- Jii. Aapne ab kuchh nii karna h. Twinkle meri beti h.
Yuvraj- Jii, Bebe. Waise b Twinkle toh Kunj ke py……(Mahi hits him)
Mahi- Aap Kya keh rahe the Yuvraj.
Yuvraj- M toh Yeh keh raha tha ki Ring finding competition toh Twinkle hi jeetegi. Haina saali sahiba oops Bhabhiji?
Twinkle- Jiju oops Jethji, bilkul sahi kaha.
Mahi- nhiiji. Jeetega toh sirf mera devar sorry sorry Jiju.
Kunj- Bilkul sahi kaha, Mahi bhabhi nhii nhii Saaliji.

Precap- Ring finding ceremony!

I post short updates but still I don’t know why I’m not able to concentrate on my studies. I have a crave to read all updates, I guess that’s why. Hardly 10 days r left n I’ve not completed even 1 chapter of any subject. f**k. Suggestions would b humbly acceaccepted. For both- FFs n Studies.
Love y’all.

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing meeta babee decision

  2. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesoeme…. same with me day after tomorrow is my formatives and I ahve not touched the book yest this is just bcoz the magic of ff writers …. that I got attracted towards them…. but don’t worry I will not fail only 3 chaters are coming and I and the half is learnt by me already … ?????

  3. Kritika14

    bro, i missed you and your ff so much. But no hurry, concentrate on your studies and then write your ff. Well coming to your episode .. it was amazingly written. Coming to your studies, i really would recommend you to really concerntrate more on your studies than on tu cuz ofc you can read all the updates later and i am sure all will understand that cuz everyone here knows that studies are much more important. Calm yourself down and start studying and once you sit to study .. make an aim to study 1 or 2 chapters in an hour or two or whatever you are convenient with. I am sharing this with you cuz this is the way i study when i have got really less time to study. Make more flowcharts, mind maps or write summary to remember the chapter and this way you briefly understand about it. I hope this helps you out anyway. Glad i could help. Take care, love you and study well ?

  4. Kruti

    Nice epi meeta

  5. SIDMIN-Daamini

    LOL ???????
    Babes decision n way of saying was fab
    N last part was superb just can’t control myself to laugh
    Great job but studies r more important first concentrate on it than tu
    Loved it

  6. Lovely….:*:*:*:*

  7. Chiku

    Sorry meeta I wasnt able to comment bcz i had my exams. I luv ur ff man. Its awessssssssssssssome
    I have one suggestion for studies do ur studies continuously for 5-6 hrs then take rest amd read all twinj ffs. Trust me i did this way.
    Nd plz do read my ff also. It was all a lie….. Twinj

  8. SidMin

    Meeta Loved it
    It was so sweet Uv was going to let out Twinkle’s secret
    Loved it
    And all the best for your studies There is no substitution for hard work so study hard and well Love you 🙂

  9. Amazing meeta!! I understand that studies are very imp…concentrate n best of luck!!?

  10. Superb epi.. loved it esp the last part??..

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous

  12. Angita


  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Meeta luved it.. But see dear studies r more important.. For some days concentrate only on studies.. Ffs can read afterwards na.. Its a humble request.. All the best… For break u can write and read ffs..

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