As long as you love me…episode 6

As long as you love me
Segment #6

Precap- TwiNj get married due to circumstances.

⭐ Samode Palace

TwiNj n YuHi r in a room.

Yuvraj- I don’t know what to say n how to react? But the marriage has taken place. We can’t deny it.
Twinkle- What r u saying Jiju?
Mahi- I think Yuvraj is right.
Kunj- Bhabhi, the problem is will the families accept it?
Yuvraj- I have an idea. You both come with us to Sarna mansion, We’ll call Leela maa n Papaji(RT) there, too.If they don’t agree then you both can file a divorce because now there is no way to hide this marriage. Many people have seen it.
Kunj- Bhai is right.
Mahi- I will call Maa n dad to Sarna mansion.
⭐ Sarna Mansion

RT n Leela were sitting while UsHar(Manohar n Usha) were roaming here n there. They see YuHi coming.

RT- What happened, beta? Why did you call us in such a hurry?
Yuvraj- Dad,…n.Ro..Robin
Usha- Oh, cut the crap, Yuvraj. Seedhe seedhe bata Rhea or Robin ki Shaadi thi na. Shaadi achhe SE Hu?
Yuvraj- Naa. ; Mahi- Haa
Manohar-Kya Haa,naa? Saaf saaf batao.
Mahi- Actually Dad, Marriage was great but…Rhea n Robin weren’t married.
Leela- What, then who were married?
Mahi- You both can come inside.

TwiNj enters.
Twinkle in bridal dress with Sindoor n Mangalsootra. N Kunj in bridal Sherwani.

Manohar- What the hell happened?
Leela- Can someone explain? Twinkle you married without asking me, Why? I wouldn’t have stopped you. But what you did is wrong.
Mahi- Maa listen once.
RT – Kya bacha h kehne aur sunne ke liye ab?
Yuvraj- Dad, Rhea n Robin were getting married but…………
He explained the whole situation while Kunj n Twinkle stood in shock without uttering a word.

UsHar, LeeRt- Wat? Now what can we do?
Bebe comes from behind.
Bebe- Mai batati hu.

All stand in shock as to wat will b Bebe’s decision.

Precap- Bebe’s decision. Everyone shocked. Twinkle’s priceless expression(happy or sad).

Guys, sorry.
I’m not àble to comment on Ffs but trust me, I read all.
Love you all


  1. |Registered Member

    Hey partner!
    Missing u in the grp! Good luck for ur exams! The epi was too good as always. Loved it to the core. Eagerly waiting to knoow abt Bebe’s decision.
    Love uh bub😘

  2. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    I think bebe will agree to the marriage
    But still waiting for the next episode please post the next one soon 🙂

  3. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Loved the episode. Tho is was small but its okay, i understand you might be busy with your studies. although, i missed you. Continue soon x Love ya x

  4. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Amazing epi..excited to knw wht will be Bebe’s the nxt epi ASAP.. 🙂

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