As long as you love me…epiosde 4

As long as you love me
Segment #4

Recap- All tease Twinkle n Kunj. Robin n Rhea ask for help.

★Samode Palace.

The decorations r done beautifully. Guests r enjoying themselves. Some people are dancing.
The pandit announces- Var-Vadhu ko bulaye. Jaimala ka samay ho gaya h.
The groom comes with sehra on his face. Though we can’t see his face, we can see that he is tensed.
From the other side, 4 boys bring the bride with a flower sheet above her head. She has veil on her face. DIN SHAGNA DA CHADYA plays. She has the same expression on her face as the groom.
She walks up to stage which is rotating n the groom held her hand. The make each other wear Jaimalas. Then they get photos clicked without revealing their faces. Then they went to the dining hall for the dinner. They ate without removing the veil or Sehra.
No sooner, the pandit calls up the groom in
the Mandap for some puja before Pheras.
After some time…
Pandit- Kanya ko bulaye, muhrat ka samay ho gaya h.
The bride comes. Rhea’s parents does the kanyadan. The pandit chants mantras.
Pandit- Ab Var-Vadhu phero ke liye Khade ho jaaye.

★Other Side.

She- Wait, what r u doing here?
He- Wat r u doing here?
She- You were not picking ur phn.
He- You too were not picking up the phone.
She, He- Matlab, you also did the same. Shit. We have to reach their fast. Or else…..

★ Samode Palace

The groom n the bride are biting their lips as if in some serious problem.
Pandit- Pheras are taken by Var-Vadhu as in fulfilling promises. For the first 4 Pheras, the bride will walk ahead. I’ll tell u meaning of each Phera.
Bride, Groom only nod their heads.
They take a round.
Everyone shouts- “Pehla.”
Another round
At 3rd round, the bride’s feet stumbles, but still they complete it. At 4th, the groom steps on bride’s feet in anxiety. At 5th, the groom moves ahead. At 6th, bride kicks the water pot near the fire, intentionally but still no one sees it N they continue.At 7th, both stopped in between, but still when people pushed them ahead they completed it, too.

Pandit- Yeh li jiye Sindoor. Isse kanya ki Maang bhare.
His hands tremble by doing so but Robin’s father holds his hand n the bride direct him without lifting the veil.
Pandit- Ab yeh mangal sutra b pehnaye.
He holds it in his hand n makes her wear it. The bride’s tears fell on his hand.

But, Pandit- Yeh shadi sampan ho chuki h. Aaj se aap pati-patni.

Precap- Major revelation.

Guys, Idk why the no. of comments r going down. Please look after them whereas I’ll look after the storyline. Thankyou.


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    I think Meeta Twinj got married right……….?
    Anyways Loved it waiting for the next episode for the answer the suspense is killing me 🙂 Love you Loved the episode 🙂

  2. |Registered Member

    The people doing the marriage are TwiNj…M damn sure…
    As for comments, there r ppl having their exams, u continue with ur ff, partner. Love uh bub😘

  3. SidVee

    Awesome.. I think twinj got married in place of the real bride n groom.. can’t wait for the suspense to b revealed.. do cont soon 💕

  4. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Hehe don’t tell me .. Twinj?? 😂😂 can’t wait to no the revelation yaar!! Post soon and sorry for late comment

  5. Jisha


    |Registered Member

    Awesome… Twinj got married??
    Waiting for next episode for the revelation
    ..some of them have exams…may be bcoz of dat…

  6. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Okay! You want me to die ? Leaving the suspense ? I guess it’s twinkle and kunj who got married there? Is it ? I don’t know tho. You update the next one soon so I can’t get to know. Continue soon x

  7. Baby


    |Registered Member

    hey meeta amazing n i thnk twinj got married rite
    yah i no i m late bt sry
    n amazing osm episode
    luvd it 2 d core

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