As long as you love me…epiosde 1

As long as you love me
Segment #1

β˜…Taneja Mansion.
Pawwww. Pawwww. Pawww. The car’s horn is still ringing. Suddenly a voice-“Yes. He has come. My Prince. My love. Only mine.β™₯ Shit. Kunj wud b waiting.”
She shouted- M coming Kunj. Give me two.
K- Aaja. Aaja, Twinkle. Aaram se aa. Mai puri Raat tere saath hi hu.
Twi(Self talk)- That’s wat I want. Meri heels. Damn. Konsi pehnu. Let’s wear shoes today. Perfect. Twinkle Taneja is always perfect.
K- Siyappo ki rani, ho gyi taiyaar. Jaldi aa. M waiting.
She comes wearing Yellow full sleeved top n Blue shorts with shoes in one hand n Purse n phone in other.
K- Jaldi baith, Siyappa Queen.
Twi- Haa toh Sadu Sarna. Let’s move. If u remember Rhea n Robin are getting married today.
K- Hmm. I remember. Where’s Mahi Aur Yuvi?
Twi- Yuvi came home early n they went for college together.
K- Yeh lovebirds b na. It’s been 8 months since their marriage. But still r always in mood to Romance.
Twi- Kash….I wish mera b Aisa hi husband ho. (Winks)
K- Shut up. Ab chale.
Twi- Steering is in ur hand.
K- Oh, whatever.
…….They reach college. The board read ‘St. Stephens’. They both got down the car n Saw their friends chatting.
Yuvi- M thinking to gift them a Photoframe. Oh, Hii Kunj. Hii meri aadhi gharwali.
Twi- Mahi dii, Aapka husband toh haath se nikal raha h. Catch him. Kahi der na ho jaaye (Cunning smile).
Ma- (holds Yuvi’s ear) Haa, toh YUVI. U don’t like ur wife or wat? Aadhi gharwali par Dore. ?
Yuvi- Ahh, Mahi. It hurts. Sorry. I was just joking.
Mahi- Hmm. Better.

Jennifer- Guys, we hav class, now. We’ll come back here at the recess ok. Biee. N yes Twinkle n Mahi, I hav to buy some accessories for my dress. Will u accompany me in shopping?
Twi, Mahi- Ya ya, sure.
Twi- Ok, fine guys. Will meet you later
Evry1- Biee. Ciao.


The friends reach the canteen.
Kunj- guys, I hav an idea. We can give a large Photoframe to RheObin, which hav all of our photos.
Alisha- That’s great. But will it b ready till the evening? We hav only 4 n half hours.
Pallavi- Jab tak Gandhiji h, tab tak kya problem. Right, guys?
Every1 laugh.
Jennifer- Ok, so Twinkle n Mahi are going with m for shopping.
Kunj- Then Yuvi n Alisha can come with me for the photo frame.
Pallavi- I’ll join hands with Nakul for making a huge card. What say?
Evry1- Great. Let’s go.
Nakul- Classes ka Kya. ?
Mahi- Ek din m kuchh ni hota. Let’s move guys.

Precap- Robin n Rhea’s wedding. A shock. Very big shock.


  1. Laddoo

    |Registered Member

    Hey Partner! Expecting the shock to be a good one, fingers crossed! And u an extremely talented writer, for sure. Love ya❀

  2. Chiku

    |Registered Member

    Hey dude waiting fr next one..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😘😊😘😊😘
    Interesting πŸ‘»

  3. Kruti

    |Registered Member

    Meeta where were u for so many days
    Ur such a fabulous writer…..amazing epi
    Eagerly waiting for d nxt one

  4. SidMin

    |Registered Member

    Meet Loved it cute episode are Twinj together (i mean bf-gf)Or just good friends
    Post the next one soon Love you πŸ™‚

  5. Baby

    |Registered Member

    omgggggggggg meeta amazing yr n strting mein hi shocks wooww w8ing eageerly osm episode post nxt asap dear

  6. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Sorry for the late comment….
    Just now I completed reading all the ffs nd I’m commenting on them….

    Loved the episode… Awesome… U rocked it….

    Love u.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’Ÿ

  7. Ria

    |Registered Member

    Hey Meeta,
    Well, I’m pretty late but, what to do! Wasn’t that free. Anyways, the episode was amazing. Loved it. Do post soon.

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