As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss

Hii guys here with a ss on twinj.ok hope you all don’t get bored.????

Every love ?story is unexpected. Love ?is an odd feeling. Only this one could be the cause of so many contrary feelings at a time; pain, happiness, bliss & insecurity.

Present Day
She was sitting on a wooden bench under a full bloomed royal poinciana tree (Gulmohor tree); folding her knees, keeping her chin above them, hugging them tightly, staring at nothing specifically on the ground, remembering an unexpected love story. It was her own story. She was in deep thought but nobody knows she had lost her every power to think except about one person, her life, only love, only dream, her everything. She had realized it long before but now it’s too late. She had lost him, forever.


“You’re no longer married to each other. The court hereby grants you divorce’ Still the judge’s announcement was ringing into her ears. Now it is official, she is no longer Twinkle Kunj Sarna. She had turned into Twinkle Taneja again.


He was the blue eyed boy of his family and friends; only heir to kolkata-based ‘Sarna Industries’. He was the most desirable, the prince charming to every girl in the city; quite regular in page-3 for his high profile affairs. As per the game played by his fate, now he had to come to get the final verdict of his divorce case. Outside the court, especially at the front gate, hawking & ever enthusiastic media was waiting for him. So he decided to leave from the backyard. For this reason only, he had denied his mourning mother and grand-mother to come along with him in the morning. Now onwards he had to live alone, especially without her; forever.
It was his last day as the husband of Twinkle Sarna; most venerated, beautiful, adorable, innocent, actually the best girl he ever met. Throughout the whole procedure inside the court, like a thirsty man for century, he had observed her from the corner of his eyes. He was terribly missing that blood red vermillion at the partition of her hair, white & red bangles around her porcelain white slender hands. Verdict had already come; she was no longer belonged to him. He had lost every right over her. Suddenly he felt great difficulty to breathe; she always loved Yuvraj and hated him, always. She deserved the best, all the happiness in this world. He couldn’t force her to live with him, only for his sake. Thinking about her happiness, for the first time on that day, he smiled although that didn’t reach to ears/eyes. Unknowingly, staring at the red gulmohor flowers at the farthest corner of the court, he started approaching towards that.


At that moment, Yuvraj Luthra was the most confused soul on this earth. He was never been in such dilemma, even after Kunj eloped & forcefully married to Twinkle or continuously bullied or blackmailed him to marry his psycho sister, Mahi. But last few months’ experience has made him confused like hell. He couldn’t able to decide whether he should be happy or not. Twinkle was his one and only love. But only because of his negligence and stupidity, that innocent and beautiful soul had to suffer a lot for almost one year. Yes, it was true that all misunderstandings between him & Kunj had already been resolved. And now after this divorce, he could marry his lady love. This time no one like Kunj Sarna could dare to snatch his Twinkle . But even after this favorable situation, he wasn’t feeling good at all.
Yuvraj took a deep breath & thought again. Fact was that he couldn’t wait anymore to get her back. Just few days back, when her father, Mr. R T came to his home with their marriage proposal, both his familyand he himself readily accepted that proposal. Their ever anxious family also fixed the date after 2 months. Yuvraj was the happiest soul then but now from the bottom of his heart, he had begun to feel Twinkle’s aloofness towards him. She stopped behaving charmingly around him like she used to before. Probably she wasn’t happy like she used to. She had changed a lot, extremely stand-offish with all her surroundings.
He wandered his eyes in search of her and again thought; maybe these one year of high voltage drama had left a grave impact on her innocent mind. She needed times to come back in her old self. Instantly Yuvraj decided to give her few more times to readapt with the changing situations. Later both of them can sit together and make plans about their future. Spotting her under a gulmohor tree immediately Yuvraj moved towards her, they had to avoid all the media glares at that moment, should left the premises.

To be continued….
Precap:past incident.

So guys lot of confusions right hope next one will make all your confusion out.OK bye.
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    Awesome epi..btw a small doubt what is an ss?

    1. Ss means some slot

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    Damnn amazing ?? awesome intro i can’t wait to read more !! It has a damn good story line im already in love ???? anyway do post soon !!

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    And yes the name of this ss is rather cute ??

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