As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 8


Aap sonch rahe honge itna lamba hllo kyu? Right ? Hai na bolo? Are bolo to? Bol na Mahi bol na ? Jao maat bolo mei bhi episode nahi dungi OK? Ooo I know meri dhamkiya hamesha kaam karti hai waise kya bol rahi thi mei. Oo haa yaad aaya wo hello hii bye bye wali talk naa wo to aaj kal ka trend hai….please haa samajh jao I know you’re confusion queen but iske liye aap log confuse honge naa aisa thodi na hota hai ki aap itne sweet se cutteee se lover ki baat naa samjho….

?????????shatakshi and sayeeda di you haven’t commented. I know I also don’t comment usually on your ff but you are good girl so why are you taking revenge ?I mean badla ff pe naa comment karne ka.

So aaj bakbak nahi kyuki bakbak karna bhi meri dictionary mei nahi hai….

Episode start with ……….

Hey please wait itni bhi kya jaldi hai thoda to ruk jao mere liye nahi to precap lene ke liye….

Precap: kuch sweet se talk hamare twinkle aur kunj ke beech.I mean love in the air. But you know na hamara trend hai ki khusiyon ko nazar bahut jaldi lag jati hai….
Why need to fear when lover is here….daro nahi.

End is waiting for you with my bakbak and don’t forget to comment.

And lights camera action.
It has been five months after twinkle marriage ; Yuvraj was trying hard to meet her. But his every attempt was failed due to presence due to presence of either Twinkle’s family or his appointed bodyguards or sometimes Kunj himself. Though he regularly received news of her whereabouts through one of their servants ,still he want to talk to her. He was quite relieved after knowing that both Twinkle and Kunj were living separately . They didn’t even talk much. But it bothered him that quite often she had been regularly being insulted by Mahi. In between Kunj also forced or threatened him many times to agree with marrying Mahi. Yesterday he went over boarded and threatened him to hurt Twinkle if he wasn’t agree with him. So ,Yuvi decided to talk to her asap.

Few days later Twinkle went alone to participate in a competition in which she was chosed by her dance academy. And this time Kunj without being forced by anyone or without letting Twinkle know went to see her dance. She start dancing

Namkeen si baat hai har nayi si baat mein

Teri khusbu chal rahi hai jo mere saath mein

(Twinkle is wearing same gown which Kunj has gifted her in Goa and she is looking just like fairy).

Halka halka rang bitay kal ka

Gehra gehra kal ho jaayega
ho jaayega

Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega
(Kunj recalls their sweet non jhoks and talks and imagining that she is dancing with him.)

Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega

(Twinkle is lost in the thought of Kunj while dancing )

Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Beshumaar raatein behisab baatein

Pass aate aate gum ho jaati hai

Bekhudi mein dhal ke bekali mein jal ke

Sau hazaare yaadein nam ho jaati hai

Phika phika pal bitay kal ka

Mehka mehka kal ho jaayega

ho jaayega

Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega

(Yuvi is imagining how he started loving Twinkle how he proposed her and is thinking of all the sweet events between him and twinkle at last he come out of his thoughts when the truth of twinkle being married come to him).

Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Aadha ishq aadha hai adha ho jaayega

Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Aadha ishq …..
(Kunj is just seeing Twinkle without even letting his eyes to shut . he is even more mesmerized by her beauty.)(Twinkle is lost in her thought that how he met kunj how he protected her).

Intezar sa hai imtehaan sa hai

Itmenaan sa hai kya hai na jane

Itra rahi hai itna hui hai Inteh hui hai kaise na jaane

Chalka chalka pal bitay kal ka

Tehra tehra kal ho jaayega
ho jaayega

Aadha ishq aadha hai adha
ho jaayega

Kadmon se meelon ka vaada ho jaayega

Aadha ishq aadha hai adha
ho jaayega

Kadmon se meelon ka vaada
ho jaayega

Aadha ishq
(Trio come out of their dreamworld as the dance ended and they heard the clapping from entire auditorium).

As the dance end she went towards the changing room. And on the way by grabbing the chance, Yuvraj reached there immediately. After locating Twinkle alone at a non crowded corner of auditorium Yuvraj went to her .
He called her name softly,


Instantly she got scared and gasped loudly. Yes, it was surprising to both of them that Twinkle become scared of Yuvraj for the first time. But Yuvraj took it in a wrong way. He thought that because of Kunj’s torture she was scared of him.

“Twinkle,please. It’s me. Are you okay?” Asked Yuvraj.

God knows why, ignoring his question, Twinkle uncomfortably began to look here and there. Pearls like tears were flowing from her beautiful eyes. Instantly reaching near to her, Yuvraj grabbed her shivering body and tried to wipe her tears.

“Twinkle, please ,jaan. Don’t cry. Please tell me once are you okay. I… I… never cheated on you. It was always you for me. I… I had no idea that Mahi loves me. You’re….”

“Yuvraj please…It…It’s over.” Twinkle tried to stop him and leave the place.

Holding her shoulders firmly Yuvraj spoke again,

“Please Twinkle. Don’t try to ignore me. Tell me once, are you okay? Did Kunj ever harm you? Please tell me. I know you are suffering only because of me. But…believe me …I had no idea about Mahi’s……..”

Twinkle silently protested and tried to wriggle out from his hold. Then pulling and pasting her to his chest, Yuvraj held her chin up and asked her softly,

“How are you without me , Twinkle?”

Before she could say anything, they heard Kunj’s angry voice.(guys kunj only heard the line of yuvi which and said now and is able to see both of them too much close.)Instantly Twinkle tried to get away from Yuvi but he forcibly stopped her and tightly caged her within his strong arm. She tried to pushed him with all her energy but failed. Being helpless, she began to cry like a baby ,especially after realizing Kunj’s heated hateful gaze on her. Yuvi pleaded

“Kunj ,please don’t hurt her. She is innocent. She always loves me. She never had any idea about Mahi’s feeling.”

Ignoring his begging ,with few long strides Kunj reached in front of her and punched hard at his face. He roared ruthlessly,

“You should have thought that before making my sister pregnant.”

Yuvraj fell on ground with that sudden blow while Twinkle began to scream with his name.

“Yuvraj, are you okay?Babaji……!…. BLOOD! You’re bleeding Yuvraj.”She tried to wipe out his blood in between his nose and lips. But before she could do anything, Kunj roughly caught her arms and start to drag her from that place. For next half and hour until they reached home, only few helpless prayers and angry growls continued to ring all over their surroundings.

“Kunj…..please. Yuvraj is bleeding. Let me see him.”

“Kunj please don’t hurt her. She is innocent. She loves me only.”
(Aaj ro lene de jee bhar ke meri saanson se daaga kar ke plays on background)
Kunj is thinking about all the incident that he had seen from his eyes and he is feeling like someone has grabbed knife in his hurt While Twinkle is crying for Yuvraj and for hurting Kunj too as she know how her simple acts hurt her.

Precap:Kyu mujhse khaffa hai tu hai mere khuda deewane se tere kya ho gayi khatta …… dil kasmakash mei pada hai aur shayad ek hadsa jo badal Degi sab ki Zindagi. Aane wali tuffan ki aahat.

Chehak:thank you for commenting and I hope you got the link .
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Shruti di:I love you more.
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Dreamer…arundhati: jaa nahi karti maaf.kya karegi ?bol? Are bol? kuch to bol muh to khol puchdi to dikha laddo to kha…??thank you dear love you bye.
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Anything left?no right?
Bye and love you all.

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  1. amazing episode…
    eagerly waiting for the next episode.. plz update soon..
    same pinch(for name)..

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  3. Sayeeda

    Lover first of all I’m angry with u… Instead of knowing the exact reason behind me not commenting on ur ff.. U thought that I’m taking revenge by not commenting… How can u think this yrr.. Every time I try my best to support every ff writer as I know for a writer support of reader’s is utmost important… I can never think of taking revenge from my sister nd that too when u know how much I love u…. Till now u haven’t understood ur Sayeeda…

    That day I read ur ff but I was not In a condition to comment as my right hand was injured badly.. If u want to know the real reason behind it then do read the second ff I posted today… Sorry if I hurted u but I need to tell u my point also..

    Leave all this.. Coming to ur episode.. I just loved the way u depicted the emotions of three of them… Song part was to awesome.. Amazing.. Loved it..

    Love u..

    1. Dii so sorry jyada demandable ho gayi hu naa mei actually Maine aapka ff save kar liya kyuki mera test hai physics ka marks direct papa ke phone pe aayega so padhna padega isiliye badi muskil se ff likha but ff padhne ka no time 4 chapters in 3 day aab aap sonch rahi hogi ki mei yaha apni kahani lekar aa gayi.

      So sorry but you know naa jaha bharosa hota hai wahi dard hota hai so sorry I am becoming demandable day by day so sorry you have right to beat me so sorry di.

      Get well soon and maaf nahi karna mujhe bahut buri hu na mei bahut bahut buri .

      Sorry for hurting you di so sorry?????i am really so much sad that I have hurted you…

      Get well soon…bye and love you but Maine jaan kar nahi kiya anjane mein hua.

      Sorry sorry sorry bache ki loge jaan kya sorry sorry sorry pakdu dono kaan kya sorry sorry sorry.
      I know sorry is so less but mei kya karu? Sorry di.??

    2. And aap Jo saaza de mujhe wo qubool hogi and I really mean my words and sorry di.

  4. Shatakshi

    Hey lover…. Sorry na
    But can u please do me a favor
    Can u give me the links for the previous episode
    I know its being demanding but plzzz…ur sister is requesting
    I searched but I m not getting
    Love u
    Will be waiting

    1. I am sorry dear for being much demandable but kya karu aadat se majboor so sorry.

    2. And mei bhul gayi ek baat bolna sunna hai kya? I love you more and tune hi kaha hamari friendship inn sab se upar hai right chal bye sorry from core if I have hurted you anytime tu Jo saza de qubool hai mujhe.

      1. Shatakshi

        Pagal h kya
        Saza kyu dungi
        But ek baat h
        I love u more n u have to accept❤❤❤?
        N no punishment… OK??

  5. Mantasha

    Ohhhh.. my dear loverrr… u r absolutely right.. i speak more…….
    coz its my habit…..

    n I cant help out wid it.. n know wat.. I m still goin to speak coz u know na aadat se majboor…..
    so now coming to episode…
    it was….. umm.. it was..
    it was.. it was..
    arre soch kya rhi h.. mai soch rhi hu k kya bolu… coz m speechlessss.. absolutely speechless… to samajh jaaa…
    … urs dear *aliza..

  6. Sameera

    Hayeee meri jaan kya epi tha rocking
    Aag laga di tune maza aagaya sachi
    Ha thoda late hogaya epi post karne me
    Love you jaldi post karna next epi ok

  7. It was amazing! Continue soon x

  8. oh i m jst kidding…u r so swt n yes i love tht nnn ur epi is amazing n plz don let kunj misunderstand twinkle n ur lines are awesome se bhi jyaada awesome…post nxt asap…

  9. Sayeeda

    Now I’m more angry than before ??….. U told me sorry for so many times… Itni baar I was literally counting the no. of times u said sorry to me…

    It’s ok dear don’t be sorry I also over reacted but u know na how much I love u… How much u mean to me… In fact I love my demanding lover….u should always be demanding to me as I’m ur sis…

    Don’t worry I’m not angry with u but if you again say sorry then surely I will hurt…
    Love u….. My lover.. Ur Sayeeda Di really adores u a lot ????

  10. Shatakshi

    Really lover both the episodes were too good
    Girl u nailed it
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Lover 🙂 so emotional 🙂

  12. Shruthis

    ayee masth hai epi 🙂

  13. Kruti

    Amazing epi loved it ♥

  14. Nice epi really feeling bad for uv post asp

  15. Romaisha

    Emotional wala episode .. ? too good,!!

  16. Superb epi.. Bohat emotional tha yaar… Itna bhabuk mat banaya kar, mey rou deti hu…

  17. Baby

    amazing dear osm epsiode lover yr yeh kya ho rha hai hamare twinj or sidmin i mean d same yr jldi post krna suspense suspense suspense sb jagah se suspense mil rha hai post nxt asap dear luv u episode was amazing

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Mst epi tha….hope misunderstandings jldi clear ho jaaye

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