As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 6

Hii guys mei hazir hu aap sab ki sewa mei hamesha ki tarah….
Ek baat kya mei iss ss ko yahi end kar on next episode only ya extend karu waise to ye kuch hi episode ka hai lekin phir …
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As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss

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So gulam haazir hai aap sab ke samne ???
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Back to episode but usse pehle precap
Haa to hua tha( kya kahu mujhe bolte hue sharam aa rahi hai)kunj aur Twinkle ke kuch khatte meethe pal aur return of Mr devil ke behen miss devil…
Iss episode mei dekhiye jhooth ke upar se kohra hatega aur sach ke baadal wapas chamkenge…
So hang chunjf fanykn(I mean lights camera action) (Chinese mei tha)?????

So here we go….

After 1 hour when twinkle is in kitchen then…….

1 day later

While Twinkle was in kitchen for some work Kunj called her and ask her to meet him in study room.

She hurriedly went and as she entered
Room door went banged closed and Kunj turned to her with blood shot eyes. Twinkle almost screamed and retreated back in fear seeing his condition. Rather consoling her,Kunj authoritatively pointing his finger on her, admonished scathingly,
“Don’t you dare to come near to me in front of her. If you dare then i swear i will…”

Before he could finish Usha came from outside & stood in between them. “Kunj, I hope this would be the last time I have to remind you. Now she is your wife. She belongs to my family & we never encourage in torturing our daughter in laws.”

Kunj replied irritatingly“Whatever…But I don’t consider her worthy of any….”

“But you can’t change the truth. Whether you admit or not! She is your wife. If you have given a thought before forcefully marrying her, then all these things could have been avoided easily. Now you need to consider her as you wife as soon as possible.”Usha said firmly.

“Ma! Are you really Mahi’s mother? After knowing everything you are still supporting her. She is the reason, Yuvraj abandoned our chhoti, that too only for her. How could you?”replied Kunj

“Kunj! You have become blind in love. Why can’t you see, Yuvi never loved Mahi.”

“I can’t believe this. How could you support this girl? Before she trapped him, he used to love Mahi. That’s why our choti became…”

He stopped thereafter and left the room.after Twinkle too started crying and sobbing by sitting on the ground and is cursing Yuvi for interrupting in her happy and peaceful life.and for blaming her for cheating Mahi. And Usha started consoling her.
“No Twinkle, don’t cry.I know its not Yuvi fault but I promise I will find whole things out as soon as possible.I don’t have any idea about that Mahi loves Yuvraj. But somewhere I am responsible for your this condition.I am sorry.” And Usha also began to cry. Immediately cuddling more into her arms, Twinkle tried to reduce the pains of her remorse.

“Ma, please don’t cry. I am sorry. I had no idea about all these that is happening .mahi is suffering because of me .If I have any then I have called my wedding off.”
Usha nodded her head negatively and she continues
“I should have agreed with his order. These pains could have been avoided then. Before taking this drastic decision, at first he asked me to refuse Yuvi’s proposal but I didn’t believe him then. I think you need to talk with Yuvraj and tell him about Mahi.”
Although it hurt her immensely, yet after a minute pause she included,
“I am married now. I think he can easily marry Mahi.”

Both them continued to console each other, share each others’ grief. But unknown to them, standing behind the door, one person heard their whole conversation; he was none other than Kunj.

From next day Twinkle tried every possible way to avoid Mahi who in turn never left no chance to rudely taunt her back, about her character, status, upbringing etc. Surprisingly, suddenly Kunj’s behavior had taken a unbelievable turn; strangely he was behaving bit friendly; still they stayed in different rooms, as much as possible to away from each other. Usha tried hard to mellow him down but he didn’t show any inclination to change his decision. Above all, he always remained silent whenever Mahi threw those jeering words at her. As Twinkle was genuinely feeling bad for Mahi’s pain of losing her first love, she stopped minding her nasty words.

It was Twinkle performance at state level competition on night and can’t go home she informed Usha and asked her to send a car for her after 11:00.

Next scene:
On his way back to home, Kunj received a call from Usha and the subject of that call was enough for raising his temper. At first he clearly denied but he had to say yes when a stubborn usha declared that she herself was going to pick up Twinkle from her dance school. After reaching there, Kunj enquired the security about Twinkle. As they informed the venue, he incuriously approached towards the auditorium. With his first step inside the auditorium, all in sudden the lights went off and the host announced that following dance would be the last performance in the evening. As his surrounding went pitch dark, Kunj had to stay rooted at the spot, just near the entrance, straight away from the main stage. Suddenly few pink/red/green/purple/yellow neon lights lit up on the stage creating a celestial atmosphere and behind those smoky blue/green/red/pink/yellow lights, Twinkle emerged like a nymph in blood red saree. It was the most enchanting vision in Kunj’s life. Then she began to move her exquisite, curvaceous body rhythmically with a melodious song……..
Hoo Hooo Oooo..
Hoo Hoo Hooo…
Hooo Hooo…

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gaye,

Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen,

Utar Aayi Jheel Mein Jaise Chand Utarta Hai Kabhi,

Haule Haule Dheere Se,

Gunguni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Taranum Mein Tum,

Choo Ke Mujhe Guzare Hu Yu,

Dekhu Tumhe Ya Mein Sunu,

Tum Ho Sukoon, Tum Ho Junoon,

Kyu Pehle Naa Aaye Tum?

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gaye,

Hoo Hoo..

Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen,
Hoo Hoo..
Mein To Yeh Sochti Thi Ki Aaj Kal,
Upar Wale Ko Fursat Nahi,
Phir Bhi Tumhe Bana Ke Woh,
Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya,
Rutbe Mein Woh Aur Badh Gaya..


Badle Raaste Jharne Aur Nadi,

Badli Deep Ki Timtim,

Chedhe Zindagi Dhun Koi Nayee,

Badli Barkha Ki Rimjhim,

Badlengi Rituyein Adaa,

Par Mein Rahungi Sada,

Ussi Tarah Teri Bahon Mein Baahein Daalke,

Har Lamha, Har Pal..


Zindagi Sitar Ho Gayi,

Rimjhim Malhaar Ho Gayi,

Mujhe Aata Nahi Kismat Pe Apne Yakeen,

Kaise Mujhko Mile Tum..
??(Twinkle is dancing so……..meri nahi kunj se sunno) Forthwith, Kunj apparently forgot to breathe. He saw her before and always found her beautiful. But today he found her in a different stature. He used to consider her as a mere dancer, but for the first time he realized the reason, why Yuvraj fell head over heels in her love. End of the dance, when light came out and he involuntarily approached towards the stage where his talented beautiful wife was shyly yet elegantly gathering all applauds. Before he could reach there, someone stopped him from the back and after providing his identity that person, he asked him to join him to another room.


Twinkle saw the massage from Usha that she had already sent a car. Before leaving, she went to Chandni’s room to bid her a quick good bye. There she got one of the biggest surprise of her life. Mighty Kunj was sitting and reluctantly chatting with her favorite teacher, Chandni aunty. That time Twinkle went glued at her spot. She almost forgot to blink her doe like beautiful eyes and gawked at him as if she was watching an alien.

Suddenly seeing her at the door, Chandni addressed her merrily,
“Twinkle! You were reluctant to show him. Look, I myself found your Kunj.”(it echoes).

Both Twinkle & Kunj snapped at each other nervously.

“Why are you standing there looking at him like this? Is there any doubt, whether he’s your husband or not?”

Chandni teased her mercilessly. Nodding negatively, Twinkle began to blush and her chicks get red. She was extremely tensed about his sudden appearance, mood and behavior. Suddenly getting up from the chair, seeing at Chandni, Kunj declared,

“ Mam it’s too late now. We need to leave?”

Chandni nodded her head in affirmation. Somehow composing herself, Twinkle bowed down her head to her teacher’s feet. She went almost paralyzed at that condition when Kunj merrily joined her to take blessing from Chandni. Resting her palms on their heads, Chandni blessed them & affectionately told,

“God grace this wonderful pair with beautiful children and lots of love.”

Twinkle thought she would be broken into tears immediately as Chandni had no idea about how & why they got married, current status of her relationship with Kunj. But after they stood up, in an instance she felt an assuring, friendly side hug from Kunj who once again declared,

“We should leave now.”


After they emerged from the room, they saw few students and few media people were still gathered there. Looking at them, Kunj slowly slide his arms from Twinkle’s shoulder to her bare waist.

He had no idea about how,his simple actions had already started tormenting Twinkle senses.People don’t find anything special but only she knows how she was feeling at that moment.She was overwhelmed with this sudden turn of event.she tried hard to ignore her nervousness,all running butterflies in her stomach and goosebumps all over her body.She specifically began to focus on the praises coming from people around them while Unknowingly her idiot handsome husband was busy in showcasing the world about his priceless possession, his beautiful talented wife by grazing his finger at the side of her bare waist.
And then their rest of journey to home was totally uneventful as both of them are trying hard to ignore the sudden eruption of undercurrent s*xual tension in their heart.

In between both of them remain unaware of two eyes witnessing the whole things.He became heartbroken beyond repair.He was Yuvi only who had come to watch the first show of his Twinkle after her marriage.he also come with the flowers that he used to give her before marriage.

Precap:Kuch to hua hai kuch ho gaya hai….so pyar ka ehsaas…kabhi kabhi khamoshiyan baaton se jyada bayan karti hai…aankhon ki baatein.

Bye guys love you all……
And mera condition yaad hai naa ff ke 3 important things comment comment and comment….bye and do tell kya end kar Di?

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