As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 5

Hii guys back here with a bang of my bakwas ss on twinj.Ok now please read it as I know this episode will not reach upto your expectations. I am really sorry for that.

Now lights camera action.
Are ruko what about precap??
So here it is: kya hua tha last episode mei yahi naa so mei ye nhi bataungi kyuki Twinkle aur kunj ki shaadi aap sab ko yaad hone chahiye naa……

Aab dekhte hai kya karegi Twinkle? Wo iss shadi ko accept karegi yaa jaisa pehla episode mei tha twinj ka divorce hone ke baad wo Yuvraj se shaadi kar legi.haa haa ye to jante hi hoge ki jiski biwi ussi ki hogi hai naa….bahut ho gaya bakwas episode chahiye to comment Karna padega…??

They reached sarna mansion after their so called marriage…. Haa by twinkle side….

“Kunj you aren’t a kid anymore. Whenever, whatever you will do anything wrong, we can’t ignore that anymore. Look at this girl. What have you done to her? She doesn’t even know who you are and you just marry her in a whisk. You have made her life hell without any reason.”
At the door step of Sarna mansion, Usha was spitting fire at Kunj. The answer he gave to her, just simply added fuel into their rage.

“I wanted to marry her & I did. I never give any explanation for my deeds. You are wasting your time, Ma.”

“Kunj!” Usha slapped him hard. During the whole drama, Twinkle was standing behind Kunj like a stone statue. She was shivering and sobbing badly. Last few hours have been passed like a devastating storm. Suddenly getting someone who was caring to her, her all restrain broke; stooping on the ground, she started weeping bitterly. She was still in her light blue classy, cotton made anarkali churidar which she generally wore for her dance classes. Her hair partition, upper part of her forehead, nose was fully covered with vermillion which Kunj had placed roughly with extreme hatred. Usha rushed towards her & gathered her into a tight embrace.

“No, beta. Don’t cry. Everything will be fine. It’s my fault. I am not a good mother. I failed as a mother. my children …”

“Ma!” Kunj admonished. But Usha bashed him back,
“You have made your mother ashamed. You have ruined everything; a mother’s dream, pride and above all, a girl’s dignity. Why did you marry her? Both of you don’t even know each other. Why?”

“I can’t tell you. But I can assure you, she’s not a innocent one. She’s the one who trap rich guys. She’s the reason of….”
Immediately he stopped. After few second pauses, he added,
“I can’t tell you. But whatever the reason, we are married now. So she’s going to stay with us.” Then without giving any time, he strode towards his room. Hugging back Usha, Twinkle once again began to cry like a baby.


After sometime usha take Twinkle to her room and make her sit.
And she gifted her an ancestral kangan, made of diamond and gold. She also made her wear that. As Twinkle was crying continuously, so wiping her tears, hugging her like a caring mother, Usha told,

“Twinkle, I don’t know the reason why he forced you. Believe me, I had no idea. If I had, I could have stopped this marriage. But, now I am with you. I am assuring you, today onwards he can’t even think of harming you anymore. If he does, promise me, you will inform me then & there. I am woman after all. I can’t let you to be tortured by a man. ”

Twinkle didn’t reply but nodded her head in affirmation. Suddenly she felt bit relaxed. At least, then she found someone to deal with that monster.(only kunj yaar) Then she took, blessing of the elders. Holding her chin, Usha said smilingly,
“I always wanted a beautiful daughter in law from God. And he gave She gave me the most beautiful girl(haa to aur kya Twinkle hai beauty with brain). Stay blessed with wealth & children. ”

She kissed her forehead affectionately.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
And after that Usha called Twinkle parents Leela and Rt and ask forgiveness from them.At that time Rt was in complete shock but Leela made Rt accept it as Twinkle is her step daughter and this proposal can make them rich .so they get greedy.(when twinkle mother aarti died his father Rt married to leela and they have a daughter Maya who lives in Mumbai).

After that when Yuvraj comes to them they threatened him that they complained to police that he is blackmailing them.

Next day Leela and Rt went to Twinkle so called new home.and made her to promise not to meet or contact Yuvraj from now as she is Kunj wife by blackmailing her that they are rich people & they can’t afford to fight from then and after that they left from there.
At night while Twinkle was thinking of few hours that changed her life.
Twinkle p.o.v..
“Though Usha Ma is extremely caring, but I can’t live with him…I can’t…live with that devil whole life.”

Now it has been four months of their marriage but till now they didn’t even talked to each other both of them are least interested in doing so and Kunj has only visit home 1-2 times in these 4 months.Now Twinkle has also resumed her dance class as she was forced by Usha for that.
But there was another person whom Twinkle yet not met, Kunj’s sister, Mahi. She went out of station just one day before her marriage. She heard that Kunj was extremely protective and possessive about Mahi who was highly ill tempered and moody. He never denies anything to her. After staying there, she also got to know few surprising information about that devil I.e. Kunj like he studied MBA from IIM-Kolkata; immediately after his father’s death and at the age of only 26, he had to become the MD of Sarna Industries, a complete perfectionist and good hearted man; most shockingly, Yuvraj was his best friend. Despite of all these major changes in her life, she remained unaware of the reason behind her shocking marriage.

It was pleasant day Twinkle was alone at home as usha has gone to visit some relative when suddenly she saw a room and went there she has ignored that room from many days as its belong to her devil only.she entered the room unknowingly
But when she was going to leave the room she found Kunj standing at door. As much as her trembling senses were allowing her at that moment, she apologized before trying to leave pass Kunj’s side,
“I…I am sorr…sorry. I shouldn’t be here. It won’t happen again.”
For her dismay, Arun instantly caught her wrist and pulled her roughly, so that she had to fall on his chest. Then he moved his face very close to her, so much close that she could feel the heat of his breaths on her face. With this sudden violation and out of horror, tears automatically began to flow from her eyes. She stuttered,
“I…I…sor…sorry. It…”.

Surprisingly, seeing her pearl like tears on her porcelain like skin, for the first time, Kunj felt bad for her. Actually he was in teasing mood and absence for last few days, had changed few emotions within his heart. He stopped hating her like he used to. Actually after collecting all background information about her, via a detective agency, he was quite impressed with her achievements. With these thoughts, he loosened his grip around her. Before he could tell anything to her or Twinkle could escape from that place, a hysterical angry voice came from his back.

“Bhai! … What are you doing?… I can’t believe this… How could you? … Even you also fell prey under spell of her magic…This witch… she is snatching everything from me.” Within a whisk of a second, both Kunj & Twinkle moved apart as far as they can. They stared back worriedly at Mahi .(yes guys mahi had returned).Kunj immediately rushed towards her and tried to calm her down.
“Choti! You are getting me wrong. Let me explain…I…I didn’t even talk to her. She meant nothing to me…”
Mahi was crying hysterically; throwing her hands here & there; banging her head on the door. Kunj tried hard to calm her but remained miserably unsuccessful. For the first time, Kunj stared at Twinkle with pleading eyes and insinuated her to leave that room. Watching all these, she also began to feel panic. Sudden turn of events made her shocked from the core. Covering her mouth to stop her erupting sobs, she sprinted out of the room.



Bye guys and haa thank you kunj ki barbadi I mean shadi mei shamil hone ke liye…bye
One more thing “bhuk lagi bhuk lagi comment ki bhuk lagi”……bye?


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