As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 4

Hii frnds I am back with my next part.I am so happy because you all showered so much of love to you all too much. Ok one more kya recap bhi chahiye??Iss baar deti hu agar next time chahiye ya phir nahi dene se bhi kaam hoga?kyuki hum India ke citizen hai aur yaha jugaar chalta hai right?
So here’s the recap of last episode??uv aur kunj ka world war 3 kyuki UV kunj ki behen ko dhoka diya hai aisa kunj ko lagta hai.and at last Twinkle aur UV ki present gossip….(aab jyada nhi bol sakti last episode padh lo if you want more….just kidding guys)if you want more then tell me I will surely provide you.
And for now lights camera and …………wait

Ok ok sorry light camera and action??????
Wapas chalo past mei….??

One year before,➡➡

In that ?evening, Twinkle was returning bit late from her dance school, ‘Dhrupad’. She was about to open the gate of her house, when a car just halted just few feet away from her, with a dangerous screech. In reflex she yelled back at the driver. But her mouth remained wide opened seeing a handsome, heavily drunk driver emerged from the ?car & began to shout roughly at her; as if he own her.

“Shut up.?? Shut your f****** mouth.”he exclaimed.

At first, Twinkle was taken aback a bit. Then composing herself, she replied back,
“who the hell you are? Which idiot gave you the license?”

“Hey, girl don’t you dare to mess with me. No one ever dared to mess with Kunj.”(yes guys he is Kunj only).
“I dare… Mr. whatever….. Myself, Twinkle Taneja. Who you are? Have you ever learnt any basic etiquette?”

Kunj stared hard at ??her hard in complete disbelief. His eyes were completely ?blood red. Silently cursing Yuvraj one more time, again he spoke rudely,
“Ohh…My my…So you are that Twinkle? Okay! I forget. Yes, you can do that…Actually, You have already done that. You have dared to cross my path.”
Without any hesitation, suddenly he caught her arms tightly. Then digging his nails on her soft porcelain like skin, he uttered menacingly,
“Now, it’s time for rectify your faults. Call off your marriage with Yuvraj. You can’t marry him.”

Sweata went terribly shocked ??and? scared. Nobody had ever misbehaved with her. To save her dear life, she started shouting,
“Ba….Baba, please, save me.…. He’s hurting me.”

But her act added fuel into Kunj’s burning rage. He further gathered her petite figure from the waist so that she almost became pasted on his broad chest. Eventually he also screamed back in jeopardy,
“Shuuuuuuuut up.”

There was something into his voice that Twinkle instantly became silent yet struggled hard with all her might. She was trembling like a prey caught into a trap. Tears were falling abandon. She moved her face in side to avoid his heated gaze.

“Twinkle, what happened?’ Rt came out hurriedly but the immediate scene in front his eyes made him worried more.
‘Hey, who are you. Leave her. Leave my daughter.”

Continue holding her tightly with one hand, Kunj raised his other hand to stop Rt and unabashedly declared,
‘She’s going call off her marriage. Now.”

“Whaat!…Hey, who are you? She isn’t going to do anything. Bitiya, come here.”
Rt extended out his hand for Twinkle. This time Kunj released her and Twinkle sprinted hurriedly only to land into her father’s arms. She was so scared that she resumed to brawl her heart out. After few seconds, Leela spoke firmly,
“Look, We don’t even know you. You might have bearing wrong idea about us. But my girl is innocent. Her wedding is already fixed with Yuvraj Luthra…..”

“She can’t marry him. I mean it.”Kunj exclaimed.

“What are telling? Are you insane?”added leela.

“Yes I am. I can’t let that b****rd to have fun when my…..Never.”Kunj replied.

“Look beta. If you have problems with him, go & solve. My daughter is innocent.”Leela tells to Kunj.

“No, She isn’t. A girl like her always does this, trapping a rich boy and forced him to marry her. I am damn sure she tried many but that idiot fell pray under her trap.”Kunj roared.

Sweata was angry beyond her own limit. She had heard enough. Without giving a single thought, leaving her father’s arm, she went to Kunj’s side and pointed her? finger towards him.
“How dare you? I am not going to do anything you want. Do you understand? I love Yuvraj. That’s all. We are going to marry soon.”

“You blo*dy W****. How…..”
But before Kunj could say any words, Twinkle slapped him, without realizing that would the last pin on the grave of her and Yuvraj’s relation. Unknowingly with that slap, She concomitantly sealed her fate with the mighty Kunj, forever. Immediately he caught her hand in a death grip. Then despite of her father’s struggle, he almost dragged her to the car and pushed her inside. Twinkle started struggling, screaming & hitting like anything while Kunj ordered the driver to go any nearby Kali temple.?

On the way, he ordered his PA, Rocky to arrange everything. After reaching to there, once again Kunj dragged Twinkle like a ragged doll. In front of the idol of Devi maiya, pandit ji immediately started chanting the auspicious mantras for 7 vows. All through, Twinkle protested, pleaded, cursed, cried, but like a monster Kunj ignored everything. At the end of the rituals, he roughly put the vermillion on her hair partition. Like a fast forwarded movie Twinkle turned into Mrs. Twinkle Sarna. within half an hour.

Sorry for showing kunj behavior like this but kya karun Twinkle Mann hi nhi rahi thi shaadi ke liye.???

Precap:Twinkle grahpravesh and may be a new twist…..and one more comment is a key to next episode of mine…just kidding lekin comment jaruri hai.

Hope you are liking it….ok bye and thank you so much for all your love and guys its only a twinj ff.
Love you all and please support me….ok bye .
Important suchna:I am really really really so sorry for commenting very rarely I know i am very. So sorry. Bye???????

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