As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 3

Hii to all my dear friends I am here but this time with short one as I am not in mood to write but I am writing just to tell an important message for my dear Ur hater (only)…
“Hey thank you thank you a lot to make me realize that I am not a good writer bcaz it help me to improve naa.And only because of you I got to know how many people love me and are here to support me….” But you know never use this type of words as it hurts😔😔really hurts…
Ok now for my readers here the episode and after that an important message for you all.So here we go……

2 days later,✌

Entirely disheveled Kunj entered into Yuvraj’s cabin & reaching up to him, he held his collars with murderous rage,
“How dare you? How dare you going to marry someone else?”

“What? Kunj!…Have you gone mad? What …what happened?.”.At first Yuvraj thought he was playing any prank with him.

Instead of replying him, Kunj slapped his friend hard.
“You have to marry Mahi, Now. She loves you and your scumbag dog, you ditched her.”

“What! No… Have you lost your mind?” This time Yuvraj pushed Kunj back. Holding his collar, he shouted back,
“I never love Mahi… I have already told her….. Long before; even day before yesterday, when we had a huge argument on this issue. I love Twinkle.I always do. I will marry her. She is my life… My everything…”

“No you can’t ditch my sister for a middle class girl, a mere 💃💃dancer. You have no idea, how many beds she had already warmed before you…”

“Kunj!” Yuvraj slapped him hard and added,
“Get Out!!! Go to hell with you psycho sister… Kunj… Go to hell… I won’t marry her…Tell her to warm others beds not mine….. I am not interested……”

In reflex, instantly Kunj punched him hard at his face. But wiping his blood from the corner of his mouth, Yuvraj smiled at him ☺wickedly.

“Kunj, It’s so sad that once I considered you as my best friend. But that never gave you the authority to force me. I was never interested in your sister. It’s not my fault that she loves me. I don’t love her. I love Twinkle & I will marry her.”

“Don’t you dare to hurt Mahi.”

“I can’t help it. I love Twinkle & will marry her. It’s final”.

Kunj was breathing hard like a caged tiger. Throwing all the land phones on the floor, pointing his index finger towards Yuvraj, he roared,
“You have to pay for this” & left immediately.


At that night, around 11pm, Yuvraj received a call from hysterically sobbing RT and got to know that Kunj has forcefully married with Twinkle and already took her to ‘Sarna mansion’. Next moment, that receiver fell from his hand with a thud and broke into pieces just like his heart.

Present day,😇

“Twinkle, we should leave.”

“Huh…” Twinkle blankly stared at the source of that known voice.

“Umm…Actually everyone has left. Uncle aunty, my…parents…. Only we two are left.”

“Oh!” Twinkle tried to stand on her feet, but her head began to spin. Before she could fall on the ground, Yuvraj rushed to her and gathered her within his arms.
“Twinkle, are you okay? What…what happened?”

“I…I am fine….I just…”

“Ohh…You should take rest. It was quite a hectic day.” Yuvraj again made her sit on that bench and he, himself sat on his knees, just in front of her. Holding her knuckles within his, he asked softly,
“Twinkle, are okay? Tell me, what’s bothering you? Please.”

Twinkle nodded her head in negative but tears started flowing down through her cheeks.

“Please Twinkle, You know very well, my first priority is yours😄😄 happiness. Tell me, what happened? I will solve that. Did anyone tell anything?”

Still Twinkle remained silent. Yuvraj was turning impatient with each passing second. He asked again, “What’s bothering you? Media?…. Or…..Anyone? …”
Then, little hesitantly he took that very name that was main reason for their every distress. “Ummmm…Kunj?

Twinkle snapped at him with utter disbelief. Ignoring her every resistance, her tears flew abandon. Although her eyes were following the movements of his lips but her ear, brains ceased to function anymore. She might be staring at Yuvraj but her mind began to travel back on those days when Kunj verged into her life like a devastating yet the most wonderful storm ever.

Precap:so kya janna hai ki kunj or Twinkle ne shaadi kaise ki right? So its in next episode till then stay tuned with and you know comment jaruri hai…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Bye love you all.
Wait kya mei aap logo ko confuse kar rhi hu I mean past incident ya phir present se…agar haa to please tell….in comment I will clear all.

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  1. Sameera


    |Registered Member

    Lovely epii want to read further plshh post next epi soon can’t wait for it 😘😘n what happen did someone told u anything ??

  2. Sameera


    |Registered Member

    Lovely epii want to read further plshh post next epi soon can’t wait for it 😘😘n what happen did someone told u anything ??
    And amazing epi 😍😍

  3. Purnima.agrawal30


    |Registered Member

    Amazing awesome epi…loved it…& you are not at all confusing us… kuch Crystal clear h…chahe vo past ho ya fr present……& eagerly waiting for next part….post asap….

  4. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Lover dear u nailed it ….those anger scenes of kunj nd Yuvi were so wonderfully expressed ….
    Loved it ….amazing episode ..
    I’m happy to see u posting ur ff with full confidence ….
    love u

  5. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Heyy yaar love today’s epiode alot but … Hmm can’t wait for precap yeh twinj ff yah twiraj? 😂😂😂 im kidding just lost … Do post soon pweeze !!

  6. Baby


    |Registered Member

    omgggggggggggg lover amazing yr luvd it soooooooooo mch osm amazing n speechless cn u clear 1 cnfusin ds tw luv kunj now in present n also does kkunj luv tw now

  7. Baby


    |Registered Member

    oh n i flt really sry fr u how dare yr whos dis haterr naam jaisa kaam bhi vaisa i didnt read d cmnt dt he tld as it wws deleted bt i ws lyk kuch toh serious hai naa dont pay any atention 2 it n plss cntinue ur all d ffs n os as i luv dem n all here luv deem luv u n cntinue asap

  8. Aliza

    Fabulous… dear lover… its amazing.. full tooo suspense…. waiting for d nxt.. i m glad to know u read my ff n were waiting…. sorry dear for making u wait.. bt as ramzan was goin on i wasnt allowed on TU.. n rest other tym.. i cldnt get any ideas.. i constantly ask for ideas or parts wich u enjoyed so dat i get smething to write n make a smile on ur face.. n u knw d last epi i posted b4 d months gap.. i received very less comments n dats y i was miffed up.. bt anyways u r good going.. n sorry i blurted out over here.. m really sorrrrryyyyyy……

  9. misha

    your ff is realy great but i have a problem in it.some parts i just cant understand that whats happenning.plz write the dialouges separate btw love the story
    seriosly thumbs up to you

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