As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 16


Precap: Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

Kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun
Hai roothe roothe mohan yun
Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaau
Kyun na bole mo se mohan kyun
Hai roothe roothe mohan kyun
Kaise manaaun haai kaise manaau
Un binn kate naa raina
Unn binn aawe na ik pal chaina
Unn bin jeeun tto kaise main jeeu’n haay..

Next time when she opened her eyes, she found herself in hospital bed with everyone except Kunj.

Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina
Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina

She couldn’t able to cry on her despair as she saw Usha, who was once again crying bitterly and blaming herself upon Twinkle’s illness.

After getting discharge, she was directly taken to the Taneja house. Her extreme weakness couldn’t let her to think or walk for next few more days.

When you go when you leave
Then you take a little piece of me with you
There’s a hole in my soul
Cause you take a little piece of me with you

But Kunj never came or phoned her during those days of illness while Yuvraj & his family turned out to be well wisher, an integral part of her family.

Haan Naino ke dwaare aane ke waade baandhe
Aise bolo kaaahe
Chokhat pe dil ki aahat rakhi hai taako pe hai torey saaye
Unn binn unhe manaye
Unn bin kabhi jo unko rijhaaye
Unn bin chhale hai mora ye jiya

After she became fine, one day Usha came to her house and she & her parents almost emotionally blackmailed her to sign on their mutual divorce paper where Kunj had already signed.

Twinkle became entirely shattered that she didn’t even decline Usha’s request further.

Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina
Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina

Few days later, she saw a new member in her house, a white Samoyed, a generous gift by Kunj as a part of his redemption as well as divorce alimony.

Komal badi hai saansan ki dori
Roothe se bhi toot jaaye
Baawan tarah se jee ko manaaya
Khoje ajaunh tori raahe
Unn bin unhe main paaun
Unn bin unhe main garwa lagaaun
Unn bin unhe mora jee lage haay…

Few days later she was also granted the sole ownership and 50% share of Sarna Industries; those two too were her unwanted alimony.

Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina

Her house got magically changed in every aspect within next few months as if by Midas touch.

Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina

It was Kunj who once again paid the bills for everything to find out his solace.

Initially Twinkle tried hard to stop her parents from accepting anything from Kunj but they once again made her silent by the way they always did.

Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina

Including Yuvraj, nobody ever cared to peep into her wounded heart, her changed dreams and desires, her growing love for Kunj.

Anyone including Kunj never asked about her opinion on any issue related to her life, proffered relationship.

Bahe naina Bhare morey Naina
Jhare morey naina
Mohe naina sune naahi kehna, bahe morey naina

Everyone was either enjoying or mourning over those past moments while she was living in daze of sorrows, savoring the heart break from losing her first, true love.

Guys precap is in last but if you have two minutes than read this for once….I hope you won’t mind…

Hii guys sonch rahe honge bakbak nahi aaj right? But kya maroon soncha last mei karungi……

Firstly as I have mentioned in my last that I will tell my reason in next episode so here it is…..but please don’t think I am writing it to gain sympathy.

Some days back my father had asked me to do study as it necessary for life and many more things that I can’t even explain and today I am going to share the most dark page of my life. I know many of you don’t believe it and think that it a story of my mind but guys its true.

Mera Papa….Guys after birth of me and my brother. One day my father is doing his work and suddenly his vision become dark. He tells us that he is not able to see anything. And at that time I am just 3 years of old. He was immediately taken to Amritsar and doctor ne bola ye koi purani chot ke karan hua hai. Jiska asar abhi ho raha hai. He has been operated for 9-10 times in ten years I mean between 2004-2014 but result is always negative (4 times in Amritsar and 5-6 times in chennai). Beside of all this my father do work by his own and give us everything ,don’t even let us realise anything ,he never let us face anything in life. And on November 12 2014 he gain his eye sight back in his 11 th operation at chennai. So guys how can I make him sad by not doing anything in my life. My father has done the course of L.L.B. but he gain nothing in his life . he is good in his studies but destiny doesn’t let him reach to the goal. He has been selected in many exams but his interview letters, it never reaches to him . on year 2013 while cleaning house my mother get 5 interviews letter of year 1995-98 with my fathers name . We don’t know till know guys that who was the person who use to hide that letter . so guys I want to owe something in my life by myself. That why I was busy in studies.

Sorry guys if you feel bore but before this I think I haven’t share anything of mine to anyone as I know all think it as a story .ok now leave it and sorry if I am not able to reach up to your expectations. Sorry for sharing my story guys so sorry but I can’t control myself . hope you don’t feel bad. Bye..wait precap le lo…

Precap: bahut hogaya past now present one….

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  1. Sayeeda

    Lover dear first of all thank you so much for sharing this with us…. U proved that u consider us like ur family….
    I’m very happy that ur father git his eye sight back…. Nd dear don’t lose hope coz God is watching everything… He will surely make everything fine very soon….. InshaAllah very soon black clouds will be removed nd sunlight will be spread across ur life….

    Do one thing go nd give a tight hug nd a forehead kiss to your father as a token of gratitude for teaching u good manners nd blessing us with a sis like u…… Nd I just want to say that always live up to the hopes of your parents… They do so much for us that we can’t even think of.. So many sacrifices nd they just want us to achieve success… Nd we can do this for them as their desire is very less in front of what they do for us……
    I can also understand the hopes our parents carry with their child… Fulfill ur parents dream as that is a priority for us….

    Coming to ur episode… Amazing one… Emotional too… Felt bad for Twinkle….

    Love u ????

  2. Mahi

    Hey dear pls don’t be sorry fo any thing ya i know i have never commented on ur ff but i can’t denay thistime i hope u don’t mind and ya u can tell ur personal thing tò whom u think urs nd we all r ur friends cum familly
    U know what I don’t have any sis but by tu o got sooo many Younger & elder i think we all r a familly though we evan didn’t see oneunother
    & i hope u also think like that
    And ya sorry for this bak bak

  3. Aamu

    first of all ur epi was emotional n heart touching….n second thing its k dear….u can post wenever u want…best of luck for ur brighter future…..n felt bad for ur dad…also….n yaa u want to b something in life….do something but remeber u r a best writer….also…hehe i think u r writer by urself only…but ….do something high n reach ur goals……best of luck again dea….

  4. Ranabulbul

    Lover darlo don’t feel bad okk
    Be strong bcoz u r my strong lover and abt ur father my friends father has also suffered from this so I know abt it
    And don’t feel sad post when u r okk

  5. Baby

    oh dear lover very sad case dear i believe it
    i m really crying episode mein roi hi thi or ab bhi
    yr god is wid him
    dont wry n all r wid u take care dear n yah fuflfil all d dreams seen by ur daddy
    luv u dear n dont take tensions
    post nxt asap n a bit long 1 if psbl

  6. Sameera

    Amazing yaar loved the episode
    Salute to your dad yaar
    Problems to aati jàati rehti hai
    U shared ur real life story ppl needs guts to share our personal life with strangers n I am so happy that we all r no more strangers ….
    U feel ki ye baat tum humlog k 7 share kar sakti ho that’s the big thing for us
    Love u yaar ……????

  7. Angita

    Hawww..I understand you dear
    I’ll sorry not only me but everyone will be by your side
    All the best of luck to
    I don’t feel bad that you shared your story but I’m overwhelmed as you share this with us yaar
    I don’t think its a story yaar
    You always manage to do more than our expectations yaar
    I want to name you my strong girl from now
    Ooh no I forgot to tell you bout your episode
    It was fantastic yaar….
    The way you described it..hatts of
    Love you shoo much
    Be strong

  8. Kritika14

    Firstly, thank you so much for sharing this with us. It feels like you consider us important, more like a family. and your dad is a real superhero i swear. Hats off to him. You must be so proud to have a father like him. Even after so many obstacles in life, he always was the backbone of your family. I completely agree with you, when our parents can do so much for us and there happiness lies in our good grades and studies then why shouldn’t we make them happy by simply getting good grades? Honestly, write whenever you are free from your studies because studies should be the first priority than anything else. Well coming to this part, it was just so good, emotional. Loved it so much. Hoping to see the next part soon 🙂 take care of yourself, study well and love you ?

  9. Superb epi.. felt bad for twinkle.. and u don’t have to be sorry dear.. felt bad for ur dad but am glad he regained his eyesight.. as god is watching everything.. and you are a strong girl and studies come first.. and best of luck for your future 🙂 🙂

  10. SidMin

    Lover your ff Loved it and the song selection Loved it could feel Twinkle’s pain and UV really Loves her but she loves Kunj Hope UV understands it soon that Twinj are made for each other
    Lover you life has been with many ups and downs and your father and you are a fighter I have always been sad by thinking I have nothing in life but have never seen others pain your father has taught us that there is nothing other than studies which can help you in life not even your parents or siblings because how can someone take care of you till your last breath
    Love you and lets study hard 🙂 Love you 🙂

  11. Lover episode was a heart touching one… And secondly u shared ur Matter with us this shows that u consider us as ur frnds.. Coz prblms hm sb frnds se hi share krte hi… Lve u take care…

  12. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    The epi was very heart touching one..luved it..nd plz cont soon..and it was so sweet of u to share ur matter..agar ap hume nahi kahengi to kise kahengi…? Aint we ur frnds? I knw me to abhi sirf apke last 2 epis se comment karahi hu but trust me I used to read all ur epis not only urs but sabke…nd I’m sure aap mujhe nahi jaante..but di can we be frnds..??…once again ur epi was soooooo gud…emotional tha…but rlly luved it…cont soon…n yaa studies first..n..luv you take care of urself n ur family…mmmmuuuuaaAhhh

  13. Twinj foreever always

    I m an avid reader of ur ff and pls do not loose hope … u r do cheerful everything will be fine … believe in god … the episode was awesome … do continue and we will always support you.. ur silent reader

  14. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey lover ???
    I’m happy that u shared ur life dark part with us by considering us more than a friend
    It’s a really very good news that ur father got his eye sight back
    If it was written in the Destiny that he have to face problems so it was also written that he will also get happiness coz he got such a loving family n especially a loving daughter like u whose love make him to get all happiness of the world
    Dear don’t be ever sad
    But u make me really sad today as the epi was very emotional but was lovely
    The emotions were described superbly
    I’m jealous of u coz u r THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON THE WORLD ??
    Superb in writing skills also
    We should be happy for what we have
    In fact u know what my father was very good in his studies in his school n college but bad in physics
    But at the end he topped in his college in physics n was made to do physics honour but as usual fear made him not to do
    His name is still written on the college board
    But as usual he was also not get able to reach the goal and is many steps behind his goal
    He works very hard but never show this to us he also say me that I should work hard for the future
    As u know no pain no gain
    I worked hard n got 1st position in class
    See this how ur determination valued
    I know thoda bak bak kiya but just to share this with u
    Dude ur amazing
    Stay blessed n be happy
    Study comes first than other things
    Actually this is my first ff of today as I was really busy with my studies n my net is also not working my mobile data is gonna end but I saw ur ff first so I read it
    I’m also busy with much studies n sorry for being late
    Love u ????????????????
    Always stay happy n keep writing ur amazing Awsome superb ff

  15. Kruti

    Lover…..u dont need to b sorry for sharing ur personal life with us…..infact i felt happy that u consider us as one amongst ur close ones with whom u can share about ur life

    Nd i know 1 day ur gonna make ur dad feel proud to have a daughter like u……..Though i havn’t conversed with u a lot but I can clearly say that u have a golden heart and a pure soul

    Coming to ur epi……it was as amazing as always…..emotions were expressed very well and d song perfectly suited the situation……loved it

    Love u ???

  16. Romaisha

    Lover yaar … Alhamdudillah atleast he got back his sight.. Im really happy!! And im glad u trust us n told us your story 🙂 and ur episode.. It was superb!!! Can’t wait to read ur other so lover i don’t mind waiting for ur ff 🙂
    I wish u luck in ur studies 🙂 bye and i love u !!! ???

  17. Priya_

    Episode was so emotional
    Well ur father must be so proud to get a daughter like u who considers them as her first priority..
    Glad that ur father is fit and fine now..
    May u have all the happiness and joy u deserve in life ..
    God bless

  18. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …. and ur story was so emotional …

  19. Lover u shared ur sorrow wid us n treat us lyk ur family…i m so happy tht ur dad got eyesight back…n yes u r very lucky so u shud fulfill ur dad wishes…may u get all d happiness u deserve 2 get…
    n epi was heart touching…felt bad 4 both twinj…w8in 4 d present context of d story…all d best…best wishes. .

  20. Shreya098

    Lover I am happy that ur father got his eyesight back…. ..
    Study hard ,make him proud….. May u get all the success in life….

    Coming to the epi….feeling soo bad for twinkle…. No one even asked her what she want…..
    And ur song choice..??….it was just perfect for the situation….
    I am in love with ur ff…

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