As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 14

Hii Guys miss kiya mujhe?? Nhi kiya so bad kattish nhi dungi mei bhi episode promise……

But Maine bhi miss nhi kiya kisi ko kyuki maine sab ko bahut bahut bahut miss kiya…
I love you all. Gussaye ho mujhse ? Haa koi baat nhi mei mana lungi. Promise.
Pata hai kyu? Nhi aacha mei batati hu..

Kabhi kabhi dosti me b duriya aa jati h
Phir b succhi dosti dilo ko milati hain..
Voh dost hi kya jo kabhi naraj na ho….
Par succhi dosti hi dosto ko manati hai…

So frnds abhi bhi gussaye ho ???please reply in comment OK….

Ok now jyada nahi bolte hue aap sabhi ko episode ke darshan karwa deti hu…
But usse pehle jhalak dikhati hu…OK naa? Nhi samjhe recap deti hu chahiye naa ?bolo ?

Are kuch to bolo muh to kholo aage to padho aur comment bhi karo……

So RECAP……..
Sach ka hua khulasha.. kaale baadal haate aur aasman hua saaf…but twinkle and kunj ki life ho gayi full on flop….

So now the episode

Haan ?ho gayi galti?? mujhse ?�main jaanta hoon?

Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan? maanta hoon

Ek ✔aakhiri mauka de mujhe

Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan? maanta hoon

{After Kunj hurtful words Mahi stared at her brother, silently pleading with her eyes but her brother, her hero just refused to look back at her. She averted her head and looked at her mother who was then standing defeated, beside Twinkle. She saw complete hatred within her eyes.

Then she slowly turned to look at the very person for whom she did all these things. But the sight was what she always abhorred most in her life. Twinkle was within Yuvraj’s embrace and he was rubbing her hair to ebb her pains. He wasn’t even putting a single glance on Mahi. She forgot to breathe instantly. Standing on trembling feet, she ran out from the room as first as she could.

Sirf saanse?� hi to baaki? hain
Jab teri ?yaad aati hai

Yaad me?�?� teri, saath ❌ye bhi chhod jaati hai

Everyone remained rooted there like stone statues. Kunj released a heavy defeated breath and turned to look at his Twinkle.

But that sight was an eye opener for him as he found her bawling like a baby within Yuvraj’s arms.

Ghalti ✔to sabse? hoti hai
Galti mujhse ?�bhi ho gayi
Ab maaf?? bhi karde mujhe
Kyu door ?itna ho gayi

Without saying anything or consoling her further, Kunj hurriedly left the room.

At the He realized that the time had come when he have to take a decision only for Twinkle’s sake and her happiness.


Ek 1⃣ghalti ❌ke liye
Kyu saath?� chhod tu
Kyu munh ?�?�mod gayi tu
Kyu be-nishaan? sa
Nishaan chhod?? gayi tu

After Kunj left Twinkle wished to meet him once but she was forced to leave that house immediately with Rt & UV.

Haan ho gayi ❌galti mujhse ?�main jaanta??? hoon
Par ab bhi tujhe?� main apni jaan maanta ?hoon
Jaan ?maanta hoon…
Ek 1⃣aakhiri mauka ?�de mujhe
Aaj bhi main ?�tujhe apni ?shaan maanta hoon
Shaan ?manta hoon…

After she left Kunj also reached to his room and banged the door. He start to think each and every moment spent with her. He sat on the floor and started to cry her heart out. Kunj is drinking being frustrated he banged his hand in wall and blood starts to come out of it.

Socha ?kuch pee ??kar tujhe bhula dunga

Par pee ??kar bhi yaad aayi tu

Itni si ☝�baat par chhod gayi

Jaana?� hi tha to aayi? kyun

Jeena ❤mera aasaan kar

Tu milke ?�?�ye ehsaan ??kar

Yaad teri sataati?? hai

Ab aaja baat?? maan kar

Twinkle is also shown sitting being restless and disheartened in her own room. All the thing are running in her mind.

Jab jab tu ?�?�?�chali jaati hai
Aisi nami ?chha jati hai
Jaise gir prde ho ☁?⛈baadal mujh ☝�?�par

Ek aanch ?dil pe aa jati hai

Jab aankhen? band hoti hain

Bas tu ?�?�sath hoti hai

Teri yaadon ?ke takiye pe

Bas raat ??meri soti hai

Even Twinkle take mobile in her hand and wanted hard but couldn’t gather the courage to make a phone call at that night to him. Whole night she waited for his call which never came.

Tu kyu ?� ?�door hai yun mujhse

Tujhe?� chahta hu poore ?dil se

Sun le?? meri aarzoo

Tu hi meri jaan ?hai

Tu hi mera jahaan???⭐ hai

Tu hi hai sab kuch ?�mera

Adhoora? tere bin dil❤ ye mera

Tu kyu samajhti ?�nahi❌
Ye dil? hai sirf tera

Both of them keep awake whole night with a hope of to have a new morning but both somewhere know it’s impossible after the volcanic eruption in their life.

Haan ho gayi❌ galti mujhse main ?�jaanta hoon

Par ab bhi tujhe ?�main apni jaan ❤maanta hoon

Jaan maanta? hoon…

Ek aakhiri1⃣ mauka de✔ mujhe

Aaj bhi main ?�tujhe apni shaan? maanta hoon

Shaan ?manta hoon…

So guys kaisa tha episode ? Are gussaye kyu ho short tha OK but pehle complete episode to padh lo……tab complain karna.


Next morning

Kunj and Usha were standing outside Mahi’s room door shouting.

“Mahi opened the door!”asked Kunj.

“I…I am sorry. Beta. Please beta.” exclaimed Usha.

“Mahi, Open the damn door…” screamed Kunj being frustrated.

Earlier Usha knocked her door, twice. First time, she got the answer ‘Get lost’ but next time Mahi didn’t even bother to answer her.

After Kunj open the door of his room, Usha frantically informed him about Mahi. Both of them rushed to her room and kept on banging on the door.

When Kunj finally broke the door with the help of few servants, their lives collapsed instantly, Mahi’s lifeless body was hanging from the ceiling.
And he got into a deep shock.


Kuch pal to thehar jaao na
Ya phir laut ke aao na
Yoon kehte nahi alvida
Mud jaao idhar aao na

In the early morning Taneja’s received the news from Yuvraj and immediately they rushed to meet them.

Tumhe dhoondein meri aankhen
Tumhe khoje meri baahein
Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

Once again, after entering there, her eyes only searched for Kunj. She knew Kunj & his entire existence had already been shattered beyond repair.

Kitne the waade kiye
Ik pal mein tod diye
Jhootha nahi tu mujhko pata hai
Bas thoda rootha sa hai

But he refused to accept any solace from Twinkle.

Tu roothe main manaau
Par tum bin kahan jaaun

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

Kunj didn’t even talk or look at her whenever she attempted. His look and posture was remained distant all the times, especially when she sat beside Mahi’s lifeless body and cried and wept involuntarily; when he came back home after cremating Mahi’s body; when she stayed back to console and took care of mourning Usha; when she arranged everything for the puja for seeking the peace for Mahi’s soul.

Ye aasmaan aur zameen
Bin tere kuch bhi nahi
Saanson se mohlat
Zara maang lena
Yoon uthke jaate nahi

He never uttered a single word of protest or desired to meet or talk to her whenever Twinkle sent his foods or anti-diabetic medicines though the servants.

Ya phir tu mujhe le chal
Sang apne jidhar tu chala
Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin

And Twinkle was very restless due to his silence as it seems like she has nothing to lose. She was crying under her heart.

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin……


Precap: Kaanch ke wo khwaab
naazuk the humare saare
Chhoone se hi tootne lage
Mannaton mein umr bhar ka
saath jinka manga
Humsafar wo chhootne lage. Kya hoga aage ? Kya bann payegi Twinkle aur Kunj ki baat ya reg jayegi sirf unki yaad…Guess karo?

Bye aab pakka wala bye… Comments dalna maat bhul na.

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  1. Chiku

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    Loved it nd specially mere nishaan songs background
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    Aisa lag raha tha ki twinj ki feelings mein feel kar rahi hu
    Amazing amotional fab super se upper wala epi tha ?????

  3. Priya_

    the episode was super emotional..plz plz plz twinj ko ek one..
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    plz post soon

  4. Wowwwww…. Amazing epi… Nd ho gai galti is one of my fav song… So i enjoyed the epi very much…

  5. Shreya098

    Emotional one….
    I just wish they realize their love soon and confess

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