As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 13


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Recap: aankho hi aankho mein ho raha tha ikrar lekin lag gayi unhe kisi ki buri nazar…

Here is the episode

“Twinkle, I said go.” Kunj once again ordered her.


First word she uttered on that day. Gulping hard under the menacing gaze of Kunj, then averting her eyes from him to Kunj, she spoke again,

“Ma, Why?”

“Because I can’t let you die. I am done with being selfish for my own selfish children. But yesterday’s incident made me realized that they can go down at any level. Even they can kill an innocent for their own good.” Usha replied sternly.

Jab rulana ?hee tha tujhe, toh phir ?hasaya kyun Sath? rehkar bhi hai ? ?juda, toh pas? aya kyun

Kunj stood there, infuriated and yet silent while the stream of tears had already began to make its way down Twinkle’s pale cheeks.

“Twinkle, I don’t want to be failed as a mother, anymore. Please let me win. Please leave this place and marry Yuvraj.”

Usha’s remaining words went lost in her muffled sobs. Her figure was looking entirely defeated; regret, helplessness was evident on her already reddened face.

Jab rulana ?hee tha tujhe, toh phir ?hasaya kyun Sath? rehkar bhi hai ? ?juda, toh pas? aya kyun

But with her declaration, Kunj saw red! All in sudden Mahi’s pains, Twinkle’s distress and his mother’s regrets all seemed to be forgotten.

Jab rulana ?hee tha tujhe, toh phir ?hasaya kyun Sath? rehkar bhi hai ? ?juda, toh pas? aya kyun

‘Yuvraj & Twinkle’s marriage’ was thing that continued to ring into his ears. Automatically it awoke the hidden, insane demon within his body. Lifting a huge cream coloured vase, crashing it mercilessly against the floor, he yelled venomously, instantly sending those two women into panic mode.

“She’s not leaving and that’s final. How could you, Maa? You are encouraging her to go with that person who ruined your own daughter’s life. I can’t let that to be happened.”

Kyun? yakin uth gaya dil ?se kahee wafao kaa Pyar ?mehsus kyun hone laga ?gunaho sa

“You should have thought that before planning to kill her.” replied Usha back.


Kunj roared at the top of his voice. His breathing was uneven. Hearing that noice, Rt, UV and Mahi all came and gathered inside the room.

Kyun? yakin uth gaya dil ?se kahee wafao kaa Pyar ?mehsus kyun hone laga ?gunaho sa

Seeing him there, within whisk of a second Kunj reached to Yuvraj and holding his collar he shook him vigorously.

“How dare you to come into my room? Leave now or I will kill you.”

But Yuvi resisted his attack and forcefully pushed Kunj back who stumbled for few seconds before regaining his balance.

Aya apne ???bich me kisika saya kyun? Jab rulana? hee tha tujhe, toh phir hasaya? kyun Sath ?rehkar bhi hai juda? ?, toh pas aya kyun?

Then, Mahi spoke jeeringly, coming in between them,

“Bhai, don’t you dare to hit him anymore. Twinkle is the one who should be punished for seducing him. Actually she should die instead of others. W***e like her….”


UV & Kunj squealed in same time. But before they could take any action, Usha reached near Mahi and slapped her hard.

“Don’t you dare to utter a single word against her. I know the whole matter now. You are the one who should be killed. Because you’re the who had played game with Kunj. And he stupidly fell into your trap. How could you lied to him, your own brother?
Actually you have rotten from inside. You weren’t pregnant. You never were. You can’t be. UV never gave any attention to you. Am I right? It would have better, if I aborted before your birth, so that these days would have never come.” states Usha while having tears in her eyes.

Instantly whole room went pin drop silence.


Only Kunj croaked in disbelief.

“What..what are you talking? She…Never…How?…”Kunj asked Usha from a heavy heart, words were not coming out of his mouth now.

Too ajnabi? kee tarah? humse ?pesh ata hai
Chand lamhe? bhi hame too naa de pata❌ hai

“I never thought of that my son could be this much blind, stupid & inhuman. You have ruined Twinkle’s whole life just for the sake of your insane sister. She lied to you, I got to know all this from her friends. That She can’t be pregnant with Yuvraj’s child as he never showed any interest on her.
Then secretly I confirmed her status by a doctor where doctor’s reports vindicated that she was lying. I knew very well, she was the one behind yesterday’s incident. Only for your nonsense, selfish act Twinkle is suffering like hell. I admit that I also behaved selfishly and made her stay with this sham of marriage. But now it’s over. Now onwards I will provide her all the happiness what she deserves and her happiness is always with UV.” replied Usha.

Too ajnabi? kee tarah? humse ?pesh ata hai
Chand lamhe? bhi hame too naa de pata❌hai….

Mahi protested her mother’s decision with the top of her voice,

“Ma, you can’t do this to me. You don’t know her but I know, this girl is the reason why UV never loves me. She made you to hate me and bhai. She’s a witch. I was stupid to let her live. I should kill her long before. I…I will kill her.”

Aisi kya ⁉hamne kee? khata, hame sataya? kyun

Before anyone could realize what was going to happen next, Mahi swiftly advanced towards Twinkle and caught her neck tightly. Twinkle almost chocked and struggled to breathe.


Both Kunj and UV roared and instantly reached to them.

Kunj almost threw off Mahi from Twinkle, so that she fell on the ground. She went shocked; her whole body was trembling vigorously while her breathing was uneven.

Jab rulana ?hee tha tujhe, toh phir ?hasaya kyun ⁉Sath? rehkar bhi hai? ? juda, toh pas aya kyun⁉

She uttered with her quivering lips,


“Don’t.” Kunj reproached jeeringly and raised his hand stopping her to say anything more.

“Don’t call me bhai. You…You are dead for me. Do you understand?…. You are dead for me… Now…. Leaveeeeee from my sight…”Replied kunj.

Mahi stared at her brother, silently pleading with her eyes but her brother, her hero just refused to look back at her. She averted her head and looked at her mother who was then standing defeated, beside Twinkle. She saw complete hatred within her eyes. Then she slowly turned to look at the very person for whom she did all these things.

Jab rulana ?hee tha tujhe, toh phir ?hasaya kyun ⁉Sath? rehkar bhi hai? ? juda, toh pas aya kyun⁉

But the sight was what she always abhorred most in her life. Twinkle was within UV’s embrace and he was rubbing her hair to low her pains. He wasn’t even putting a single glance on Mahi. She forgot to breathe instantly. Standing on trembling feet, she ran out from the room as fast as she could.

And guys episode ends here ……
Precap: So guys kya lagta hai ? Kya karegi Twinkle? Kya khattam hone wali hai inn do dilon ki ek prem kahani ya phir milenge do dil chahlte chalte ?….Janne ke liye wait kariye mela kyuki mein ek chota sa pyala sa baachi hu….

Love you all

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    1. Real name janna hai so you have to wait for my last episode.

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