As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail……..twinj ss part 11 and 12


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Actually Maine soncha ki mei apna ff end nhi kar rhi hu…
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And fake one shatakshi yes I don’t know the real meaning of friendship.
so can you please taught me that? I also want to the meaning of friendship from you imposter who only know to bash by using others name to broke our bond. Ok leave all this.

And guys please support me like this only…
Sidmin:thank you dear and I love you more.
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Shatakshi:?????????sonch rhi hogi pagal to nhi hogayi write but nhi itni jaldi nhi hui hu. Maast bola tune imposter ko keep it up. Love you.??and I like to have a talk with you.
Purnimaagarwal.30: thank you and I have changed my mind.
Twinjfan.tamanna: thank you dear .so sweet of you. Love you ??

A true friend understands when you say, “I forgot”
Waits forever when you say, “1 minute…”
Stays when you say, “leave me alone…”
And opens the door, even before you knock…’
So you all are my true frnds.

And please I am sorry for not ending but Mann nhi kiya aur baad mei pachtati to usse better apne mood change kar li. I hope you all are understanding my P.o.v.

Recap: Twinkle missing and Kunj found her in a miserable condition.

So here the next one:

Kunj is so shocked to see her after sometime he went to Twinkle and pick her up in his arms and shouted at maids to call doctor immediately. And leave towards his room and make her lie on bed. His eyes were blood red and he was continuously cursing himself for her condition.

Doctor arrives and examine Twinkle and explained everyone

“Now she’s out of danger. It’s her good luck that she was fainted immediately or else she could have been paralyzed or her brain might have damaged forever. She is sleeping but someone should stay with her for whole night.”
And by prescribing some medicines doctor leaves.

“I will stay with her.” exclaimed Kunj and Usha snapped at her son when he declared his opinion in no nonsense tone. She did not protest or tell anything but slowly left the room. She was waiting for a cheerful morning with her whole family since that sleeping angel stepped into life of his son. But after knowing the ‘real’ truth she had understood that any of her children didn’t deserve happiness. Her eyes welled up automatically.

On the way to her room she saw her younger one was pacing like a tigress at the corridor. Their eyes met abruptly. Mahi’s heart beats accelerated seeing utmost disgust within her mother’s eyes; those were like spiting fire and venoms at her. She called out, ‘Ma’.

But Ignoring her like an unknown, trespasser, Usha stepped into her room and shut the door with a bang.}

Kehte hain:?

Khuda ??ne iss jahaan? mein

Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye

Tera milna ?hai uss rab ??ka ishaara

Maano mujhko? banaya tere? jaise hi kisi ke liye

Kuch ?toh hai tujh? se raabta

Kuch toh ?hai tujh se raabta✌

Kaise hum? jaane, hume kya ⁉pata

Kuch toh ?hai tujh se raabta?

Tu humsafar hai?

Phir kya ?fikar hai

Jeene ki ?wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ?ke liye

Whole night Kunj take care of Twinkle and sleep beside her unknowingly.

Next morning
Twinkle rubbed her cheek over uniquely ‘scented’ warm cotton. Though she loved her cozy warm surrounding but being too lazy to wake up she continued to close her eyes. Then she brushed her nose over that same cotton.
Kehte? hain:
Khuda ne ??iss jahaan? mein

Sabhi✌ ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai ?banaaya
har kisi ke liye…
But her eyes went snapped open, when her nose touched a warm skin. Her hazel gaze dipped into the ocean of dark brown chocolate. She gasped loudly in all sorts of tensions. Balancing on his elbow, Kunj was gazing at her intently; while his other hand was possessively placed on her waist. Their legs were almost tangled with each other.
hmm ?
Meharbaani jaate-jaate? mujhpe kar gaya

Guzarta??? saa lamha ek daaman ?bhar gaya
Tera nazaara ?mila, roshan sitaara ?mila

Taqdeer?? ki kashtiyon ko kinara? mila

Twinkle found her own hand was also possessively griping neckline of Kunj’s T-shirt.
Sadiyon????? se tarse hai jaisi zindagi? ke liye

Teri ?sohbat mein duaayein ?hain ussi ke liye

Tera milna ?hai uss rab ka ishaara?
Maano mujhko? banaya tere? hi jaise kisi ke liye

First thing he asked her in husky concerned voice,

“How are you feeling now?”

Twinkle thought, she never felt so much loved and relieved.

“You had nightmares throughout the night. So I had to do this. How are you feeling now? Kunj asked again.

Kuch toh? hai tujh? se raabta
Kuch toh ?hai tujh se raabta?
Kaise hum ?jaane hume kya ?pata
Kuch toh? hai tujhse? raabta

And that very moment she realized there would never be anyone else for her. There will be Kunj; only Kunj in her life. She couldn’t control her tears and nodded her head in negative.

Holding her face with his palm Kunj spoke again lovingly,

“Shhh….Please Twinkle, please don’t cry. Nothing will happen to you. I am …I am with you. Always. I am sorry for what I did to you. Please don’t cry. I will sort out everything.”

Tu? humsafar hai,

phir kya ?fiqar hai

Jeene ki? wajah hi yehi hai
Marna? issi? ke liye

Feeling extremely relieved after Kunj’s assurance, Twinkle hugged him tightly and began to sob. Their bodies were so close that their heart beats also began to synchronize with each other. Kunj brushed his hands over her back to sooth her every fear, pain.

“It’s okay Twinkle. Please… don’t cry.” he stated to console her.

After few more minutes, when she stopped crying, her breathing became normal; Kunj slowly made her recline on her back & almost hovered, over her.

Kehte? hain:

Khuda? ne iss jahaan? mein
Sabhi✌ ke liye kisi? na kisi ko? hai banaaya
Har? kisi ke liye…

All in sudden, the room temperature began to increase at a dangerous rate; bringing about changes as well primal needs within their bodies. Kunj slowly brushed his finger to wipe the traces of her tears. With that process, he gradually lowered his face to get an intent view of every corner of her exquisite face. In anticipation, gulping hard, once again Twinkle slowly closed her eyes.

And Within a second, when Kunj’s dry and rough lips just touched her moist & pulp ones, they heard an sharp agitated knock at their door.

Both of them, jumped out from their current position. Though he avoided looking at her, but stopping her from being got up from the bed, he ordered huskily,
Hmm hmm

“Relax Twinkle. No need to be panicked. I am going to open.”

When he opened the door, Kunj saw his mother was standing there with a stern and impassive face. Once again ignoring him and before they could even think further, she ordered Twinkle over his shoulder with a no nonsense tone,

“Twinkle, we have to pack your bags. Yuvraj and your parents are already here. You are leaving this house within an hour.”

Automatically the whole atmosphere within that room got changed. As if, there was going to an earthquake. Everyone stayed rooted at the place.

Following a dead pause, staring intently at Twinkle’s pained greenish hazel eyes; Kunj was the one, who spoke first, with a dangerously cold tone.

“She is not going to anywhere.”

Ignoring his verbal protest, Usha moved forward. While crossing him, she asked innocently,

“Twinkle, why are you still sitting? Go & get freshen up. I am going to pack your bags.”


Suppressing his gradually increasing temper, Kunj grated his teeth and admonished,

“I don’t like to repeat myself. As I have already mentioned, she’s not going to anywhere. She’s unwell now. Let her take some rest. Later, we will discuss on this issue”.

Kunj approached to Twinkle who was sitting on the bed like a dumb folded. He tightly held her shivering form and made her stand. Cupping her face, directly looking into her eyes, he spoke tenderly while putting stress on each word,

“Twinkle, go and get freshen up. Just call me, if you need my help.”

Yet Twinkle stayed rooted, looking back & forth at either mother or son. She was hell confused; whom to support. At one side was Usha ma, her newly found mother & on the other side was Kunj, so far who had only managed to accelerate her heart beats with a pleasantly unique feeling, nothing else.

“Twinkle, I said go.” Kunj once again ordered her.

Precap:so guys guess it kya ho jayenge Twinkle kunj se durr ya koi farishta aayega unki help krne …guess it???kya hoga agle chappy mei

Bye love you all.

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  1. Romaisha

    Damn yaar loved this episode!!!
    Eager to know what will be twinkle’s decision 🙂 ..

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      1. Hater of Wrst Ffs

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    2. SidMin

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      If you dont like it then dont read it who is forcing you to do so
      Lover I loved it and dont need to waste your time and energy dor this imposter
      Loved the episde and Love tou too ?
      And for you imposter go and die somewhere ?

    3. Sameera

      Omg who told u to read the ff ha u r worst n illiterate hahaha funny first u learn how to read n write n then advice others n just mind your own business ur imposter if u wanna read good ff then write it n the. Read by yourself ?

    4. Aamu

      hey u chepo….pagal ladki/ladka…………….
      if u know how to write den u write…..khud ko to kuch aata nahi…
      u illiterate chepooooo…………..if u r here for d good stories den here evry stories r good no no not good best BEST STORIES…..
      f u dont like dis story so dont read…………..v had not invite u to read……chepster kahiki
      u better from next time not cmnt or………………….dekh lena

    5. Baby

      i suer i ll kill u r u srsly insane stupid prsn dont u get dat dat nthing maters here ur dese reepy wrds wont effect any1 who r u to tel dat haan how does she ryt or not u cheepo tumari cheap tactics r nt gonna wrk here yahan se khisakle smaj mein aayi nhi toh teri i suer i ll abuse u gt dammit khud toh likhna aata hai nhi aa jate hain uth kr i suer bhot ho rha hai ohk enough is enough jst shut ur dis blo*dy mouth or dis mind who jst spit negative n bad things fr all u cnt cnt evn thnk to seprate us ohk if we all r together we cn jst bash u lyk anythning n u wont b able to do anythng gt dat blo*dy nonsense

    6. Baby

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    7. Really if you think this is not good then what is i would like to see a ff of your if you cant say good atleast dont bash other writers

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      Luv ur writing so much pls ignore that blo*dy insane creepy impostir I don’t know what this person gets by listening bad words but now limits were crossed how dare u speak against her do u know the meaning of ff but u r not able to break our friendship as we all are united and in my life I never used such bads for anyone but now its linits I have to use gor u blo*dy cheapster……. but then there will be no diff lefy in u and us si niw just listen if u ever do this again then u just wait and watch everyone has a right to speech liberty as per constitution then who r you to restrict us or use bsd wrds as it is also mentioned in constitution thst rt to speech should not offence others but as ww know that critisisms are imp for taking out our best so we ll stand as a wall in front of u an unbreakable wall and show u our power who all are wid me pls reply

  3. Amazingggggg epiiiii…..

  4. SidMin

    Loved the epiaode and waiting to know what is Twinkle’s decision ??loved it and forget this imposter just ignore it

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    Episode was too too good…
    Loved it to the core…
    I must say u r one of the best writers in tu..
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode..
    So glad that u r not ending it..
    Love you..

  6. SidMin

    Same to same reply as I have given to the one who has commented before you or maybe you only

  7. Paavu

    Lober the epi is just just amazing fabulous lovely and what not just loke u and ur writing I luv u that u agreed

  8. Nice yaar
    Very nice plz next epusode fast

  9. Sameera

    Aww meri pyari sissy sahi decision liya n I am happy that u r continuing it bcoz I too can’t without u love u shoo much n don’t listen to anybody now just continue it
    N about the epi aww twinj kunj taking card of Twi song emotions everything was just perfect I love u itna jhakasss epi dene k liye
    Next jaldi post kardena plshh

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    Hey u dumb a*sh*le if u have guts then show ur talent show ur writing skills ………u r just jealous nd can’t do any thing of ur own…. If u think she is a worst writer then show ur blo*dy talent … Y just bashing her… First go nd get a life … Then just say smthing to her…. b*t*h

  11. Chiku

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  12. its really very aewsom..i like n can say love ur ff…i hav read every epi of it ….its fantabulous…i was a silent reader but after reading that disguised person z bashing coment i cant stop myself from comenting plz dont take heed of their words…u r an aewsom writer
    n as far as these type of bashing coments i think its a propaganda to stop u guyies from writing these marvellous ff…might b its kind of jealousy from ff writers who write gud ff

  13. Shreya098

    U r not ending it…. Wow
    Thank u , thank u ,thank u soooo much….

    Ur ff is amazing
    Awesome… I loooveee it❤❤❤❤

    The epi was amazing…. Hope they will unite soon…..

  14. loved the epi…..waiting for twinkles decision

  15. Hey amazing epi.. loved it.. and plz ignore this Imposter’s comment.. U r one of the best writer.. do cont soon ?

  16. Foreverfanoftwinj

    U blo*dy imposter kabhi khud ka ff likha hai Jo dusron k ff ko character certificate dene chala hai..aaj tak I used to control my anger and used to tolerate ur blo*dy bull shitty talks but know seriously u r going beyond ur limits…I won’t listen a single words against my Frnd…
    U blo*dy cheapo u coward if u have any shame just write ur article and post it..
    Let we also see how much well u all can write
    Shameless creatures..
    Senseless emotionless foolish stupid idiots people how can u stoop so much low
    Khud toh aata nhi likhna chale hai dusron ko sikhane ..
    Seriously u all r creeps.
    Sick people..
    I can’t even express my anger seriously u all r like…..******
    Just have shame and learn to respect others…
    And lover accha decision liya ff na chodne ka u write damn good..
    I m in luv with it…:-) 🙂
    Keep smiling and try to ignore these stupid cowards…

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    Guys ignore that imposter… Don’t give a dam to it….
    Lover dear… Love ur ff to the core…
    Episode was too good.. Amazing.. Awesome…. Loved it…

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    waise dis epi was wonderful….fabulous….
    and achcha hua…tumne apna ff end nahi kiya..
    do next soon

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    if she is d worst writer den u r d worst reader n commenter also…..miss hater
    pataa nahi aajkal donkeys n dogs ko b rading sikhaayi jaarahi hai………i just came to know now… u r only a dog or a dnkey or mayb worst dan dat……
    jealous chepster

    1. Aamu

      oh sorry its not reding its reading

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    Amazing epi ….loved it ❤
    Keep smiling and keep writing

  21. Ufff!!! This imposter, he/she don’t have any work except to talk rubish abt the best writers.. Just ignore him/her… Nd lover da epi was superb buddy… Loved it… Keep writting like this… we r with u…

  22. Priya_

    .. then u r the worst commentor..
    kya tumhe itni bhi sharam nahi hai yeh kehte hua…??
    if u r hating this ff so much then write one and better read it for urself…
    ..and it would be best if u stop commenting like this… PLZ STOP BASHING OTHERS

  23. Srija

    damn good dear ?????
    just brilliant ???????
    update soon

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    Hey lover… u always manage to give us goosebumps ……it was ……I m wordless girl! Accha I wanna share my excitement with….TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! Hehe.

    1. Happy birthday dear many many happy returns of this day .

    2. Read next chappy I have a surprise for you.

  25. Baby

    n u r d wrst prsn in d wrld remeber d wrst person stupid

  26. Baby

    lover ignore dat cheap imposter cmin to d episode yr it was amazing how do u ryt so gud osm yr n cnt w8 fr nxt episode as we dont no now watr ll hpn i hpe koi farishta aaye koi angel aaye inn dono ko milane yr post nxt asap luv u yr w8ing fr nxt episode very eagerly osm episode dear d twinj scenes muuuahhhhh

  27. lover ignore tht cheapo who is jealous of u …
    we all here 2 support u…
    n epi was awesome hope farista comes n not let t 2 go…n post soon

  28. Twinj foreever always

    Thank u so much lover i really loved the episode … this ff is awesomeee…. we love u

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    I have been reading your ss but never commented and I loved it. Ignore the imposter because for all I know that person can not write like you

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  32. Its iam really happy

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    amazing fabulous marvelous epi….& thanks for changing your mind….

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