#Loneliness.. (Chap-2)


This is not the sequence Of Chap 1 . This is another story but story is about Loneliness only!
This story is about Two sisters Twinkle and Mahi go to Mumbai to visit their maternal aunt Zubi while their parents back home meet with an unfortunate car accident. After their death the girls find out that their father was heavily in debt and they have to sell all their assets including their house which their father had so lovingly built. All friends turn their backs and they move in with their aunt Zubi.

In Mumbai while Mahi tries to adjust to their new life, Twinkle becomes obsessed with the idea to re-buy their house. She begins the pursuit to become rich. Here Salman becomes her partner and together they start a garment factory. Mahi on the other hand soon befriends their uncle whom she met after years Farhan and becomes a pain for his secretary Yuvraj whom she calls Hitler .

However Twinkle’s quest for money takes her away from her family, especially from Mahi who feels neglected. Salman proposes to Twinkle and even though the family disapproves, Twinkle accepts.
Finally Twinkles dream comes true and she has enough money to buy back her house. She goes to Delhi and finalizes the deal. However, when she enters her house, she is haunted by memories of the past and all the love that she has lost. In a flash she realizes what she has achieved is an empty house and in the process has distanced her family. Loneliness consumes her, she runs out of the house terrified and meets with an accident.On the other hand Yuvraj proposes Mahi and she accepts.

Twinkle awakens to find her family close by but she is not able to speak or move. Initially the doctors explain that it might be due to her spinal injuries. Later on doctors say that she has gone into shock and does not have the will to live; there is nothing wrong physically with her. It is implied to the viewer that she has lost the will to struggle as she realizes that she has pushed everyone away from her in pursuit of what she thought was important and was all alone when what should have been her biggest triumph of buying the house finally. Salman who prefers to have strong, smart and pretty wife to project success in life. Salman becomes a unsure about Twinkle after her accident as the doctors are skeptical about her recovery. Twinkle notices that Salman has lost interest in her and decides to return the engagement ring. Salman leaves Pakistan and travels abroad. Twinkles family try to reassure her regarding the love and affection they have for her. During this time Kunj (Twinkles old best friend) is shown to be very concerned for Twinkles well being. The closeness between Twinkle and Kunj disturbs Maya (his fiancée); Kunjs father senses this and insists that Kunj marries Maya as he had promised her parents a long time back. Kunj agrees to his father’s wishes. Kunj then meets Twinkle and tells her that he has to leave India and go to Canada after marrying Maya, and he wants to see Twinkle up and about before that. Upon hearing this Twinkle takes hesitant steps and is able to walk. An overjoyed Kunj recounts this to Maya, who comments that he must be the happiest man on earth. She tells him that she is happy for him and urges him to see clearly as he is madly in love with Twinkle . She tells him that she has explained the whole situation to Kunjs father and would be flying off to Canada alone.

The last sequence shows that Twinkle is sitting alone in a party surrounded by friends and family as if waiting for somebody; suddenly the sounds and surroundings dim as Kunj walks in. They have an unspoken conversation across the room when she tells that she had been waiting long for him and where he had gone all this time? He is shown expressing that he was and always will be with her. In a quick transition the music and surroundings come back into focus with every body crowding in a loud cheer around them. Twinkle finally fills the void of loneliness (Tanhaiyaan).

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