My lollipop love…A Twinj os – by maggi bday spcl!

Hi darlos…..
Here’s an os dedicated to the bday girl, sidmintwinj…?????

Ur such a lovely person?
Happy birthday to u ? ?????
May lord bless u with all the happiness in the world….stay happy, live crazy….???
Thanks for always supporting the readers n encouraging them with ur lovely comments. ….
Luv u loads dear….❤❤❤

My lollipop love…A Twinj os ?????

Hey I’m kunj , its my freaking love story related with lollipop of different flavors
Don’t get me wrong! Its my Australian way of telling things..can’t help it mannn…!!

I sat der as boredom washed over me…
My only amusement was the lady sitting beside me…well she’s a girl of 17 years…
I made a disgusted face, bcz she was freaking crazy n obsessed all abt herself and her godamn eatables…well eatables only include lollipops in her case…
She kept on licking on by one , her tongue changing the color from blood red to parrot green to all the way to my hate color, yellow…
She was too involved in her own world n remained impassive to my feelings…

Gawwd!! Why the heck she has to occupy a window seat when she has her one n  only amusement which is clearly not admiring the relative surroundings ?

Is she a kid of 7 years?? I mean who loves lollipops like this? More importantly at this age!!
Weird!! Damn, my bad I have to bear her for a long way
The bus took a troll over the hills, and we ppl inside kept on pressing our body weight all to ryt n then to left, as it took sharp turns…I felt dizzy n nauseous too!!

I looked at her she remained calm was ever, confused I looked around, I realized ppl were in worest conditions than me!
Some ppl were swaying their head as of they are deep dwelling in hangover from last nyt!
Some were nauseous n others puked out…

Eww! Well its normal anyway …
I once again looked at the one beside me…
She was busy enjoying n savouring the last remains of dark purple lollipop ?

Is the girl mad?? I mean is she hallucinating?? I mean she is behaving as if she is whiling away her own sweet tym on the most comfy chair in her house…
God knows…

She looked at me for the first tym in this morning..
She had dose brown almond eyes and thin lips painted with blush pink and in between them held her lollipop…
Does she think I’m gng to steal her lollipops?  I looked at the remaining lollipops dat were tucked into her denim pockets..

“I ain’t planning to steal them “I clarified to her…
She looked at me accusingly!

Is she dumb? Or mentally retarded? Or..

“Who the freak said I thought u to be stealing some?” Her melodious voice broke my trance

What should I reply?? Why d freak I’m acting like all shy? I’m insane!!

She raised her eyebrow, actually she tried to but cudnt quite do it
I raised my eyebrow, it was one of my killer look back at college…
She pouted…Aww!!! How adorable

My eyes went straight to her luscious candy floss lips…..I so want them
What the heck? When did I start noticing her this closely?

“I’m kunj” I forwarded my hand
“Me, twinkle” she said softly

“U love lollipops?” I asked
“Ya, they are tasty” she smiled

Freaking cute!!!!! God she so childish, well I don’t mind…

“Hmm, but ur obsessing over them as if their is no tomorrow?” I asked

“Oh…ur getting me wrong, they help me to divert my mind during these tricky trips, hence I don’t feel nauseous..” She answered

“Ohh….” She’s smart!

She offered me some, she as indeed ryt!
I now felt good

Our bus stopped at the animal sanctuary…
we were friends now , I must agree she proved to be a fabulous company…
Moreover she said me dat her bro studied wildlife photography so her description helped me in the tour….
As the bus took us back to the hotel we were staying, we bid good bye n moved to our respective rooms…

The whole tour proved to be splended with her, we spent our leisure tym exploring the countryside which was not covered by the tour package…
We gelled up well, we exchanged our prsnl pins n moved back to where we came from…

We talked over phone every now then..she was a killer yaar, I mean she had solutions for every problem of mine…
But I got myself into this problem she didn’t have solution to, but she atleast made me feel no pathetic over myself ..

Next day back at my college, I stood near the deens office…
My mind was crawling over endless possibilities to get my self out of the sh*t I have ended up! And my bl**dy mind gave up on me n was hovered busy calculating  the punishment I have to face for my bl**dy act…

I nodded my head in disapproval to myself n my creepy existing thoughts…
Well the thing is : what i have got into is, I copied in calculas xm, I mean abt some 20 marks n my professor haf found out by comparing the paper with the other one n is all ready to punish me…

I stood der, staring at my deen, as expected she lectured me and finally let me go without any punishment!!!
Hurray!!! I mean wow! I had atleast expected a suspension for a day..
Lucky me! May be her mood was good…
Thank gwwad!!!!

I saw a small crowd  gathered below my floor, some girls fight I thought seeing der number quite out powering boys in d crowd.

As I climbed down the stairs…
I heard girls giggling…
“Gwad ! Jz for a lollipop!” I heard a girl

I suddenly turned around, lollipop!!!!
The only thing that my mind thought abt was twinkle??

I moved towards d crowd, as I moved further passing by the ppl, I saw her!!!
She was in her aggressive mood, something I had never know existed in her..
She spotted me and winked at me!
Is she in her mind! Well I had to agree she soon wrapped up her fight and hugged me..

“Hey kunj….how’s all gng dude” she asked me
“Pretty  well twinkle, what was that all abt?
And u here?” I asked as she broke the hug

“Me? I have joined here. first day n dat fight!, some careless woman collided with me n dat freak with all guts purposely stamped on my lollipop and smirked at me! U know one of those non likeable girlies on the first impression? So she was one of them…so I jz gave her my peace of mind” she smiled at me….

I cudnt control smiling back!!!
Shes one of a kind….
My freaky lollipop lover…

As we started walking down through the corridors ,
“And yay , u owe me a thanks” she blurted

I looked at her confused…

“Well u were gng to have a meet with the deen, how it went?” She introgatted pulling her bagpack forward..

“It was too good, I mean she lectured me a while n that didn’t include anything specific abt the papers n then let me go, without punishing!! Can u believe dat?” I sequeled
In excitement..

“That’s gr8, I had expected that anyway”,she smiled…

Once again shot her a confused look raising my eyebrows…
“Well I misplaced ur test papers along with some random students papers, and b4 u ask how I did that, as the new deen u jz met is my aunt, so wen I landed yesterday here I saw ur papers in aunts room with ur photo tagged along to d booklet ,which had come over to her from the proffesor concerned, b4 she cud look into it, I misplaced them n hence u escaped….” She blurted in a single breath…

I gasped up at her ….this girl is no ordinary!!! I mean she’s cool….she’s a darling…I gave her a tight hug and pecked her cheeks…

“And I owe u a party my lollipop lover, ur best”,I screamed….

Soon we became from friends to best friends, and she became my twinki from twinkle….we used to hangout more than we did in initial days….and soon I developed feeling for her….

I had to tell her soon, I can’t afford for any prince charming to come around n take her along with him…even if that’s gonna happen then that prince will be ME!!
No other freaking living !!!

I adjusted by bow, I knew I was looking hot than usual but all I wanted was her attention tonite…

We had a ball dance to perform n I had dressed accordingly…I moved towards the CLG, I spotted her near to the steps in white crop top with shorts….

She jz love shorts…and I love her!!!

She saw me n waved at me….she smiled n climbed down n came near me…

“Gimme me some more tym I vl get dressed up” she said me hugging

I had made sure I came here b4 the performance so that I get the tym required

“Ur already a chubby doll”I teased her…

“Well come with me”,I said n dragged her along with me telling her to be patient to find out herself…

I took her to the barren canteen since it was closed for the evening n the dim light spread on the ground we stood…

I closed her eyes n stood behind her, went near to her left ear n spoke huskily,

“Ur my doll twinki! For now n forever, ur one such kinda girl I open up completely, n wanna savour every moment with up…
Be it our combine studies where we did everything else then studies..those hangouts n ur love towards lollipop, I cherish all those moments…
Remember those evenings, were he had buried our mouths with the loads of ice cream melting inside n feeling the cold effect of it and screaming our lungs out…
Our long walks along the river, late night calls , inbox stuffed with manifold messages of us…. I love them as much as I love u….I srsly do , I swear on the lollipops”

I heard her chuckle….
I slowing removed my hands over her eyes… She gasped in happiness looking at the loads of lollipops b4 her placed to form “I ♥ U”

SHE turned back to see me, but I was not der, she looked around confused…

I caught her by her waist…
She turned towards me, I cud see her smiling …..
“Don’t blush” I said holding her gaze.

She looked at me….our eyes directed the love overflowing unable to express it in d form of words….
Soon our lips fused…. I sucked her lower lip…she slightly winced in pain as I bit her…she gave me d access n my tongue played in her mouth….
We soon pulled away….
“I love u” she wishpered…..

Minutes later we sat der holding hands….
I was busy snuggling in her hair….
She smelled awsm….she kept on tilting her head, giving me the access ….

I cud hear loud cheers…damn!!! We forgot abt ur performance!!!
I looked at my watch….we were too late…
Probably the cheers marked the end of the function…
” we missed it” she said

“Ya completely” I agreed….

“And we need to come up with a reasonable excuse for it! And u need to answer ur aunt personally too” I added

“Ya, ryt! …..I vl think abt something by then..” She said n looked towards me…

“Ur looking damn hot today” she said n I grinned

“Seems lyk u finally noticed” I said n she raised her eyebrow… N this tym she did with fine perfection…

“Ur quite good student, u learnt it easily.
N being ur tutor the credit goes to me” I  added smiling…

“Ya u earned it” ,she said n the next moment she captured my lips with hers…

Hope I put up a decent writing….do tell me ur views n my dear bday girl very sorry for being this late, I was kinda confused with what I should write….

And stay blessed …..and once again happy bday???
Keep smiling always…

N my ff update is tomorrow… Had been out today so cudnt write it…sorry

Love u ol..❤

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  1. SidMin

    Hey just loved it …… ?
    Too good ✌
    The plot was so cute and different ❤
    Love you keep writing ?

  2. Sohi

    Yaar Maggi it was lovely awesome marvelous I loved it to the core
    I was not that much fond of lollipop but now I’m definitely gonna have it
    Just loved it yaar
    And twinkles character was fabulous
    Do continue

  3. SidMinTwiNj

    Awwwww Maggi so so sweet of you yaar… Thank you so much for the OS… It’s freaking amazing… It’s just out of box thinking… U nailed it girl… I so loved it… Love you so so much ????????

    Now sach ka samna
    Maggi don’t be angry at me for this plzz Haan… Actually today is not my b-day it was my trick to make you post ur ff… Oh God I just love your ff to square infinity… Kya karun mere se wait hi ni hota yaar… That’s why I used this trick… I always think of ur ff and open TU not finding it I feel very disappointed… I wait for ur ff like… U too know how desperate I’m about ur ff that I PM you and keep requesting to post it soon… Maggi after reading this don’t boil in anger ok and don’t curse me… I’m shooooo sorry for the prank… Bahut bahut sorry… Ears pakad k sorry… Bachi jo ki mai ni hun phir b bachi samajh k maaf kar dena…

    Once again sorry and thank you for the amazingly amazing OS… Post next epi of ur ff soonest… Can’t wait more for it…

    With lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤????????????

    1. Baby

      ohhh god thanks dear fr dis cute lie☺
      atleast we got to read dis beautiful piece of wriing by our beautiful and amazing di☺
      lods of love☺♥☺♥☺

  4. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Very osm os…. ..
    Loved it…
    U r too good

  5. Amazing and lovely os
    Loved it
    Plz post your ff soon
    Do continue

  6. Presha

    hey awesome maggi loved it…
    happy bday sidmintwinj urf zoya
    love u
    may god bless u nd u enjoy ur day to the fullest

  7. Kruti

    Hey Maggi
    That was freaking damn good…….so cute….I legit loved it
    Post d ff soon

  8. Heyy maggi it was just awesome…
    So cutee and sweet…
    I was pissed of frm mrning coz of practicals and all bt after reading dis one i had a big bright smile on my face and i must say u made my day…
    Keep posting dear…
    Love u…..☺☺☺☺☺☺

  9. Maggiiiiiiiii,,?? yeppeiiiiiiii,,??? Just FABULOUS,,???????? U nailed itttt,,??? I to love Lollypops yarr,???? but wait Aww its a prank to post ur ff,?? how cute,☺☺ ok Sidmintwinj ur just AMAZING girl bcoz of u hume itne WONDERFUL os read karne ko mila,, thank u so much,,?? OK now plzzzzzz post ur ff,, I to waiting 4 it desperately plzz,,??
    Love you,,❤❤

  10. Purvi128

    Hey maggi,
    Commenting first tym on ur writing …
    Well i love ur writing ..
    Nd this os was just splendid
    Loved it
    So cute
    Their love confession was so sweet ..
    Post ur ff soon ..
    With love ?

  11. Cute os Maggi I loved it

  12. Ritzi

    Wow maggi…..tht was crazily awesome one man! I mean how can u write so well girl! Yr writings hv surely became my cup of tea… Pls post yr ffs yaar.. Pls!

  13. maggi diii it was so cute….i loved it…

  14. Maggi dii it iss again interesting????
    In fact I ate a lollipop two days as ago?????
    Post you’re ff soonn???

  15. Baby

    ohhhh god thanku soo mch maggi di☺
    itna cute os itna adorable uff…..i swear on lolipop dat i too love lolipops ☺ hehhe
    loved it from where did u actually got dis idea of lolipop love hehe☺☺
    srsly too cute n amazing one☺
    love u lods

  16. Chiku

    Awwwwww!!! That sooooo sweet????loved it. Its very nice??????☺️☺️???
    I also love lollipopes?????i also eat them like twinkle does????
    Post ur ff soon???
    Love u?

  17. RUTU.....

    Fabulous os dear

  18. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    N mai tujhe ek baat batau

    U have refreshed my old moments u kniw how
    In scl when I was in 6 my mam called me lollipop girl bcoz daily I used to eat a lollipop n my frnd used to tease me n used to say dat my mam is my aunt

    I miss dem a lot
    But bcoz of u my moment refreshed
    Love u keep smiling

  19. Aanya_pandey

    Loved it.. dear!!!

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