Locha E Ulfat (Few Shots) Shot 5

“Perfect” I said as I saw the arrangements at terrace. Finally I’m going to propose her on her birthday. This is gonna be the best birthday she might have so far. Because from now onward her every birthday is gonna be special. I blushed remembering her cute pout. Offo this girl has made me crazy by god. I chuckled on my own sentence and headed down. She was angry from morning that I did not wish her on her birthday. She was looking damn cute that way. She was giving me hints that today is her birthday and she was waiting for me to wish her. Her tantrums were damn funny. Am I less stubborn.

“Dad? Where is your partner?” I queried my dad as I descended down the stairs. “She got a call and had to rush to University” he said as he walked to his room. University? Her vacations had started then why she has to go there? Number of thoughts made their way in my brain. Each passing second made me restless. Finally I made my mind and headed to University as I did not find any signs of her returning.

I parked the car and asked the security for her. He said she already left. I called her but she was not picking the call. I pulled my hair frustrated. How can she be so careless. At least she could have informed me where she was going. I banged the car top. I started my car and headed home in a hope she might have returned by now. On my way back I kept calling her but again no response. My heart was sinking for an unknown reason. Only if I knew I will be the reason for her condition I would have tried controlling my restlessness.

I reached home and searched her everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. I glanced at the watch and it showed the time 7.30. I huffed for her carelessness. I heard a car halting noise and neared my room window. I saw her stepping down the car. Whose car was it? She never prefers the drop from someone that too in a car. I sensed someone getting down from the driver seat. My nostrils flared finding him. It was him. Mr. Preetham Singh. I closed my fist to control my anger but nothing was helping.

She entered the room with all smiles on her face. “Wow Ragi how was your special day ha?” I asked her casually. “Ghehu you know this was the best birthday ever. I got a call from University and rushed as they told me some emergency. When I reached Preethu had arranged for the surprise birthday party with my colleagues. I was like numb” she kept narrating her day and it made the lava inside me boil. “So what did your best friend gift you?” I interrupted her. She looked at me and found me fuming. “What’s wrong Parth?” she asked as she sensed my anger.

“What’s wrong? You tell me Mrs Kapoor what’s wrong. Where did I go wrong that you are liking that bastard and his company more than me” I held her elbow and pinned her to the wall and looked into her eyes with my bleeding red eyes. “Parth” she screamed and pushed me. “Ya now you have problem with my closeness ha?” I again pinned her and trailed my nose over her face. She struggled in my hold. “Leave me Parth” she tried pushing me. “Why? You want to run back to him” I pushed her more to the wall. “You are hurting me” she whispered.

In next moment I held her hand and dragged her to the terrace with me. “I like a fool waited for you all day. You were busy with your so called best friend. You did not had the courtesy to answer my call. What were you so busy with ha?” I neared her dangerously. “Parth you are mistaken. My phone was in silence mode and I thought you don’t even know my birthday and It wasn’t that I did wanted to celebrate with you but…” “But what?” I held her again. “You found the person who remembered your birthday and he made it the best birthday ever right?” I screamed. She nodded her head in a no. “It isn’t like that. I…” before she could continue I jerked her hand and turned frustrated.

I was least aware that she was standing at the edge of the terrace. “Parth” she screamed which alerted me and I looked back and she wasn’t there. My heart stopped beating. “Ragi” I screamed approaching the edge. I stopped and looked down and my eyes popped out when I found her in pool of blood. I felt my breath being stuck in my throat. No I have to act swift. I gathered myself and rushed to her.

“Ragi… Ragi….” I patted her cheek and the blood in my hand smeared her cheek. I lifted her in my arms and walked to my car and drove to hospital. In a moment I lost to my anger and in that moment I lost everything. My anger was my worst enemy. I never listened to dad. His words turned out true today. I’m at the verge of loosing her. Losing my life. I can’t let her go leaving me like this and I will not let her go also.

“How could you do this Parth? How could you?” My dad shook me holding my collar. I had no words to reply him. I stood numb. Every second I was feeling she was going away from me. “You always hurt her Parth. Always” he bent his head sobbing. I jerked his hand and moved towards the ICU door. I was stopped by a hand I looked to my right and found her dad standing with determination in his face and anger bursting out.

“I thought you will be the best match for my daughter. But no you proved me wrong. First time I took a wrong decision which made my daughter’s life to be endangered. I’m the worst father. No not more. I will not let her suffer. Not anymore. I will throw you out of her life. You don’t deserve her. Just get lost” he pushed me and I stood stumbling. “Uncle please” I collapsed on his feet.

“Please let me meet her once. Just once. I will be away from her all my life. I know I don’t deserve her. But just once uncle. I will break all my ties with her. I promise I will not return to her life” I held his legs and sobbed. He was determined not to budge. “Please uncle for your daughter’s sake” I pleaded him. “Just a last chance then I don’t want your shadow also to fall on her” he said looking away. I got up wiping my tears and was about to hug him but he stopped me showing his palm. I know I deserved it. I just turned to the door and pushed it with difficulty.

As I entered I found her on ventilator support struggling to breath and her pulse rate unstable. I neared her hesitantly. I collapsed near her bed. My life was struggling to get back to life. Tears flooded my eyes and I sobbed holding her hand which had a machine attached to it to track her pulse rate. If only I could reduce her pain I thought as I touched her bruises on her face. Medicines will heal those bruises. But what about her injured soul and heart. I over reacted it wasn’t her fault at all. My anger made me a beast and I lost myself to my anger.

“I’m sorry Ragi. I always hurt you. Always. I don’t deserve to be in your life. It is better if we part our ways. At least you will be happy and safe. I don’t want anything more than that” I touched her forehead with mine and spoke. I know she will not be hearing me. But her heart will be listening to me like always it senses my emotion without me saying a word. “But before I go away from you forever I just wanted to tell you something. I love you Ragi and only you. I will never feel this again. You will be that someone special in my life always” I kissed her forehead and turned to leave. I felt something holding my sleeve. I looked back and found her fingers clutching my shirt. Tears dropped from my eyes as I released my sleeve from her hold and walked out wiping my tears. I don’t know how I’m gonna live without her. I don’t know will I breath also without her.

I couldn’t control my tears as I finished reading the last line of his dairy. I held my paining head. I had forgotten what happened that night after I woke up in hospital that day. I asked my dad a lot but he refused to tell me and he made me sign the divorce papers saying we are not compatible and we can’t stay together anymore. Have I ever gone against my dad. I just remained non opposing to whatever decision he had taken for me always. But one thing I realized staying away from him was that I loved him. Loved him more than myself. I could forgive him for whatever he did. It was just fit of a moment which happened without his will.

I decided to get my marriage back to track. I have to and I had very less time to get him back in my life. I have to show my dad that he is the best for me. And I will prove that at any cost. I wiped my tears determined and looked at the time. He will be home soon.

“Parth… Parth….” I screamed from dining table. “Ragu bacha. Why are you calling him?” dad looked at me with anger. “Dad he is also member of the family and he should eat with us” Dad looked at me with surprise. “Don’t tell me you forgave him” he raised his one eye brow. “What if I tell you two better sentences than that?” I asked serving him the dinner. He looked at me confused. “I love him and I have decided to be with him forever” I smiled with a sparkle in my eyes. He was shocked. I heard a vase breaking noise and turned and found him near the edge of the stair. He was standing numb. “No” he gasped and rushed back to his room and latched it.

“Why do you want to live with that moron. He doesn’t value your presence in his life beta?” Dad cupped my face. I held his hand and smiled at him. “You did not understand your son Dad. You did not see the immense love in his eyes for me and his struggle to keep himself away from me. As he had promised Papa that he will stay away from me?” He avoided the eye contact with me. “You also did not tell me partner?” I asked him controlling my emotions.

“I feared for your life Ragu. It wasn’t the first time his anger hurt you. You always become prey to his anger. I don’t want to lose you” his tears made their way through his cheeks. I wiped them and held his hands. “You will not lose me. Your son has changed a lot haven’t you observed? Such dumb father you are” I hit his head playfully and he pouted and I placed my head on his shoulder. “Thank you” he whispered. “In friendship no thank you and no sorry” I smiled at him widely and he nodded his head and kissed my forehead.

“Open the door Parth” I banged his door. “Don’t disturb me Ragini I don’t want to talk” he screamed. I huffed and looked around finding ways to bring him out of the room. I got an idea and smirked. “Ouch” I screamed and in next moment I saw him opening his room door with a thud and I acted quick holding my leg. “What happened?” he knelt in front of me and held my leg. I smiled at his concern and when his eyes moved up I got back to my acting. “I just hit the pole” I said and acted wincing in pain. “Are you blind Ragi? Can’t you see?” him calling me Ragi made my heart flutter with joy. How much I missed him calling me that. I controlled my emotions.

He lifted me and walked inside the room as I encircled my hands around his neck. He placed me on bed and started searching for the first aid box. He found it and sat in front of me and lifted my saree a bit. “Which leg?” he asked confused. “Left” I said without realizing. Ahh I’m so terrible in this acting stuff. “But you were holding your right leg outside?” he looked at me suspiciously. “When you knew why did you ask me. Bekar me mujhe phasa diya(You just trapped me)” I bit my tongue. “What do you mean Phasa diya. Jab karni nai aathi tho try bhi kyu karthi ho acting?(When you don’t know acting then why do you even try)” he asked mocking. “Haaw first of all do so much Nakhra so that you can open the door and get scolding also. Who told you to be akdu ha? When I told you to open the door you didn’t. I had no other choice” I sat folding my legs. He smiled looking at me. His smile made me smile and we both burst out laughing. “Why can’t you be like this always Parth” I asked him calmly.

He came back to his senses and got up to leave. I held his hand and he turned to me. “Please” I pleaded him and he sat beside me and I hugged him and he was trying a lot to control himself from hugging me back. “Why can’t you accept that you love me?” I demanded. He brought me out of the hug and I cupped his face and made him look into my eyes. “I know you love me Parth. Why are you running away from me?” my voice choked as I spoke. “Because I don’t deserve you Ragi. I can just hurt you. I cannot give you the love you deserve. You deserve someone better than…….” I dragged him and placed my lips on his stopping him. Tears flew from my closed eyes and he was numb due to shock.

We departed when we felt difficult to breath. “I know only one thing Parth that I love you and I love you a lot and I can’t live without you. If I will die if I stay with you I will prefer that death than my life which I have to spend without you” I burst out crying. He dragged me and kissed me and communicated all his held on emotions through that single kiss. “Don’t you dare to talk of death. The moment your breath stops even my breath will stop and It’s not any cheesy line but I actually mean it” he spoke as he touched his forehead with mine. I nodded my head with tears in my eyes. He kissed my eyes and wiped my tears.

One Year Leap:
“Ragi your Shonu is making too much noise. He is disturbing my Monu” Parth screamed holding his 2 months old son. “Haaw how mean. You always find defects in my son ha? Don’t worry your kumbakaran daughter will not wake up even if the world doomed” Ragini took her son from his hands and consoled him. He instantly cooled down and she placed him in the cradle beside their daughter who was sound asleep. Parth placed his chin on her shoulder and she smiled looking at their kids. When she turned to him he pecked her lips. “Ghehu. You have become naughty” she complained. “Whose husband I’m after all. The Mrs Ragi Parth Kapoor” she blushed and hugged him and he placed his chin on her head and they both looked at their twin kids. “Parthu….. Ragu…….” they heard their Dad’s voice. “Coming Dad” both screeched and ran down the stairs to reach the dining table.

Too much locha(Problems) in Ulfat(Love). And so many enemies. But my favorite enemy is destiny. I hope you liked this short story. I’m sorry this story had only this much in store. And I’m extremely sorry as I took hell lot of time to post this final shot. Due to my laptop issue I had lost my files and as I had already penned down the story it took me time to pen it down again. Same applies with Tujhse Naraz Nahi zidagi as I lost last chapter of that story also. Problem with me is if I had wrote a story I will find it difficult to write it again. I will be back with the last chappy of that also soon.

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