Locha E Ulfat (Few Shots) Shot 3

“Ragini” I called out as soon as I entered home. It had been my usual routine. Unless she shows her angry young woman face I don’t feel good. It had been 3 months of our marriage and I have been acknowledging her presence in my life. “Kya hai?” asked my dad coming out of kitchen. “Dad I called Ragini” I said. “Oh now this dad has no importance? Dost dost na raha beta beta na raha” sang he dramatically. “Stop it dad” I said annoyed and sat on the chair and bit the apple. “Seriously I’m so happy for you both” said he and caressed my hair.

“By the way where is your daughter in law?” I asked him. “Usually she comes by this time. I think she is stuck in traffic” said he and sat beside me. I looked at the clock. “Two hours late due to traffic? Dad we are in Mangalore not Bangalore” said I. “Call her” said he. “Why should I?” asked I brushing my shoulders. “You are worried not me” said he casually. “I’m not worried for her” said I blunt. “You are” said he. “No I’m not dad” I said showing my index finger. “You are” said he aligning his index finger with mine. “I’m not” I said and headed to my room. I closed the door and leaned to it and looked at the clock. It was showing 7 and it was dark. My heart started sinking. “Where is she?” I told myself roaming inside the room worried. I dialed her number but she wasn’t picking. Ahhh this girl morning we had an argument I know she was taking revenge for that

“Ragi. What is this?” I asked her showing my shirt. “Gehu(wheat) it is shirt” said she. “Don’t call me that” I said her warning. “And you can call me Ragi?” asked she. Again equality. Uff she never leaves a chance. “Fine. What have you done with my favorite shirt?” asked I giving up. “What have I done?” asked she innocent. “What is this?” I asked her showing the hole in the shirt. “What? I’m not able to see” said she boiling me. I held her elbow and dragged her close to me and showed her the shirt. “Now you saw?” I asked her. “You don’t know what it is? Haven’t you learned that much also. It is called hole” said she.

“Ahhhhh are you mad? Why do you talk so much out of context always?” I asked her irritated. “I’m answering your questions straight to the point” said she glaring me. “You wont listen like this right?” I asked her. “What should I…” before she could complete I covered her lips with mine. Her eyes opened wide. She tried pushing me but I winked at her and she fumed. “That was for spoiling my favorite shirt” said I and next moment she dragged me and placed her lips on mine and I looked at her shocked not able to grasp anything. She pushed me and tore my shirt and stormed out of the room. Gosh she is crazy. She tore my shirt and kissed me. My lips curved into a wide smile and I caressed my neck blushing.

I caressed my lips feeling her soft lips still and came back to present. I looked at the clock it showed 7.30 and still she wasn’t home. “Dad I will just come” I said as I headed out of the house in a hurry. I drove to University. The darkness outside was making me restless. How can she be so careless? I looked around for her. As I reached University I asked the watchman about her. He said she had left long ago. Then why didn’t she come home. Is she okay? Number of thoughts occupied me and it raised my worries. I searched her in the whole city. What did I do? Because I provoked her she got angry. I hit my hand on the steering wheel. I entered home helpless. I heard her laughing sound while she was talking to dad and my life returned back to my body. I was at door when I saw her walking to the room.

I entered furiously when she entered the room. “Arrey Parthu food” said my dad but I ignored him and walked to my room. I opened the door with rage and she stood numb and I closed the door and latched it and turned. She twisted her lips like it was all my mistake. Crazy woman I searched her like a mad dog in the whole city and instead of being sorry she is showing attitude. I neared her and dragged her and made her to face me. I don’t know why my emotions broke looking her safe and sound. I immediately hugged her in a bone crushing hug and she stood numb. “Dare you leave me again. I’m seriously gonna kill you” I said and tears flew from my eyes. She was confused and I was confused more than her. I dragged her out of the hug and headed and lied on my side of bed facing my back to her. I lately realized that I love her and cannot live without her and I need her in my life. I sensed her gaze. She slowly walked to the bed and slept facing her back to me.

“Ragini” I said as I couldn’t sleep. “Hmmm” said she without turning. “I’m sorry” I said her. “For what?” asked she still not turning. “For everything” I said and she turned swiftly. She turned me forcefully. “Are you serious?” asked she shocked. “Do you think at this time I will joke?” I asked her. “Who knows? You are a joker who always joke” said she. “You” said I and she turned casually. I couldn’t control my smile and nodded my head looking at her. I dragged her to a hug in the same position. “What the hell are you doing?” she screamed. “Shhh” said I in her ears and she tried getting out of my hold as she shivered. “Mrs Kapoor. You know na how I shut your mouth. Don’t you?” I asked her dragging her more close to me. She huffed and stopped her struggle. Yes I’m very weak at saying my feelings but I have different ways to express my love.

It had been a week that I returned. I have seen him unaffected. I’m really pissed off due to his cold behavior. What does he thinks of himself. And why am I bothered. I was getting late to the University as I looked at the watch I realized I already missed my bus and if I depend on public transport I’m not gonna reach before the class hour starts. I looked around and found him standing beside me near the gate and he wore his glasses. He sat in his car and waited for me. I opened the door and sat inside the car. He still did not start the car. I looked at him confused.

He sighed and leaned to me and pulled the seat belt and fixed. I was horrified due to his sudden closeness then I composed myself. He dropped me near the University gate and drove off. I don’t know why I felt he was watching me from the mirror painfully. I don’t know what connection we have. I always sense his words and emotions even if he doesn’t speak a word. I feel his love though he never confessed. I can feel his pain even though he did not accept. This is why I did not wanted to fall in love. I did not wanted to discover this Locha – E- Ulfat (Problem of love)

Do let me know guys are you liking it. Some more chappys and it’s gonna end next week along with Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi may be by Saturday.

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  1. Jazzy

    awesome loved it a lotttt

  2. I am confusing why they apart???But yeah mysteries to be unfold want them more

  3. Deesh

    Superb chappy sisso. Loved it. Especially the part where parth searched for ragu. And his later reaction where he hugged her. Aww. It was cute. Lovely chappy sisso.

  4. Awesome

  5. Sindhura


  6. Awesome awesome awesome you always made me speech less now I don’t have words to describe my feelings. Day by day I am becoming your crazy fan

  7. Asra

    fabulous Sally dear….y both r separated…eagerly waiting for full past revelation….rag Parth kiss superbbb dear…Parth searched ragu that scenes amazing dear….loved it alot….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

  8. amazing..

  9. Asw

    Nice keep going

  10. Amazing!!! Loved it!!!!

  11. Super duper awesome

  12. Suprrrrrrbbbbbb

  13. Keerthu

    Awesome dr

  14. A.xx

    AMazing and love their moments xx

  15. Superb

  16. It was fabulous. I’m a great fan of Raglak. But in ur stories I love whoever comes pairing up with ragu. That’s the impact u create by ur story. Their past was so nice. I loved how he left her speechless by his actions nd his way of expressing was awesome. Are you going to end it soon. Pls dr. A big NOOOOO from my side. Take care dr

  17. Awesome sis

  18. Ragz_teju

    awww parth realised his love amazing chappy… loved it to the core

  19. Very very very nice story line amazing

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