Lo Maan Liya Pyar Nahi Tumko (kanchi )Episode 7 Last Episode In One Shot

Hi guys as u knw this was ff long time back. Today is the end as a one shot. I hope u guys will like it

Recap : Kanchi wedding
Someone wants to kill Kabir.
In the morning Kabir gets shocked to see


Let’s start

Cars came and stopped at mishra mantion. Malhotra savitri and veer gets down. They entered inside. Malhotra calls out sunil and Kabir cums. Malhotra gets teary eyed seeing Kabir and gets angrily to see sunil. Sunil gets tensed. Malhotra went to him and slapped him hard. All gets shocked.

Malhotra asked sunil y did you do this. I knw we hate eachother. I didn’t knw u will stoop so low. Y did you do this to Kabir. He again gave a tight slapped and sunil fell down. Sunil stood up and again Malhotra was about to slap him just then kabir holds his hands.

Kabir asked who r u to slap sunil papa.wat papa has done to me. Malhotra is sleepless he looks at savitri. Kabir again asked who r u.Malhotra couldn’t control he shouts I’m ur Dad .U r My Elder son Kabir Anand Malhotra. Kabir asked him to dnt lie.

Malhotra went to sunil and asked him to tell truth by urself or else I have also proofs it’s better to tell truth. Sunil folds his hands and looks at Kabir. Kabir looks at him confused.

Sunil told kabir that malhotra Is right he is ur dad and that is ur family. I’m sorry when u were born i stole u from hospital. I wanted to take revenge from Malhotra. Nurse told malhotra and family that he was born dead. I wanted make u against malhotra. But my bad luck. I knew from beginning that sanchi loves veer. So I decided to make u marry sanchi. I thought sanchi will never love you and she will divorced u. And all ur property will be sanchi. In short all be mine. But that day u signed divorce papers before marriage. I thought u have done my work easier. So I dnt want to any more. That’s y i told u go alone and wait for eveyone. I made ur accident but my plan again failed u saved. I saw sanchi running. I was happy that now Kabir is dead that’s y Sanchi ran. I followed sanchi and saw kanchi conffession. I was very furious. I’m sorry Kabir. Pliz forgive me.

Sunil went to malhotra and asked him how did you knw Kabir is ur son. Malhotra I was busy in business. One day I got a courrier and a letter. It was written ur son is alive. His name is Kabir. He stays with sunil. I’m sorry sir sunil gave me money and asked me to tell you this. I’m the nurse. When this letter reaches u ill no longer will be alive. This is the proof of Sunil taking Kabir. This is the cctv footage. I’m sorry sir. I was shocked to read that but I was happy to knw my son is alive and he is best business tycoon. Im proud of you my son. Malhotra huggs Kabir followed by savitri and veer.

Malhotra asks Kabir to cum to his house. Malhotra holds Kabir hands and Kabir looks at sanchi teary eyed. He holds sanchi hands. Malhotra saw Kabir holding sanchi hands.He asked sanchi y r u still here. Dnt u want to go ur in laws house.Malhotra mantion he waiting for my son and dil. Kanchi smiles at him. Sunil feels guilty. Malhotra told sunil dnt worry I’ll keep sanchi as my daughter. I’m not like u shelfish. Sanchi is my kabir happiness and he is mine.

Kanchi went to malhotra mantion. Savitri does their grahapravesh. They were happily living.After one year sanchi was pregnant. Malhotra and family was happy to get news. They always fulfilled all Sanchi wishes. Malhotra and savitri became caring mom and dad. Kabir became caring husband. Veer and his wife always took all responsibility of Kabir and sanchi.

Day passes to 8 months .Sanchi saw all sleeping in her room. Malhotra ,Kabir and veer slept in sofa. Veers wife and savitri slept in other sofa. Sanchi smiles looking at them like lovingly. Sanchi shouts and all gets up with a jerk and asked wat happened. Sanchi smiles. They look at her with confused face.

Sanchi holds her ears. They smiles at her. Sanchi told them to sleep. I’m also going to sleep. They all slept becz they were so tired taking care of her. Sanchi too slept. After sometime she feels thirsty and saw jug empty. She goes downstairs and fell down and shouts Kabir. All listen her voice and runs. They saw sanchi unconcious. They took sanchi to hospital.

After sometime doctor cums out and tells them that they couldn’t save their child and from nowwards sanchi never can become mother. Kabir cries hearing it. They went to sanchi. Sanchi cries and Kabir tries to console her.

One month passed Malhotra family became more careful. Sanchi went to market and she heard ladies gossiping about her miscarriage. She feels sad. One lady told another lady how can Malhotra family likes her who will never able to give birth. I feel pity on them. Sanchi cries and went home. That night sanchi didn’t sleep she was remincing all.

In the morning Kabir woke up and saw sanchi missing. He saw a letter which reads. I’m going away from u guys. Never find me. Take care of maa papa and urself.

One month passed Malhotra family searching sanchi everywhere. Sanchi stays in a hostel. She attends college. Nowone knws sanchi is married. They all like her.

Anther month passed Kabir still searching sanchi. One day he gets offered to a business school. He went their and saw sanchi. He gets happy and huggs her. Sanchi pushes him. Kabir asked y did you left me. Cum back sanchi we will make our new start. Sanchi told him she will not go back.

Kabir asked her not to be stubborn I’m ur husband. Sanchi asks him which husband. I dnt knw u. Kabir gets shocked.

He wipes his tears and if ur happiness is here. U may leave here but rembered u won’t able to enter my life again. I love u and always will. Lo Maan Liya Pyar Nahi Tumko .

Sanchi shouts Haan nhi hai nhi karti tumse pyar. All looks at them shocked. Kabir saw sanchi nuptial chain which she was hiding in her cloths and saw vermillion which was hidden underneath her hair. Kabir breaks nuptial chain and wipes vermillion. There wedding r shown reserve. He went crying and sanchi picks her broken chain.

Aftersome sanchi gets a phone call. She rushes to hospital and saw Kabir addmitted .she cries. She asked wat happened. Veer told her he was drinking and driving. So met with accident.

After sometime she sits beside Kabir and ask him to wake up. I wont leave u. We will make a new start. I love u Kabir.

Just then kabir fingers moves and opens his eyes and saw sanchi. He asked promise u will never leave me. Sanchi promises it. Sanchi gives nuptial chain to Kabir. Kabir tells he broke it. Sanchi told him she joined it again. Kabir makes her wear nuptial chain.

Veer asked for selfie. They smiles and scene freezes on their faces.

The End

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