Lo Maan Liya Pyar Nahi Tumko (kanchi )Episode 6

Hi guys iam Ashnita back with boring episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments it really really means a lot.

Episode starts

Kanchi hugging each other and other person fuming seeing them. Just then veer cums and smiles at them. Kanchi saw him and parted away.

Sanchi – veer I’m sorry actually

Veer -u betrayed me how can u

Kabir -veer woh

Veer -u shut up

Sanchi -veer listen to me once actually

Veer burts out laughing. Kanchi gets shocked.

Kabir -i think he became mad due to shock

Veer -chill guys iam not mad and in shock.

Sanchi – veer I’m so sorry

Veer – No sanchi I’m sorry

Sanchi -for wat

Veer -sanchi i don’t love u. I love someone else. I was just playing with u. My dad ordered me to make u dance in my tunes. I didn’t have any choice because dad also told me that if I will back out he will kill my love. U don’t know my dad he can do anything for his revenge. I’m happy that u realized ur love for kabir in right time.

Kabir -no need to say sorry.

Kaveer huggs eachother and sanchi joins them. Still that person looking at them fuming.

Veer -now go happy married life

Kanchi -thank you

Kanchi left.

After sometime

In Temple

Sunil – where did they went

Jaya -they will be cuming

Kanchi entered as groom and bride.

They take seven rounds, Kabir fills her hairline with vermillion and makes her wear nuptial chain.

Pandit declared that you guys r husband and wife now.

They took elders blessing.

Kabir gets a call from unknown number. He gets shocked. Sanchi came to him.

Sanchi -wat happened Kabir

Kabir -nthing lets go

They were back to mishra mantion

Sanchi does her grahpravash and both entered.

In kanchi room.

Kanchi enters and gets shocked to see decoration. Candles r all around. Kanchi pic r hanging. Rose petals r all where.

Kabir huggs sanchi from behind. Sanchi gets uncomfortable. Kabir moves apart.

Kabir -I’m sorry sanchi actually I didn’t believe that we married. Sorry for that. I know everything happened quickly . I know u r not ready for it. I will wait for u. U go and fresh.

Kabir was leaving just then sanchi holds his hands. Kabir turns back. Just then sanchi kissed him. The share a passionate kiss.
They move apart

Sanchi -kabir who said that I’m not ready

Kabir – it means u

Sanchi nodded Kabir carries sanchi and puts her on bed ,switched off the light and they became one. ( as u know I’m not a romantic person sorry for that.)

In the morning

Kanchi sleeping in each other embrace. Sanchi woke up and went to fresh. Kabir was still sleeping. Just then his phone beeps. He woke up and shocked to see message.

It reads : Kabir yesterday u r saved because of ur luck. Lets see till when ur luck saves u .Your enemy.

Sanchi cums Kabir quickly deletes message. Kabir is tensed

Sanchi -kabir wat happened

Kabir pov -I cant tell to sanchi. She looks happy now. I can’t make her upset.

Sanchi -kabir

Kabir -ill go and freshen up.

Sanchi nodded and Kabir went to freshen up

Precap : Malhotra cums and holds Kabir hands. Kabir holds sanchi hands.

Bye take care
Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.


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  1. So so beautiful episode

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much anu

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      Thank you so so much Aafiya

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      Thank you so so much alia

  3. Riyarocks

    Nice one Ashu dear….but who’s this mysterious person???can’t wait anymore to know abt that…..luv u loads sweetieeeeeee………..

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so so much riya sweetie. Love you loads

  4. Niyaaa

    Amaz mindblowing epi nd last but not least apne ff ko boring kahna band karo meri maa… Ab bas karo warna pta h naa mera ziddi avataar bahar aa gaya to kya hoga hehehe.. Lovv u so much ashi dear.. Aise hi dhamaal machati raho bye

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so so much Niyaa sweetie. Pliz ziddi avatar me mat aana aur mujhe marna nhi hehe. Love you loads

  5. Sajnana900

    Yar ashu u r really suspence queen who is that person
    U left only mystries
    That was spr ossm great amazing and many more
    Cant wait for further

    1. NeonNinga

      Aww thank you so so so much. It really means a lot.

  6. Dhruti

    superb one dear………..and who is the mysterious person ?? can’t wait for next one update soon…………iss ff ko boring mat kaho meri sister……………i’m requesting you…………..

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much druti dear. No need to requst just order me sisy.

  7. Hey it was amazing dear lovely update soon can’t wait love you so much

  8. Awesome…. Update soon

  9. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear, this one’s from Anu………nice episode dear…….luv u a lot………

  10. RuCh23

    ??? who’s this mystery person who wanna kill Kabir ?????? Oh ho I’m so curious ??? anyway great epi Ashu ???

  11. Khamoshi

    Amazingggggggg Ashnita..episode was so beautiful.. Malhotra ki to main.. let it be ?? update soon dear and sorry for late reply..network in my area was dirturbed so not abled to read this before

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    Wowww amazing episode dear!! Loved it!!

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