Lo Maan Liya Pyar Nahi Tumko (kanchi ) Episode 5

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Let’s start

Sanchi gets ready as bride and other side kabir geting ready as groom. Kabir is lost somewhere.

Kabir pov – Aaj I will loose u forever. I loved u and always do .no one will take ur place in my life.

Sunil – Kabir beta where r u lost

Kabir – no where dad.

Sunil – u go on ur car, we will come in other car after sometime.

Kabir -ok dad.

He left

In sanchi room

Sanchi pov – today I will marry Kabir and wil go forever with veer. No I can’t leave Kabir. Y am feeling sad. He is just a friend but he loves me

She runs towards temple. She sits crying.

Sanchi – pliz god give me some hint whom to choose whom I love or who loves me truly. Y iam feeling incomplete without Kabir. Today is our marriage pliz give hint.

Servant cums running

Servant – sanchi ma’am sir met with an accident.

Sanchi – wat is dad ok

Servant – ma’am not sunil sir but

Sanchi – but

Servant – Kabir sir.

Sanchi got a big shock. I’m the hall waiter brokes glass he went to bring broom.

Sanchi cums running she stepped on the glass pieces blood cums from her feet she didn’t feel pain. She runs. She calls kabir but his phone is switched off.

Sanchi finally reached where Kabir met accident. She saw Kabir phone lying. And some blood. She cries.

Man – patani woh bachega ki nhi.

Sanchi – where is he now

Man – someone took him hospital.

Sanchi -which hosting

Man – sdch

Sanchi -thank you

Man -excuse if you r relative of him. Take his watch. This was fallen here .

Sanchi -ok this is Kabir watch.

She left with his watch. She board taxi and went.

Sanchi cums running to nurse.

Sanchi -where is he

Nurse -who

Sanchi – who met accident just now. How is he

Nurse -he is in icu

Sanchi thanks nurse and ran towards icu. She gets a big shock.

She saw Kabir sitting outside ICU. Kabir saw her and stands up.

Kabir – sanchi u here with this condition.

Just then sanchi slapped him. He was shocked and she quickly hugged him.

Kabir -sanchi wat happened

Sanchi – i thought u met accident.

Kabir – actually I was leaving just i met him.I gave lift to him. I got a call from my staff so I stopped and went out to take call just then a heard a noise I turned back and saw truck hit my car.

Sanchi – wat I got ur phone there

Kabir – when I saw he was pool of blood my phone fell from my hands. I hired taxi and came to hospital.

Just then doctor cums out

Kabir -how’s he

Dr – he is out of danger now.

Kabir -thank God

Kabir was lost somewhere sanchi saw that

Sanchi – kabir kya hua

Kabir – sanchi it was planned by someone. Someone wants to kill me. If I won’t get down than maybe i would

Sanchi again slapped him.

Kabir -wat the hell y u slapped me.

Sanchi – dnt say like that. I would die if something was happened to u

Kabir gets confused.

Kabir -sanchi agar me mar jata to kya tume farak Padta.

Sanchi -baut padta

Kabir – q

Sanchi – patani

Kabir – Y r u crying, q tume farak padta. Q mujhe chot lagti dard tume q .Answer me

Sanchi – kabir

Kabir -answer me


Both were shocked wat she said. Kabir gets teary eyed.

Kabir -sanchi u know wat u talking

Sanchi -i know wat I’m talking

Kabir -u dnt love me

Sanchi – kabir i want to spend all my life with you. I know I’m Late but it’s not too late. We will get married truly.

Kabir – sanchi par tum Veer se

Just then sanchi kissed him. Kabir was double shocked.

Kabir – sanchi r u sure u love me

Sanchi – of course idiot

Kabir -shhhh this is hospital not ur house.

They hugged eachother but wait someone is looking at them from distance.

Precap : kanchi marriage

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  1. So so beautiful episode

  2. Riyarocks

    Ashu, kahin veer toh nahi hai na iss accident ke peeche???????anyways, I enjoyed it a lot sweetie…& sanchi ka confession…..omg…..hatke tha yaar………too good yaar……luv u loads sweetieeeee……….

    1. Dhruti

      i also thought same but i’m on cloud 9 now because finally sanchi realise her love yuppie!!!! sanchi slapped kabir can’t imagine………love u ashu………update next one soon can’t wait for that…………….

  3. Yaashi23

    Omg.u r a suspense queen and sanchi is a thappad queen.kutna maara bechare ki.but confession part was osssssssummmmm

  4. Neha7873

    Loved it as always, loved the confession part ..update soon

  5. Soooo much amazing I loved it a lot… Love u dear…

  6. Niyaaa

    Hey sanchi how dare u touch my kabir u know i m very possessive for him …hehehe.. Just kidding btw sweety confession part is awsome ekdum hatke jhatke nd ye kya who is peeping them from a lill distance kahin ye veer to nahi … Oh god phir suspense me chod diya post nxt asap

  7. Khamoshi

    Loved it as always, loved the confession part ..update next part soon dear

  8. Anonymousaa

    Oh no I am sad for Kabir.Bechara ko kai sadma to nai lagega ek hi din itne slaps khaya hugs paya kissy vi.
    Yayy….finally Sanchi realized her love.
    Waiting to know the mastermind behind accident.Plz post next epi asap.

  9. Amazing…. Loved it

  10. Wow wow wow,,amazing epsd..

  11. RuCh23

    Aww so cute ??? but poor Kabir ??? he got slapped ??? who could it be that want to kill him? What if it’s Veer? Oh too many questions. Please post next one dear can’t wait to know what’ll happen ???

  12. Don’t know who is seeing them but veer also like kabir then how can be so many questions by the way episode is awesome fabulous update soon can’t wait yaar please please

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