Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-9 (Break Up)

shot 8

Sanskar came home from office drunk..he lies beside ragini who lost somewhere…he comes over her nd kissed on her neck while saying missed u..ragini doest said anything…
Sanskar kissed her cheeks softly..ragini jst looking at ceiling with stern face..he kisses on her lips softly..nd noticed ragini doesnt respond..he gets angry nd kisses hardly still ragini hav no reaction..he brks d kiss nd got up frm her angrily..
Sanskar:what happened dammit..y r u not responding.
Ragini kept silent..
Sanskar(he pulls her):tell me dammit

Ragini(looks at him painfully):did u missed me or my body sankar..
Sanskar:what ???
Ragini:do u really loves me sanskar..
Sanskar:dont u knw that..

Ragini:haan..i really dont knw..
Sanskar:y r u talking like this..
Ragini:u knw it has been 1mnth…even u didnt hv time to talk with me na..then what is all this..
Ragini showed swa_____san pictures which swara posted on social media ,giving captions..
Lunch with my love..
Dinner with my love..
Shopping with my love..
Ragini:when she became ur lover..
Sanskar:ragini dont mistaken.. They r not real as u expected..
Ragini:then whst sanskar..was it not u..

Ragini:stpp it had been one month..u didnt hv one min to spent time with me..but u hav time to do all these na..
Sanskar:let me clear u ragini..
Ragini:im getting doubt do u really love me ..or u jst used me for ur desires..
Sanskar(getting angry):enough..u r the reason for what i have was all bcz of u..
Ragini:what..what i did..
Sanskar:u only did..u made me mad..bcz of u i had to do intentionally..
Ragini(shocked):what..u did wantedly..
Sanskar:haan..i did wantedly..i wanna make u jealous..

Ragini:how could u sanskar..1 mnth..1mnth u ignored me intentionally..dont u think about how i would felt being away from u..dont u think once how much i got hurt.. u r talking about pain nd hurt..then what about my u knw how much i got hurt when u r bsy with ur work nd that sravan ,avoiding me..then i wanna make u feel how much pain i got that time..when u did it was right..when i did it was wrong right..
Ragini:sanskar..i hav already told he is my not time passing with him..y cant u understand..
Sanskar:u knw i don’t like u be with him..but u still not ready to leave ur job…
Ragini:this is the time waste to argue this topic..i knw u never understand..nd i cant live with whom doesn’t trust me ..

Sanskar:no need to blackmailing me..go where ever u want. I live happily..u knw i used to live like a king with my rules happily..but when u entered into my life my happiness gone ,tension..pain ..hurt..angry..these only left..nd u r accusing me that i want ur body only..i too cant live who doesnt hav trust on my love..whom doesn’t hav trust on me..

Ragini(wiped tears which r continuously flowing frm her eyes):thank u..thank u so much..i need this for trusting u blindly nd loving u madly.i ashamed..
Sanskar gives ignore look being angry…ragini glances at him once nd walks out of room..
sanskar banged d door angrily nd drank one full bottle of alcohol nd fell in bed…
Ragini sat on one bench nd cries..its night 11pm..all men who r passing thst way looking at her with lust..ragini want to kill all those men..she sees one of temple near by her..She goes to temple nd sat sometime thinking about sanskar words..nd fallen asleep…
Ragini woke up when she found one hand on her shoulder..she looked up nd found her mother who came to temple..
Janki was angry on her but after seeing her pale face nd puffy eyes..her heart sank..
Ragini hugs janki nd cries..
Janki(brks d hug):he cheated u right..
Ragini bowed her head..
Janki:i had warned u..but u dudnt listend me..

Ragini feels guilty..
Janki:what had happened..happened we cant change that..come with me..
Ragini:where maa
Janki:to our home
Ragini:no maa..(she cant fae her father ,with whom she fighted for sanskar ,how can she go nd show her face)
Janki:i knw what u r thinking about..dont wry..i will talk with ur dad..we may angry on u but we cant hate u..we loves u other than anything..
Ragini:but maa
Ragini nodded nd goes with her mother but feeling guilty…
Both goes to home…

Ragini:maa..this house..
Janki:we left our old house for some issue..we r living here only from past 2months..come
Ragini nodded…nd entered inside nd sees her dad who sat on chair.. Her dad looks at her angrily..
Ragini(cant able to meer her dad eyes ,bowed her head down):sorry dad..
He walks from there ignoring ragini.ragini feels bad..
Janki:dont wry..he will forgive u..
She consoles ragini…

@san house
Our hero woke up with terrible hangover…he recalled last night nd realized ragini had left…he immediately grabs d phone nd called her but her mbl was there only as she left her mbl…
Sanskar throws all the things frustrated nd took the car keys nd drives…
He came to ragini’s old home..but it was locked..he asks someone nd got answer as they left that house..he pulls his hair frustrated nd shouts where are u ragini…

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  1. P112111

    Oye…… Kya kar diya………. Separation…… Now they know what he or she matter in each other life……

  2. Awesome

  3. He is completely obsessed with her ?
    Though as a RagSan fan I’m not liking his character but I have to appriciate you for the storyline bcoz you are portraying the reality of our society?

    I’m feeling very bad for Rago and her parents??

  4. Superb sanskar you deserve this separation.

  5. Nice di….

  6. Amazing dr. Even I’m also don’t like sanskar in this story. How could he fought with her when he was a wrong.

  7. awesome. Want to punch sanskar

  8. Superb. Such a egoistic person sanskar.

  9. Ufff sanky i want to kill you monkey. Plsssssssssss don’t talk about trust i think even you don’t know meaning and spelling of trust. Princess don’t forgive him.

  10. Awesomeeeeee. Don’t forgive sanskar easily.

  11. Amazing dear. Leaving him is right decision. Then only he can regret for hurting her.

  12. Omg??????????????????????????????????????what had happened?????????!!!!plz unite dem soon..superb episode…too emotionall!!! Hope d everythng gets well soon!!keep rockng n stay bkessed sis???

  13. Superb

  14. A12345


  15. Ossommmmmm

  16. awesome

  17. Amazing

  18. Awesome

  19. Superb poor ragini

  20. Awesome yaar. Rags u shouldn’t forgive him

  21. Ragini your decision is correct. Don’t let your heart break down again because of sanskar insane

  22. Amazing

  23. Superb sanskar you don’t deserve our doll’s love.

  24. Amazingggggggggggg

  25. Suma123

    Awesome episode but pls don’t make ragini weak and go to sanskar easily as he have to understand the pain which he gave to her for his doings intentionally it’s my request plsss

  26. Feeling sad for ragini.

  27. Awesome

  28. Amazing ragini you shouldn’t not forgive him easily. Let him suffer

  29. Sanky’s over possessive Nature is d cause of trouble. I hope this separation makes him realize his vice? Well a different shade of Sanky definitely not our fav but yes the way boys behave in real life. ??? for the portrayal yaar. Make Sanky realize his mistake and then unite Ragsan??

  30. Please post this soon please please I am waiting

  31. Superb

  32. Superb dear, I want Sanky to realize ragu’s value

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