Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-3 (New Angle)

shot-2@rag office
shravan stares at ragini ,through his cabin glass window..she is smiling talking through the phone..he was just lost in her beautiful smile..every time her sme made his heart jump in joy..he got disturbed by his phone call..he composed himself..after taking call ,she comes to ragini.
Ragini:sir aap..
Shravan:yeah..vo..actually today night mr khurana throwing a party..u have to come..
Shravan:ha..we have to attend as there is a meeting about our new project..u should come..
Ragini:sure sirrr
Shravan smiles nd goes…
Ragini got ready in long backless white dress,with light make up ,with diamond studs nd matching pendent around her neck , looking absolutely stunning…
Sanskar who comes out of washroom stood awestruck seeing heavenly beauty intront of him
Ragini smiles seeing sanskar..
He comes closer nd back hugs her placing his wet lips on her shoulder..
Sanskar:u r killing me with ur look baby..
Ragini smiles
Sanskar inhaled her sent,sensually passing his hands on her bare hands..
Ragini:leave getting late..
Sanskar(mumbles on her neck,feeling her aroma ,closing his eyes):dont go..come we will enjoy here with our love..
Ragini:sanskar..i have to go.
Sanskar(sucking her neck):plzz dont go..jst party hai na..we will do party tomorrow..
Ragini:no sanskar..i hav meeting too..
Sanskar:its ok..ur boss will manage..
Ragini:sanskar..try to understand.i need to go
Sanskar(kissing on her neck):i dont want let u go..u r driving me crazy(he bited her shoulder)
Ragini(jerks him):sanskar plzz..let me go na..
Sanskar( pulls her on him nd holds tightly by her waist):is that blo*dy party important to u more than me..
Ragini:its not like the lead of that project..i need to attend..all files are with me..
Sanskar:we will send them
Ragini:no will not good..i hate to vo..plzzz
Sanskar:no..u r not going anywhere..come..dont make me more mad..
Saying he pushed on her bed,nd comes over her..
Ragini pushed him nd getsup..
Ragini:what r u doing telling u na..i need to go..
Sanskar:ok..plz spent with me sometime then go..
Saying he drags her to bed…
Ragini( pushes him):dont behave like kid sanskar..i dont want lets the cancel the meeting bcz of getting late..bye..
She walks
Sanskar eyes became red due to angry..she throws all the things in room nd shouts how could u leave me like this…
Ragini reached party venue…but she is thinking sanskar soon as shravan sees ragini,he welcomed her..ragini gives a faint smile…
Shravan:come..we r waiting for u only..
Ragini nodded..
They had meeting with clients…
Ragini jst stood nd dialing sanskar but he is not lifting her call..
Shravan came nd asks is she ok.
Ragini nodded
Shravan:can i have dance with u
Ragini:no sir..sorry.. dance..plzz
Ragini nodded..they danced..shravan was happy.. i should leave..
Shravan:this early..stay for sometime na..
Ragini:no sir
Shravan:atleast hav dinner..
Ragini:no sir its ok..bye..
Shravan nodded helplessly..
When Ragini comes to home..she sees the whole room which is messed nd sanskar who is on bed unconscious,drunk fully..
Ragini moves to sanskar ,she removes his shoes nd makes him sleep properly…
Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who is getting ready..she looks at watch which showing 9am..
Ragini:9??sanskar u should have wake me up na..
Sanskar:u must be tired enjoying the party whole i thought u need rest(he said sarcastically)
Ragini understand his sarcasm..she gets up frm bed nd hugs sanskar frm back…
Ragini:still angry
Sanskar:i need to go office
Ragini:sorry..if it was a jst party…i should not have gone..but its important for my job..
Sanskar:fine…leave me..
Ragini:sanskar plzzz..
Sanskar:u danced very well last night(he saw them)
Ragini:did u came there..
Sanskar:ha..i came but u r busy with ur boss na..
Ragini:sanskar its not like that..dont misunderstand me..
Sanskar:ok tell me one thing..if im ur husband ,u would not have done like this na..u wout hav listen to him

Nd back off not going to party na..
Ragini:what..y r u talking like that..dont misunderstand..i love u..
Sanskar pushed her nd leaves for office..Ragini feels bad..
Ragini came frm office nd sees sanskar who was on bed..she goes to him nd hugs frm his back..
Ragini( hugs sanskar):sorry plz talk to me..
Sanskar does not say anything..
Ragini( cupped his face):im really sorry..its not like thst what u r thinking..i love u.. I wont repeat it again..plzzz..
Sanskar:im sleepy..let me sleep..
Ragini makes him turn nd mumbles on his lips sorry ,she gently kissing on his lips..sanskar rolled her with rage nd start kissing her wildly biting her lips hard..ragini screams in pain..,blood ozzing out frm her lips..but sanskar seems does not bothered…after a while sanskar brks d kiss nd looks at her face ,who closed her eyes with pain..he licks the blood drops near her lips nd ripped off her cloths nd attack on her like a hungry animal..he bites her whole bady harshly..nd he is doing hard nd hard..he is showing how much he got angry by that…it is paining her alot…tears flowing frm ragini’s eyes ..she screams loud but sanskar stopped placing his lips on her lips …he did it untill his angry had gone…
After sometime sanskar gets up frm her breathing…
Sanskar:im warning u..dont do this again..u hav to give importannce me only othrr thsn anything..
Ragini nodded hiding her pain..he dragged her on his chest nd wrapped his arm around her holding her tightly into his bare chest…

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  1. Awesomeee

  2. Amazing dear. But sanskar should have tell politely

  3. Superb
    Sanskar should realise his mistake

  4. Awesome

  5. Not at all nice

    1. Swasan MKC BKL BC MC

      Meri pyaari behen jao jaakar lollipop chuso aur ringa ringa roses khelo ye bado ki stories aur baatein dono tumhaare pare hei ……Stay Away u sucksanians……….

  6. Fantabulous. More than nice

  7. Superb wonderful amazingggg yaar

  8. Amazing dr feeling bad for ragsan especially ragini

  9. Sissy this part was so sad. How could sanky do like this? Poor princess

  10. nice

  11. Awesome

  12. Bela

    Gosh, he cannot abuse a woman like this just because she wants a career and is working hard for it. This is so gruesome?

  13. Amazingggg

  14. Please make it a shravan and ragini story

  15. Awesome episode sis????????

  16. Reading the beginning I was so elated but after Reading the last part I’m shocked & scared of Sanskaar

    Why is he behaving like this????

  17. Lovely7

    Feeling bad for ragini

  18. Awesome dear, sanskar should learn a lesson

  19. Awwww so good his angry is due to his insecurities nahhh
    Please post next part soon plzzzzzzzzz

  20. Harneet

    beast is on the move ……

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