Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-2 (Hotness Overloaded)

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Ragsan got ready nd leaves their respective office…..

@rag office

Ragini came hurryly as she got late…

Neha(her colleague):Ragini u got late.. u dnt knw howmany times boss asked about u…Mr Khanna’s file with u na..we hav meeting in 30min..we should refer it once..

Ragini:im sorry

Neha:leave it..first go nd meet boss..

Ragini nodded….

Ragini knocks d door..she gets in, hearing her boss voice who asked her to come in..

here we can see a tall handsome hunk Shravan Malhotra(Namik paul),ragini ‘s boss standing there..with cool look.. sorry sir..i got late..i really sorry

she is blabbering something but he was not in mood to listen..he staring only her beatiful face..

[it has been 2years ragini joined in his company..he loves her, but scared to tell..he loves her truly,not by looks by her innocence which she tries to hide under her boldness..ragini knws about it by his concern ,his glance but dont take seriously nd doesnt bother about it]

Ragini(waved her hand]:sirr

Shravan(comes to sense):ha..yeah..

Ragini:im sorry sir..i wont repeat it again

Shravan:its ok need to be worry..we will hav 30min hai na..go nd refer once

Ragini(smiles):thank u sir

Shravan:btw ur eyes seems dark(due to lack of sleep)..Are u ok fine sir


Ragini leaves to her cabin..shravan holds his thumping heart..

After some time meeting gets strted..

Ragini took the lead nd gives a breif plan about that project..

Shravan looks at her..he likes in her mostly her confidense ,when she preenting her view..nd her atitude….he came out by clapping sound..

all clients got impressed..shravan smiles..

shravan gives whole credit goes to ragini..

Ragini jst gives a smile..


Ragini gets a call frm sanskar..

Sanskar:did meeting got over boss very impressed

Sanskar:y not he..he tho ur fan naa(sanskar knws )

Ragini:its not like that..i really gave good seminar..

Sanskar:i knw u r talented in every thing(he said pressing last word)


Sanskar:when will became night..u knw i could not able to wait..

Ragini:jst shut up sanskar..

Sanskar:i cant u evening

Sanskar:suno na

Ragini:bye(he gives kiss through phone nd cuts d call)

sanskar smiles..


Sanskar back hugs ragini who is cooking..ragini smiles…Sanskar pulls her body close against him nd nuzzles her neck with his lips..Ragini:let me do work sanskar..Sanskar:u do ur work.let me do my work..saying he bites her shoulder..ragini moans..sanskar roughly rubbed his lips agsinst her neck,while his hands passing under her top…he pressing everyy part of her body smoothly…which makes ragini lost..she immediately turned nd placed her lips on his lips kissing madly…sanskar too reciprocates..they slowly fell on kitchen floor without brking kiss..both rolling over there kissing ,licking ,sucking ,tasting eo lips wildly…They brk the kiss nd breathing heavily…sanskar again leaned to her but disturbed by his mbl ring..he ignores it nd kisses ragini..ragini pushed him nd asks him to lift what if it Sanskar:nothing is important than thisRagini:sanskar plzz go..Sanskar:fine..he gets up on her nd goes to talk..Ragini too gets up ,she set her dress properly nd continues her cooking..After sometime sanskar came nd pulls her on hungry..Sanskar:im too(he said huskily )Ragini:shut..up..dinner got ready..comeSanskar:ok..ok..fineBoth had dinner…Ragini washed vessels nd cleaned kitchen..Sanskar came nd picks her in his arms..Ragini:sanskar..feeling tired..(she pouts)He placed on his lips on her pout lips..nd takes her to room while kissing only…he makes her lie on bed,after breaking the kiss..Nd covers her with quilt…Sanskar:take rest..good night Ragini(smiles):good night


After coming frm their office ,both got ready to go pub..

Ragini wears shoulderless short dress looking hot..sanskar too looks dashing..

Sanskar:can we cancel the progaram(pulling her close to him nd whispered in her ear huskily)

Ragini(pushes him):shup up..come..

Sanskar pouts..ragini smiles…


both comes to pub nd met their friends..

Swara(sanskar’s ex):haii is ur new life

Sanskar:it good..Ragini i told u naa my ex named swara..she is..

Ragini does not like her as she looks at sanskar seductively..she feels a bit insecure but doesnot showed it..


Ragini gives a fake smile to her..

Swara:can i dance with u sanskar

Sanskar:sorry..i hav my someone..

Sanskar holds ragini hand ragini smiles..swara fumes..

Ragsan danced nd enjoyed fully..

Both came to their home,getting drunk..nd fell on bed looking at eo..

Sanskar looks at her with intense seductive look, ragini smiles nd turns otherside..sanskar hugs her frm back nd bites her bare shoulder..ragini gasped his name..He unzipped her dress nd trows it out..he sensually touches her back nd placed wet kisses on her bare back, pressing her waist hardly…ragini turns at him,by controlling herself ,she pressed her soft body against his rough body,which makes sanskar goes more wild…she nuzzles her lips on his neck nd his abs…sanskar rolls her ,he sucks her cleavage..ragini digging her nails into his skin…he kissed on her cleavage..she moans..sanskar goes crazy..they making out…

After some time..Ragsan breaths heavily nd looks at eo…sanskar again comes over her..Sanskar:i want to do it again..Ragini(rolled her eyes):bu(before she complete ,sanskar pressed her lips with his’s ,not giving any chance to speak her)..They did it again…..

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