Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-1(Desires)

Hiii guys ur lahari with new RagSan SS…
WARNING:Kids Stay away from this update…

Camera showa one girl who wears tank top nd denium short upto her tighs,she is packing her bag..her mother stops her..
Girl:maa plzz
Janki:Raagu plz(she is none other than our ragini..)
[Ragini-A hot, modern nd bold girl..believes love..but she feels ,if there is exist love nd trust,there is no need of marriage..doing job in xyz company]
Ragini:maa i took decision..
Janki:think about once…How can u live with someone without marriage..
Ragini:i love him maa..i hav trust on him..we want to live together..
Janki:but its not right way..
Ragini:maa its not ur genaration…grow up ma..
Janki:u met him 1month before could u trust him so easily..
Ragini:i can maa..we understand eo…
Sharad(ragini’s father):let her go janki…she had grown up..she is telling na..she took decision na..leave her..
Sharad:u took decision hear my decision..never come to this house again..
Ragini:papa..i jst want my independence..y r u both over reacting..
sharad:i gave u full freedom na..go nd live ur life..but forget about us..
Janki:sharad..what u r talking..
Ragini (looks at sharad angrily):im going…
Ragini leaves…hurting her parents…(dont hate ragini plzz)

@Camera shift to another mansion..where one boy,who jst gets a call nd smiles widely..
His face revealed to be our hero..
[Sanskar:A handsome,dashing,rich business man..he does noit believe marriage nd all..he do what he feels..he jst wants his life as per his wish..a lil bit casanova..]
He takes the bag which was hev already packed..His mother stops him..
Suji:where r u going sanskar
Sanskar:im going to live with my Gf in our farmhouse..
suji:do u knw what u r doing..this is wrong
Sanskar:ha maa i knw,i love her nd i want to live with her..what wrong in this..
Suji:if u loves her do marry nd live here itself..we dont have any pblm..
Sanskar:maa u knw very well,i dont believe in marriage nd all..we want to live as per our wish..
Suji:plzz sanskar ,dont do this….
sanskar:enough leaving bye..
saying he leaves,suji stood helpless..
Sanskar comes to his girlfriend who is waiting for him at her house..
She gives last glance to her home nd leaves nd gets into car..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini(his gf none other than ragini only[obivious]looking sad..
Ragini told what had happend in her house..
Sanskar:dont worry they will understabnd..
Ragini nodded
sanskar:now give ur killer smile..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar(pecks her lips):chale
Sanskar drives….
1month Before
Sanskar comes to his friend’s friend(rohan) b’day party..where he saw Ragini who is friend of rohan..she wears blackless long white gown looking breath talking…Her every curve made him crazy…he moves to her..
Ragini turns nd sees sanskar who looks dashing in black suit..
Sanskar:u r looking breath taking
Ragini smiles
Sanskar:im sanskar maheswari
Sanskar:can i dance with this beautiful lady
sanskar forwarded his hand..ragini holds his hand..they r dancing..they met before a while only but they feels they knw eo since a long..both feels comfortable with eo…
Ragini:thanks for giving great company..
Sanskar:pleasure is mine..can i have date with u..
Ragini rolled her eyes..
Sanskar:dinner date..if u dont mind
Ragini:sure..y not
next day they went for dinner..both likes eo their tastes nd thoughts r similar…days passed with their hang outs to parties..pubs..dinner date..etc..
One fine day..
Sanskar:ragini,i want to take our relationship furthr
Ragini:means u want to marry me
Sanskar:no way..i ddont believe marriage nd all..if u want u can live with me without marriage.. in relationship..
Sanskar:ha..u loves me na..
Ragini shocked by his sudden question as they never shared their feelings to eo..first time he is asking about love..she noded as she loves him..
Sanskar:if u hav trust on me ,we will live together..but dont wry i wont put any restictions..u want to stay as ur wish..nd u should not put any restrictions on me..i jst want to be with u..
Ragini likes his frankness..nd he also thinking same as her so agreed…
fb ends..
Both reached their farmhouse..
Sanskar:welcome miss ragini..this is our world here on words..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pulls her nd holds her tight in his embrace(like i
as in cover pic)..
Both looks at eo seductively..
Sanskar(scans her from top to bottom):looking hot
Ragini smiles..
He kisses on her cleavagr..which makes ragini lost nd holds sanskar shoulders tight..
sanskar lifts her in his arms..Ragini looks at him intensily..
He takes her to bedroom nd makes her lie on bed..
He takes off her top..ragini gives a naughty smile..sanskar bends nd kissed on her navel…ragini gasped sanskar name…he sucks her whole waist nd goes up till neck giving wet kisses on her body.ragini cluches bedsheet….he kisses on her neck wildly…ragini passes her hand through his hair…he leaned to her lips nd kissed passionately..they brk the kiss nd looks et eo with arousing desires..ragini pushes him on bed nd comes over him..she removes his shirt nd gives soft kisses on his rough body while sansksr passing his hand through her bare back..she bites his neck..sanskar could not control himself he rolls he was on top of ragini..he takes of her remaining cloths….nd goes under blanket…
They gt intimated…
Sanskar opens his eyes nd sees ragini who drinking coffe wearing only white transparent shirt with killer look..
Ragini:good mng
Sanskar:good mng se*y
Sanskar nodded
Ragini gives coffe which she was drinking…
Sanskar:taste was too good
Sanskar:no..u..last night i tasted na..
Ragini smiles
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini about to go..sanskar gets up frm bed nd holds her hand before she could leave…
Ragini:leave..i have to go fresh
Sanskar:chalo..i too want fresh..
Ragini smiles..he lifts her nd takes her to washroom..makes her stand under shower…he back hugs her..water flowing on them..both got wet…sanskar pulls her shirt back frm her neck nd sucks her neck,holding her waist tight…ragini pressed his hand which was on her waist….sanskar kissed on her ear lobe nd he takes off her hand frm his hand nd starts unbuttoning her shirt..he throws out her shirt..nd nuzzles her bare back with his love bytes..ragini turns nd hugs him..sansksr brks d hug nd kisses on her lips..while kissing they slowly fall on ground..(ahem ahem..come out of trance ..update gt end ????)

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