Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-18

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Ragini descending stairs thinking about sanskar..she slipped being lost in thoughts..she fall down nd screams with pain..
Sanskar who sees this rushed towards her nd sees blood oozing out from her foot..
Ragini winces in pain..
Sanskar held her leg concerned..
Ragini jerks his hand..
Sanskar:let me see ragini
Ragini:no need ,i can manage my self..
Sanskar:ragini plzz
Ragini:i told na..i can..
Sanskar:dont do this to me..i dont knw how this wound hurting u but..its hurting me alot..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar lifts her nd took her to room..he did first aid to her..ragini keeps on looking at him..
Sanskar:is it paining much..can i call doctor.. ok
Sanskar:take rest..if u need anything call me ,no need to get down from bed..
Ragini nodded..
As soon as ragini woke up ,sanskar stood with coffee for ragini..
Sanskar:good is ur coffee
Ragini:i dont want to drink coffee
Sanskar( feels bad) u need anything..
Saying she tries to get up..sanskar moves to her nd held her shoulders..
Sanskar:where are u going
Sanskar:i will take u
Ragini:no need..
Sanskar:show ur angry on me but not now..if u walk u would get pain..
Saying he lifts her nd leaves her in washroom..
He took care of her like kid until she gt fine…
@one day
Sanskar comes out from office nd widened his eyes seeing ragini long black backless gown with deep neck..looking hot..
Ragini turns nd clears her throat..
Sanskar(came to sense):vo..vo..are u going anywhere..
Ragini:hmm..sravan invited me for party..i want to go..
Sanskar:party?? u have any pblm.. going
Sanskar:can i drop u
Ragini:no thanks..sravan is coming to pick me..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini about go..
Ragini turns at him
Sanskar:take care
Saying she goes..
Sravan:is everything fine bw u nd sanskar..
Ragini smiles faintly..
Sravan:still angry on him ???
Ragini:i dont want looss him again..i want him like this only..caring, loving,understanding but im not sure,still howmany days he will like this..
Sravan:ragini stop thinking too much..when u are away from him..he came to knw ur value in his life..He suffered alot..he never repeat that mistake.
Ragini gives a assuring nod.. getting engage..
Sravan:haan..she is like u only very sweet person..
Ragini:congrats very happy for u
Sravan smiles..
Ragini:u should have take her here naa..
Sravan:she has some work..
Sravangot a call..
Sravan:ragini i need to go..u come i will drop u at home..
Ragini:sravan,gia(ragini colleague) is coming ,i will wait for her..
Sravan:im sry ragini i invited u ..but im going leaving u alone..
Ragini:thats ok sravan..
Sravan:bye enjoy the party..
Ragini smiles…
Sravan left..ragini waiting for man came there..ragini looks at him who is scanning her from top to bottom..
She feels uncomfortable..
Man:heyy beauty..
Ragini ignores him..
Man:seems u r alone..i can give u company..
Ragini glares at him nd turns to go..he held her wrist tight..
Ragini:leave me
Man:im talking to u..
Ragini struggled to free her hand..
He tightened hos grip nd moving close to her..
Ragini stamps his foot nd pushed him nd runs out of party venue..she hides somewhere nd called sanskar nd askd him to come..the man searched for ragini but he didnt find her anywhere..
As soon as she sees sanskar who is getting down from car ,she rushed to him..
Ragini:give me hr jacket
She takes off his jacket nd wears it..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini..
Ragini:kuch nay
Sanskar:is everything fine
Saying she sat in car..
Sanskar:ragini what happened..where is sravan..
Ragini:he got some call nd left..
Sanskar:are u ok..
He gives a nod but he felt something fishy..

Both reached home..ragini placed his jacket on bed..nd about to go Change her dress…
Ragini turns at him hiding her right hand at her back..
Sanskar:are u ok
Ragini:haan..howmany times u fine..
He moves towards her…
Ragini:sa..sanskar what are u doing..he pulls her right hand which she kept at her back..
Sanskar sees her wrist which becomes red nd printed someone finger prints there..
Sanskar:what is this
Sanskar:what happened..
Ragini:k..kuch nay..leave it..
Sanskar(serious tone):no..tell..
Ragini told what had happened..
Sanskar(clenched his fist):how dare he..i wont leave he still he looks like..tell
Ragini(held his hand):leave it sanskar
Sanskar:how can i can i leave ,he misbehaved with u..nd u are asking me to keep way..
He took the car keys nd walks with rage..
Ragini runs nd hugs him from back..
Sanskar stood there..
Ragini:calm down sanskar
Sanskar feels emotional as she hugs him after long time..
They stayed for sometime like that..
Ragini brk d hug..sanskar turns at her..
Ragini:vo..vo..that was sravan’s best friend bday party..i dont want to create any drama there..
Sanskar(composed himself):but u should have told me after sravan u knw i thought to come behind u..but i stopped my self thinking sravan was there with u..
Ragini:what..u thought to came..that means..
Sanskar:wait just caring abiut u..dont said about trust nd all..i have trust on u..but not tbe people who lives in society with cheap mentality like him who behaved with u..
Ragini:ok..fine..i will be carefull next time..vaise,its meri galti..i should not have wear this dress..thoda over hogayi..
Sanskar:thoda nay jaada
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:vo..i mean..u r looking very hot in this dress..
Ragini looks at him angrily nd goes to washroom..but she smiles in washroom..
Sanskar was in balcony ,he thinks about ragini hug nd today her behaviour,he felt something change..he is happy..he comes into room nd sees ragini sleeping,he caressesd her hair nd kissed on her wrist..
Sanskar:i love u so much ragini..
He kissed her forehead nd goes to sleep..ragini opened her eyes nd looks at her wrist nd smiles emotionally..

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