Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-17

shot 16

Sanskar:ragini i want to take u somewhere..get ready
Ragini about to speak
Sanskar:plzz dont say no..i knw u dont want to come with me anywhere..i promise i will not ask u again..plzz come this time..
Ragini nodded
Ragsan get down from car..ragini looks around puzzling as it was a house..she doesnt knw where they are..anskar held her hand but ragini pulls back sanskar feels bad..
Sanskar rings the lady opens the is sujatha..
Ragini looks at sanskar..
She doesn’t expect that ,sanskar would take her to his home..
Tears formed in suji’s eyes seeing sanskar after long time..
Sanskar comes towards suji..
Suji:stay there only sanskar

Sanskar:y did u knw that im dead or alive
Sanskar:mom y are u talking like this..
Suji:u left home without thinking about us..u didnt even think to call me once..everyday i called u..but u tho become very busy in ur ur mother sanskar ,do u knw how it hurts..
Sanskar hugged her..
Ragini looks at them emotionally..she knws the same pain felt her parents also when she left home..
Sanskar:mom plzz dont cry
Suji:how can i sanskar..
Sanskar:im really sorry mom..i knw i hurted u so much..i got to knw,how much it pained when our loved ones left us..he looks at ragini,she turned her face..
Sanskar:i promise,i will not do it again mom..
Suji(brk d hug):sach mein

Sanskar(wiped her tears):haan mom..stop crying..see, u have surprise..
Suji looks at ragini..
Ragini did namaste..
Sanskar:she is ragini..ur bahu
Sanskar:i got married mom
Suji stood blank..she does knw whether she should feel happy or not..she is happy bcz sanskar who hates marriage got married..but sad also bcz he is the only son to her ,she have a dream to see sanskar marriage..
Sanskar:mom u r happy naa..u always askd me to get marry but i didnt listen..
Suji:how could u could u marry without me nd ur dad..u knw na..i always dreaming about ur marriage but u got married even without informing us..didu think ur parents have died..
Sanskar:mom plzz dont talk like happened suddenly..
Suji:enough sanskar
Sanskar:mom listen
Suji:dont talk to me sanskar..

Suji looks at her..
Ragini:i hope ,i can call u maa
Suji looks at her coldly..
Ragini(hels her hand)plzz forgive us maa..we did a mistake..we didnt think about anyone that time..just thought about our lives..we went blind..We hurted our families…now we got to knw the value of marriage..Now we are married..we want to start our new life with ur blessings..
Sanskar looks at her amazed…
Ragini:plzz forgive us maa..we need ur blessings..
Ragini held sanskar hand ,sanskar just looks at her..ragini signs him.both bends to take suji blessings..
Sanskar:forgive us maa..
Suji melts nd give her blessings..
Ragsan stood nd suji hugs them..

Sanskar:u dont wry mom..if u want we again will marry for u..hsin na ragini..
Ragini looks at him sternly..sanskar looks away..
Suji caressed sanskar hair..
Sanskar:mom where is dad
Suji:he went USA for meeting..He is very angry on u.

Sanskar:dont wry mom..i will talk with him..
Suji:fine..sanskar take ragini to ur room..i will get juice..
Ragini:its ok maa..i will help u..
Suji:no ragini u go with sanskar..
Ragini:im not guest is also my home naa..
Sanskar looks at her smiling..
Suji smiles..
Both goes to kitchen..
Sanskar sat in his room nd thinks what ragini talked with suji..

After a while ragini suji came..they chit chatted sometime..sanskar is very happy seeing ragini suji..
they had dinner..
Sanskar:mom..we should leave now..
Suji:where sanskar..i thought u both stay here..
Sanskar:vo mom..we want to stay there for some days..we will come here soon..
Sanskar:mom..i told u na..we will come definitely..
Suji nodded..

Ragsan in car..both kept silent..sanskar waiting ,ragini could speak something..
He stopped the car near beach..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:come..i want to stay here for sometime..plzz
Ragini nodded..both walks on sand for sometime..still ragini doesnt speak anything…

Later both sat on sand…sanskar looks at ragini ,she looks at sea..
Ragini doesnt respond..
Sanskar(placed his hand on her shoulder):ragini
Ragini(jerks his hand):i knw what u are going to ask sanskar..what i had done,i only did for maa..
I dont want to hurt her more..they got hurt by us..let them be happy..
Sanskar:that means

Ragini:dont expect anything from me sanskar..i cant forgive u..i may love u but i cant love u like before..i cant trust u like before..i cant be ur old ragini sanskar..i cant be..
Sanskar looks at her painfully…ragini turned her face..
Both sat there painful..suddenly rain started…both get drenched..

Ragini was playing in rain..sanskar smiles looking at her standing away from her…
Ragini:sanskar come naa
Sanskar:no baby..u knw na..if i get drench i will get cold easily..later my nose will irritate me nd that headache..i cant baby.
Sanskar:sorry baby..
Ragini comes to him nd drags him into rain..

Ragini pulled him on her nd encircled his neck with her hands..
Sanskar tries to go but ragini again pulled him..sanskar supposed to speak but ragini locked his lips with her’s kissing him deeply..
Ragini(brk d kiss nd looks at him with puppy face):mat javo naa
Sanskar:u are naa jaadu..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Sanskar:u started with kiss..i have to end with..he stps nd looks her romantically..
Ragini smiles nd pushed him nd runs..sanskar runs behind..they enjoyed in rain..
Sanskar sat sneezing continuously..
Sanskar:i told u na see my nose..
Ragini:so cute..

She kissed his nose..
Sanskar pouts..
Sanskar:feeling very cold yaar..
He gets shiver..
Ragini moves him close nd unbuttoning his shirt,sanskar rolled his eyes..she take off his shirt..
Sanskar:baby what are u doing…

She sat in his lap nd hugged him tight nd wraps blanket over then to give warmth to his body..
Ragini:still feeling cold??
Sanskar smiles feeling her warmth..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar kissed her hair ,hugging her tight…
Fb ends…

Ragsan looks at eo..ragini composed herself..
Ragini:sanskar its raining ..chalo
Sanskar:u go nd sit in car..i want to be alone for sometime..
Ragini(held his hand):come
Sanskar stood looking into her eyes..both gets into car..

Ragini got changed her dress nd comes out from washroom nd sees sanskar still sat with wet cloths..he recalling ragini words that i cant be ir old ragini..
Ragini comes to sanskar nd dried his hair with towel..sanskar looks on..
Ragini:change ur cloths sanskar
Sanskar held her hand nd about to speak..
Ragini:dont ask me anything tired let me sleep..
Sanskar left her hand..
Ragini:go nd change..

Saying she goes on bed..
Sanskar says to himself i knw ragini still u r loving me like before..u said u cant be my old ragini but i have faith on myself i will get my ragini back..Saying he goes to washroom..

Thank u so much for ur love nd support…dont feel bore by this track ,ragini will forgive him soon..

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