Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-12(Obesessive Sanskar)


Sanskar getting ready for office..he supposed to wear his blazer but stopped recalling something…
[Sanskat wore white shirt nd getting ready for office..ragini who jst comes out from washroom hugs him from back brushing her wet face on his back..sanskar smiles..
Ragini(huskily):u r looking hot
Sanskar( turns nd pulled her close by holding her waist):am i not hot before
Ragini(folding his sleeves until his elbow):u tho always hot..but u looks super hot in white shirt..i feel..
Sanskar:u feel
Ragini(encircled her hands around his neck nd looks at him romantically):i feel i jst wanna eat u..
Sanskar:im always ready (he winks at her)
Sanskar(pulling her closer holding her waist):nothing is important now..
Ragini smiles nd pecked his lips..
Sanskar (pulled her bathrobe knot);so
Ragini(unbuttoned his shirt):so
Both looks at eo nd smiles..later both goes on bed nd made love wildly…

Sanskar:i wanna buy million of white shirts
Sanskar:so i can get daily naah(he winks at her)
Ragini hits him playfully hugging him tight..
Fb ends..
Sanskar throws blazer on ground..he caressed his shirt affectionately nd folds his sleeves till his elbow..he looked his reflection in mirror nd smiled at himself…
Sanskar came to sravan’s cabin..
Sanskar:haiii dude
Sravan:i told that i would inform when papers got ready..
Sanskar( throws papers on him):i knw about i got ready i have right to be here..
sravan fumes..sanskar smirks….srvan gets a call nd goes to balcony while glaring at sanskar..

Ragini came holding some file nd sees sanskar who was smiling at her..she looks at his shirt nd recalled same incident..she closed her eyes nd says to herself dont fall weak ragini..forget about that..she took a deep breath..
Sanskar:i think u remembered something right(he winks at her)
Sanskar smiles but as soon as vanished hearing ragini..
Ragini:haan..actually i hav gifted white shirt to sravan..see he hav worn..
Sanskar then only realized sravan too wore white shirt..
Sanskar fumes…
Ragini:he looks very hot naa..
Sanskar gritted his teeth..he stood up angrily nd supposed to move towards her but stopped seeing sravan who came..
Sravan:ragini..when did u came
Ragini:jst now only..u asked me this file na..
Sravan( smiles):give it to me
Sanskar sees the coffe on table..he smirks..he grabbed file from ragini’s hand..nd he throws on table forcily by the result..coffe which was on table fell on sravan..
Sravan:what the heck..
Sravan:sorry man..i didnt see..(he said unintersted)
Ragini glares at sanskar…sravan fumes..sanskar smirks..
Ragini:sravan..are u ok.
Sravan:yeah..i will clean nd come..
Ragini nodded..sravan goes..
Ragini(angrily):what u hav done
Sanskar:now he is looking hot nahh
Ragini:shut up sanskar..y r u troubling him..he is my fiance
Sanskar (pulls her close):shut up..he is nothing to u…u r mine…
Ragini:leave me sanskar..
Sanskar closed his eyes nd controlling his anger..he took deep breath…
Sanskar:leave about him..tell how im looking in this white shirt..
Ragini:leave me sanskar
Sanskar:first tell me how im too u r feeling same nahh
Ragini(irritated) not feeling anything..leave me..
Sanskar(closed her more close nd mumbled his lips on her cheek):really
Ragini closed her eyes feeling weak with his touch…
Sanskar:forget about all..come with me..this time i wont hurt u.promise..
Ragini opened her eyes nd looks into his intense eyes..
Ragini(painfully):our chapter got over sanskar..i will never be urs..dont going to srav..
before she completed sanskar angrily gripped her waist nd says not one more word..u r mine..
saying she pushed him nd goes while crying…he hits wall angrily..
Ragini ,sravan came to dinner date as per Ragini’s dad wish..
Sanskar came..ragini gets annoyed..
Sanskar:hiii guys
Sravan:what are u doing here
sanskar:i came here to play cricket
Sanskar:then what are u asking.y do people came to restaurant..
Sravan fumes..
Sanskar: we became partners nahh..we shoild celebrate..u both came without telling me..this is so i came..
Ragini:sanskar we need some privacy
Sanskar:i need u
Ragini got irritated..
Sravan:leave him ragini..lets order food..what would like to have..
Before ragini could speak
Sanskar:chinese..anything in Chinese..
Ragini:no sravan.
Sanskar:kyun u love chinese naa
Ragini:i did loved once but not hating all the things what i used to love before..she shot at sanskar..
Sanskar looked at her emottionally..
Ragini:sravan order what u ok with that
Sravan smiles
Sanskar fumes..
Sravan ordered food for them..sanskar ordered chinese for him..
Ragini knw how much he hate chinese…many times she requested him to eat with her but he denied to eat even one byte also..she looks at sanskar helplessly…

Sanskar staring at her with his intense eyes..ragini in mind dont make me weak sanskar..she tried to ignore his glance..
Sanskar:do u knw sravan..she loves me so much…
Ragini:sanskar plzz
Sravan:she used to sanskar..but not now..
Sanskar(clenched his fist):now too..
Srvan:ohh..thats y she agreed to marry me..(he said sarcastic)
sanskar glares at him..sravan smiles teasingly..
Sanskar:nd do u knw i love the way she moans my name when we make love..she always enjoys..
Ragini:shup sanskar..
Sravan(gets angry but composed himself):dont wry sanskar…she will enjoy with me too
Ragini closed her eyes tight ,not able to bear those words..
Sanskar got up from chair angrily nd gripped his throat tight…sravan cant able to breath..
Ragini looked at them shocked..
Sanskar(pressing his throat tight):how dare u to talk like that..i will kill u..
Ragini(pulls sanskar nd shouts at him):are u mad..u knw what u r doing..he diint said wrong..we are going to marry nd it will happen one day..
Sanskar(slapped her tight ):shut up..i will kill there only,if anyrthing happend like that nd i will kill myself too(he said in dangerous tone)
Ragini looks at him horrified seeing his angry..
Sravan too scared seeing his blood shot eyes…
Sanskar:im warning u again…dont talk like that..i will really kill u..
Ragini (looks at him painful yet angry nd holds sravan’s hand):lets go sravan
Sanskar:leave his hand
ragini doesnt listen
Sanskar(shouts loud):leave his hand
Ragini immediately left his hand seeing his face nd dangerous voice..
Ragini:i hate u sanskar..i hate u..
Saying she runs from there crying,followed by sravan…sanskar stood there angrily…

Ragini sat in car nd cries…sravan was helpless he dont knw what to do..he was in dilemma….
Ragini came to her room nd throws all the things..she recalled sanskar behaviour nd her dad words.nd her promoise to her dad..she feels helpless nd cries..

sanskar sat in bar nd drinks more and more alhocol remembering ragini words……

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