Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-11(U ARE MINE)

Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-10(Devdas Sanskar)

Sanskar(pulls ragini close,angrily):how could u do this..
Sravan:leave her
Sanskar(warned): dont come between us..
Ragini:sravan..u dont wry i will handle..
Sravan nodded..
Ragini(pushed sanskar):y cant i sanskar..y cant i
Sanskar:bcz u loves me..
Ragini smiles sarcastically..
Sanskar: dont take decision being angry..i knw u still loves me..
Ragini:no…my love died when u asked me to go out of ur house..our chapter closed..let me live my life as my wish..plz go..
Sanskar:i need u ragini..
Ragini turned her face..
He (goes to sravan):cancel this marriage..she is mine
Sravan:y should i..i loves her
Sanskar:shut up..what u knw about her u knw we loves eo u knw we had lived in one room ,6months like husband nd wife..u knw what i meant..
Sravan:i knw..
Sanskar:what,after knowing all..u want to marry her
Sravan:haan,i dont care about her past..i only want my future with her
Sanskar:it will never happen..
Sravan:it will happen sanskar..she is going to be mine forever..
Sanskar:but she already became mine when she submitted herself to me..
Ragini:stop it sanskar..jst go…
saying she goes into car nd sits,followed by sravan..
Sanskar(shouts):i wont leave u..ever nd never..u r mine..only mine..
Ragini closed her eyes nd asks sravan to go..sravan nodded nd drives…
Ragini recalls how she had to agree for marriage..

After brk up,Ragini became wk,she always used to be sad..sravan who observed this trying to ask her but ragini doesnt pay any heed to his concern…Sravan felt very bad seeing her condition..he could not able to see her like that ..he wants to console her ,he wants to heel her pain whatever that is…
One fine day…sravan came to ragini’s home..
Ragini:sir aap ..yaha..
Sravan:can i coime inside
Ragini:sorry..come sir
sravan goes inside nd sees janki shekhar also there..
Ragini introduced him to them..
Sravan goes to them nd directly asks ragini hand for marriage..ragini shocked by this…
Sravan:i love her so scraed to tell this to her..i knw she would agree if u both agree..
Ragini:no sir..i wont agree..u dont knw about me
Sravan:i knw about u ragini
Ragini:no sir…i loved someone..
sravan shocked..
Ragini told what had happend…
Sravan feels bad..
Ragini:tell sir..still u want to marry me
Sravan:haan..i want to marry u…
Sravan:u dont knw how much i loves u ragini..u went through so much of ready to heel u..but i jst wanna knw .do u still loves him..
She looks at her parents nd she recalls all sweet nd bitter moments..
Sravan:tell ragini
Janki:no..she forgot him..she is ready to marry u..
Ragini looked at janki numb.
Sravan:im not forcing u ragini..think once…i will wait for ur answer..
SRavan left..
Ragini goes to her room… she cant forgive sanskar that doesnt mean she marry someone else..she said no i cant do this..
Ragini dad came to her..
Ragini was surprised as after she came back home..first time he called her..
Ragini:dad…(she hugs him)
Shekhar:if u want my forgivess ness na..then marry sravan beta
Ragini brks d hug.
Shekhar:we are ur parents ..we always want ur happiness only..aftr knowing about to he got ready to marry was love ragini..he will make happy…
Ragini:no dad..
shekhar:do u really make us happy na..then marry him…
saying he goes..ragini had to agree for this marriage her parents..she gave so much pain to her she want make them happy..she tries sto move on her life forgetting sanskar but she lknws it will never happen..but still she is trying….
Fb ends..

sravan:are u ok
Ragini nodes..
Sravan:we reached home..go nd take rest..we will meet tomorrow..
Ragini nodded nd goes…
Sanskar called his PA nd gives him to car number which he found frm sravan car..nd says i want details about this..all details..get soon..He banged the car angrily..i dont knw for whom u agreed for this marriage..i knw u still loves me..i will get u back ragini..get u back….

@next day..
Ragini was in sravan’s cabin..nd they are discussing something about some work…suddenly sanskar came inside without knocking door..they shocked to see sanskar there..
Sravan:dont u knw manners..
sanskar(looking at ragini) what(he said with attitude)
Sravan(fumes):what are u doing here
Sanskar(ignoring sravan,nd staaring at ragini):u r lookng gorgeous in this dress baby..
Ragini:stop it sanksar..y did u came here..
Sanskar:to see u
Sravan:get out from here
Sanskar(again ignored sravan words):sit baby we will talk..
Sravan got up from his chair nd holds sanskar coaller..
Jst then Sravan’s dad came..Sravan left sanskar…
Sravan:dad..aap..when did u came from kolkata..
S’Dad:now only
Ragini:namaste uncle
Dad:namaste are u
Ragini:fine uncle..
DAD(smiles):Sravan..i hope u both introduced urselves..he is our new of top business man..
Ragini shocked..Sanskar smirks..
Sravan:but dad
Dad:no questions..sanskar ,sravn will see all arrangements..i have to go
sansakr nodded
Dad:sravan come with me..i have to talk…
Sravan nodded nd goes with his dad..
Ragini:what is this all sanskar..
Sanskar:for u only baby
Ragini:do what ever u want but i will never fell into ur trap again..saying she turns to go..sanskar holds her wrist,pulls her nd pins her to wall..
Ragini(shocked by sudden act):sanksar..leave
Sanskar(hugged her):missed u so much..
Ragini trying to free herself..
Sanskar:stop struggling..i wont leave u..
Ragini:leave me sanskar..
Sanskar:give me a hug naa..missed ur embrace..
Ragini:shut up
Sanskar:plz baby..forgive me naa
Ragini:sanskar..plzzz leave..
He pulls her even more close..both faces are so close..they can feel each other heart beat…
Sanskar(merged his forehead with her’s):im really sorry..plz come back into my life..
Sravan came opening the door nd sees their position…
Sanskar(looks at him annoyed):wrong timing dude
Ragini(pushed sanskar):vo.sravan
Sravan:no need to say anything ragini..u go to ur desk(he said coldly)
Ragini walks giving glare to sanskar..
sanskar:wait ragini
Ragini doesnt care..she goes..
Sravan(smiles):she listen to me only..
Sanskar fumes..
Sravan:u can go now mr sanskar…i will inform u when papers got ready..till then u r not allowed into this office..
Sanskar:i will go but remember one thing..ragini is mine..only mine..
Sravan:we will see
Sanskar glares at him nd leaves..

Ragini sat in her desk..holding her head frustrated..she dont knw what going on her life..she jst wnat to awya from all these..
Sanskar came:hai baby
Ragini:now what
Sanskar:dont be tense baby..i m with u
Ragini:that was my pblm..plz sanskar ..not again..dont create hurdles in my life again…leave me..
Sanskar:dont talk like this baby..i need u nd will get u…u r mine..he kissed her forehead nd leaves,,ragini stood helpless…

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