Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-10(Devdas Sanskar)


After 3months..
In dark room ,sanskar shown with beard ,holding one glass of alcohol with one hand..nd holds ragini photo with another hand….
[In these 3month ,sanskar searched for ragini but he cant they r not living in old home..nd sanskar doesnt knw about her office details ..he jst knw she is doing job in one company nd her boss name is sravan…he doesnt even knw sravan surname to search his company…he tried nd tried nd trying…]
He looks at photo nd drank one sip nd says Where are u ragini…where are u..3months passed…how could u live without me dammit…im dying here..plz waiting for u..i knw u will come one day bcz i knw u loves me so much…i love u too…plzz come back..if u cme i will not let u go this time…he kissed her photo..

Nxt [email protected] office
Sanskar pa came to sanskar..
Sanskar:did u got details.. sir..i didnt find any information..
Sanskar(shouts):what the fu** u r doing without finding..
PA:vo..sir..there are many people with sravan name..sir can u tell his sir name..
Sanskar:who knws..who knws that blo*dy idiot surname..i dont knw what will u do..i want his company details..asap
Sanskar:get out..
Pa goes helpless…
He throws all files nd shouts ragini name…
@rag office
Ragini who is working sitting in her desk ,jerked suddenly…she felt sanskar calling her nane..she closed her eyes nd took deep breatg nd says to herself no again..stop thinking about him..she consoled herself…
Sravan who was passing there sees her..
Sravan:ragini..u seems disturbed..everything is fine.. fine..she smiles faintly..
Sravan smiles nd goes..
@san office
Swara came to sanskar
Swara:what is this sanskar..see how u became..
Sanskar stood angrily nd twisted her hand back..
Swara(winces in pain):sanskar..what r u doing..leave me..
Swara:it was all bcz of u..i said to u jst act..but y did u kept those i ur love..
Swara:sanskar its paining..leave..
Sanskar:tell..y did u do that. Swara:kyun ki ,i still loves u sanskar..
Sanskar(left her angrily):are u mad..
Swara:haan..about u..i knw we had brk up..but i realized i still loves u..what ever happened happened leave that blo*dy girl..
Sanskar (slapped swara):not one more word about her…i will kill u..
Swara looks at him ,placing her palm on her cheek..
Sanskar:get out…
Sanskar:i said get out..
Swara leaves angrily…
Sanskar cursed himself for asking helo to swara..
Sanskar sat drinking alcohol…he plays one song nd says my Ragini fav song..he recalled their moments while song..his eyes got red as he holds tears in his eyes…he wipes it nd says i knw u will come one day…i hav hope on our love…

He goes to cupboard nd pulls all ragini cloths nd throws on bed nd sleeps hugging her dresses ,feeling ragini in those cloths..missing u..missing u badly…come ragini..come..
Ragini woke up frm her sleep with jerk..she drank water..she says y sanskar y r u not leaving me in peace…she cries…
Days r passing sanskar getting mad without ragini..
One fine day..when he coming from office ,he saw ragini nd sravan in car..he followed the car without doing any late..he crossed their car nd came across their way..sravan stopped car with jerk..sanskat got down frm car nd walks towards them..ragini shocked to see sanakar..
Sravan about to get down ,ragini stops him nd nodded as no..
Sanskar(knocked glass):ragini get down
Ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar:ragini im asking get down..orelse i dont knw what i will do..
Ragini took deep breath nd got down..
Sanskar smiles wistfully as after so many days he saw her…he moves close to hug her ,ragini pushed him..
Sanskar:still angry??
Ragini turned her face angrily..
Sanskar:im sorry..i promice i will not repeat it again..come we will go our home..he holds her hand..ragini jerks nd pulls her hand back..
Sanskar( again holds her hand):baby dont be really sorry..u dont knw how much i missed u..i knw u too missed me..
Ragini:i didn’t missed u..nd i was very happy without u..nd plz go from here..
Sanskar:i knw u r talking like this being angry on me..i swear i wont repeat it again..come our home..
Sanskar holds her wrist nd pulls hwr along with him..
Sravan (came nd holds sanskar hand):leave her
Sanskar(gets angry):dont come bw us..orelse i will brk ur bones..
Sravan:i can also do that..
Sanskar gritted his teeth..
Sravan:leave her..
Sanskar:who the hell r u to ask to leave..u hav no right to ask..
Sravan:i hav…she is my fiance
Sanskar left ragini hand nd holds sravan’s neck nd says what rubbish u r talking idiot..
Ragini pulls sanskar nd made sanskar left sravan neck..
Ragini:what r u doing sanskar..are u out of ur mind..
Sanskar:see ,what shit he was talking..i will kill him..
Ragini:he said truth..he is my fiance..
Sanskar:wh…wha..what u jst said..
Ragini(shouts):we are engaged..
Sanskar stood numb..

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