You and I are Living Stories (Manmarziyan) Episode 2


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Episode 2
Radhika reached airport and took a cab to her home.
Radhika reaches home. She meets Mala.
Radhika: maa
Mala: Chotti…..
Radhika: maa how are you.?
Mala: good.
Radhika:how is papa.any improvement in his condition.?
Mala:No beta not much improvement.He needs better treatment,doctor said if we can do his treatment in Australia he will be fine soon.
Radhika: then we can take him to Australia . Di and jiju are also there.
Mala: what about bauji.
Ankush( comes there ) : don’t worry maa . I will take care of just take papa to Australia.
Maa: OK beta .


Gehna is shown talking to Aarav about Radhika.
Gehna: Radhika is now in Rishikesh.
Aarav:Rishikesh?what about her studies.
Gehna: she had completed the course( fashion designing ).Now she is in search of a jon.I asked her why didn’t she searched for a job in Australia. But she said,now wants to settle down here( India).
Aarav: why can’t you call her here ?Arjun told me about the vacancy in WD. If She is wiling,she can join in WD. I will tell Arjun.
Gehna:That’s a nice idea.I will ask her today itself.
Aarav: OK .
Gehna talks to Radhika.

(One week later)

Radhika:Yes Bhai.
Ankush:Choti, Ridhi( Ridhimma) called me . Maa and papa reached there.
Radhika: bhai did you talked to mom?
Ankush: no dear .
Dadaji comes there.
Dadaji: chotti, are you going to Mumbai for job.
Radhika: dadaji I didn’t talk to maa about this job offer.if she allows , then I will go.
Dadaji: chotti you just go,I will talk to mala. Now she will be busy.
Radhika: OK dadaji . I will go then,I can’t reject Gehna’s offer.

Aarav comes to Arjun
Aarav: Ajju Radhika is ready to join here.
Arjun,:Radhika’! Which Radhika?
Arav: You forget? I told you na there is a girl suitable for the job.
Arjun:Oh that girl. Good, Aarav just mail her the appointment letter.
Aarav: OK dude I will do it.
Arjun: and tell her to join on Monday.
Aarav: Monday!!
Arjun: yes any problem .
Aarav: yaar today its Thursday na only three days can she come here in three days.
Arjun: why not
Aarav: how can she do her packing and all.
Arjun: Three days are enough . just ask her to join here on Monday or else you have to find another person.I don’t want delay in my works.
Aarav: OK dude I will tell her.
Arjun: OK then. Will meet you all in the evening.
Aarav : bye
Arjun: bye


Radhika comes to Ankush
Ankush: what happened Radhu.why you look so confused.
Radhika: nothing bhaiyya.
Ankush: don’t lie to me . there is something which is bothering you.
Radhika: bhai I am little bit confused about the job.
Ankush: Radhu…..Gehna told you about the job naa. Then why are you confused ? If you are not comfortable come back soon.
Radhika’: OK bhayya,as you all wish. Iam so lucky that I got such a supportive family.But I have to join office Monday bhayya.How can I leave you both in Maa’s absence ?
Dadaji comes there
Dadaji:You don’t worry choti,I will take care of Ankush .
Radhika: Uff dadaji,Iam worried about you only.Who will control you from eating sweets?
Ankush:don’t think too much choti,I will take care of him.
Dadaji:Yes choti,atleast we can have some bachelor time..
Radhika and Ankush in union: Bachelor time?.
Radhika:Dadaji,have you forgotten my dadi?No wonder she had passed away earlier, no one can bear you for long time.
Dadaji:If your dadi was alive,she would have killed me long ago..Now no more talks You go and pack your things choti.
Ankush :I will help you.
They both went for packing and using the situation dadaji went to kitchen to eat some sweets.


Aahna’s Apartment

Neil and Sam comes there.
Gehna tells about Radhika to Nesam.
They four of them were having nice talk .After sometimes Arjun joins them
And they all have a nice conversation.


Radhika bids bye to Ankush and dadaji and goes to Mumbai.


Radhika is shown coming out from airport.

Precap: Arjun and Radhika’s first meeting.

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