You and I are Living Stories (Manmarziyan) Episode 1


Hi guys here is the first episode of ” You and I are Living Stories “.Hope you guys will love it. Pls forgive me guys if you find any mistakes. First episode is little bit small.sorry guys for that . from the next episode onwards I will be updating a larger one.

Episode 1


Warrior Designs cafeteria is shown Aarav and Gehna are having coffee there. Neil and Sam joins them.
Neil: where is our hero Arjun.
Aarav: don’t know yaar.
Gehna: I called Nandini di she also doesn’t know anything about Arjun..
Sam: what???? She also don’t know . Arjun usually call her and tell everything including about where he is going and all.
Aarav: its so strange that she also don’t know anything.
Neil: even though nandini di is in America she knows what arjun is doing here.
Sam: that’s right Neil . Arjun usually tells everything to his nandu .
Gehna: she also don’t know where is he.
After a small conversation with Gehna & Aarav Neil and Sam goes from there.
Arjuns PA comes there and told Aarav and Gehna that Arjun is calling them and told them that he is in his cabin.
Aarav and Gehna comes to his cabin and finds no one there. Suddenly a voice is heard from behind . they turned back and saw arjun standing near his cabin entrance .
Arjun: happy wedding anniversary guys.
Neil and Sam comes there with a huge cake and wishes them.
Gehna and Aarav was very happy by their surprise.
Sam: sorry guys we didn’t tell you that we are planning a surprise for you.
Aarav: so Arjun you was arranging this surprise. So you was missing from morning.
Gehna : Whether nandini di also involved in this?
Sam: she also helped us.
Neil: guys we arranged a party for you in this evening.
Gehna and Aarav cut the cake and feeds Arjun ,Neil & Sam. They too feed them back.
Gehna (teasingly ): Arjun I thought you went to meet your girfriend.
Arjun: shut up yaar i dont have any girl friend.ok
Sam,Neil,Aarav and Gehna said ok OK
Neil: now you don’t have any girlfriend but in future you will have.
Arjun: I don’t think so.
Gehna: you don’t but we all think so.
Sam: Ajju(Arjun) you will meet your lady love soon.your girl will be some where in this world. You will meet her soon.

A girl ( her face is not shown ) is shown helping an old lady in crossing the road. The old lady thanked her and goes from there. A lady’s voice is heard from behind calling ” Radhika” . The girl turned back ( her face is shown ).
Radhika: Ridhimma di .
Ridhimma: where did you go without telling me . I asked you to stand near that shop na.
Radhika: (holding her ears) sorry di. I saw an old lady . I just helped her in crossing the road.
Ridhimma:you did a good thing chotti.
Radhika: Thanks di.
Ridhimma: chotti shall we have coffee.
Radhika: yes di .
Ridhimma: let’s go.


Gehna,Aarav,Sam and Neil are in Neils apartment.
Neil : if Arjun was also here it would be good.
Sam: oh yes.
Sam( teasingily ): when you guys are going to have small gehna or small aarav.
Gehna looks at Aarav with a shy face Aarav smiled at her.
Aarav( ( looking at gehna): I am always ready to have a baby.gehna are you ready.
Gehna:(shyingly) shut up aarav.
Nesam & Aahna ( Aarav + Gehna ) have a nice talk.

After 2 months


Radhika is shown sitting in her room and reading a book.Ridhimma comes there.
Ridhimma: Radhu..
Radhika: yes di.
Ridhimma: you completed your fashion designing course. What’s your next plan.
Radhika: now I have no plan. I need to think.
Ridhimma: any offers from any company
Radhika: yes.but now I am not thinking of any offers. Now I am planning to meet maa and papa.
Ridhimma: you are going India.
Radhika: yes di.
Ridhimma: I also wish to come but your jiju is busy with the new I can’t come.when are you going.
Radhika: next week.
Ridhimma: OK tjen I will ask Saral to pick you from airport.
Radhika: oh please di don’t tell him. You know na I don’t like him.he is just a headache for me.
Ridhimma: he is your friend na.
Radhika: no he is not my friend he is just your brother- in – law.
Ridhimma: Saral loves you Radhu.
Radhika: but di I don’t love him.
Ridhimma: whether you love someone.
Radhika: no di.
Ridhimma: Radhu whether you believe in love .
Radhika: yes di I believe in love. And if god wish I will meet my soul mate very soon.
Ridhimma: if god wish you will meet your soulmate in India .


Precap : Radhika in India.

Hope you guys like this episode it.
Love you all…….
See you soon…….
All of you have a nice weekend.

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