Living our life together chapter 8

Ann, Sam and Meera helps… Tanya while Arjun helps adi to get out of the pool..

Tanya gives a so much angry glare to Adi.. While Adi looks at her innocently..

Tanya goes from there without saying anything . Ann& Meera follows her.. while Sam was stopped by Adi..

Adi : Yaar.. i really didn’t meant to that .. it was a part of best..

Sam : She won’t listen to anyone now.. as she is angry.. Ask for her apolgies tomarrow..




Ann comes out of her washroom.. and looks for sam..

Ann : Where is Sam??

Meera : She was feeling so disturbed and …

Tanya : And went to take a swim..


Ann : Who???

Meera : Akshat.. please excuse me for a minute..

Ann : Tanya don’t be lazy.. go and freshen up..



Sam is shown swiming just then a man also dives into the pool.. she stays at a corner of the pool.. and that man also comes and stays at corner..

Sam : you???

Man : Do you know me???

Sam : Of course .. two days befor you bumbed your car with mine.. and I am pretty sure you wont remember as you were so drunk..

Man : Yeah.. well I don’t remember that..but i rember you taking my whisky bottle..

Sam looks at him in disbelif..  Man smiles..

Sam : What is your name??

Man : Haider.. And yours??

Sam : Sam.. sameera..

Haider : Okay.. bye see you around…

He goes…

Haider : By the sameera .. you are looking hot..

Sam : Thanks..

Haider comes and murmers in Sam’s ear.. : I know you girls are all same.. You are acting like this tomboy image because you really.. know that there is nothing in you related to others.. So stop showing off.. Girls like you are so afraid of everything..

He goes Meera lools him in anger.. Haider walks away with attitude..


Meera : Hi.. Akshat..

Akshat : Do you miss .. me or are you still lost with your friends..

Meera : What are you saying.. ofcoirse i miss you a lot

Akshat : If you miss me that much.. Please turn to your right side..

Meera with a confused look turns and is surprises to Akshat.. she runs towards him and huged him..

Meera : Akshat.. you are here…. i can’t belive that. its… you..

Akshat : Comeon.. its me Meera..

Meera : Why are you here??

Akshat : I am having a… business meeting here.. so i thought that…. i have to come… here then it will be a chance to meet you..

Meera : That was a good lie..

Akshat : How do you know that

Meera : You were putting so many time..

Akshat : Can we just walk for a few distance

Meera : Of course..


Tanya hears a knock on the room.. and is shocked to see Aditya..

Tanya : You here..

Adi : Actually.. i wanted to apologies.. to you…i really didn’t mean to misbehave with you…Iys true that o was drunk and was completely in my sense.. but those which haooened there was just for fun..

Tanya : Okay..

Adi(confusingly) : Okay..

Tanya nods..

Adi : I have given such a long speech to apologise to you and you said it simply with okay..

Tanya : I didn’t tell you to give such a big speech to me..

Adi turns to go and he sees Tanya’s pic with her Mom which was near the bed

Adi : Is this your elder sister..

Tanya looks at him irritatingly..

Tanya : That’s my mom..

Adi : Oh.. my god.. she is so young and beautiful..

Tanya : You are talking aboit my mom..

Adi : Sorry.. (he pauses for a mintue.. and walks without looking back) I am leaving ..

Tanya : Thank god..

Just then Ann enters the room.. Adi who was standing near the door falls over Tanya…

They both have an eye contact..

Ann laughs seeing them .. They breaks the eye contact.. He leaves suddenly..

Ann : I think there is something between you two…

Tanya : No way..


Sam walks to Haider ..

Sam(angry) : What do you think of your self.. I am a tomboy and that’s my attitude and that doesn’t mean i am scared.. or something you … blo*dy..

Haider : Oh.. stop it you are scared and i can see it in your eyes..

Sam : I will prove it.. I will do anything you say to prove that . i am strong..

Haider(in her ears) : What about tonight.. my place..

Sam was hell shocked.. but her anger was in high.. she says.. Yes..

And walks  out with the same attitude

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i am so happy that barun is opposite sam here.since their webseries i wanted to read their ffs.but only you are writing on them.thanks pool scene was cool.haider has so much of attitude.I hope Sam wins the challenge n defeats haider.i am surprised that haider is the man whose car hit the girls’ car that day.adi apologizing to Tanya was nice.his comment on her mother n her reaction was funny.their fall n eye lock were romantic. akshat surprising meera n their walk were sweet.perfect pics.can’t wait for the next chapter

  2. DekhAsia

    i’m so satisfied that barun is contrary sam here.on account that their webseries i desired to study their ffs.but simplest you are writing on them.thank you pool scene turned into cool.haider has so much of attitude.i’m hoping Sam wins the challenge n defeats haider.i’m surprised that haider is the man whose automobile hit the girls’ automobile that day.adi apologizing to Tanya was first-class.his touch upon her mom n her reaction was funny.their fall n eye lock had been romantic. akshat surprising meera n their stroll had been candy.ideal images.can’t anticipate the next chapter very nice this chapter. Ann, Sam and Meera helps Kambal Karibal Tanya while Arjun helps adi to get out of the pool..

    Tanya gives a so much angry glare to Adi.. While Adi looks at her innocently..
    Thank You Tellyupdates.

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