Shivaay opened his diary n wrote

Anika I still remeber the day when I meet u for the first time.From my balcony u went to the nearby shop to buy some veggies which u hated the most.I was just 15 when I saw u.
I never beleived on love at first sight but after seeing u I beleived as I fell for u when I saw u for the first time.

I would accept u r the not the beautiful girl in the world but u r the only one beautiful girl for me.I don’t care of the world what they think but I care about what u think.I know u never knew that I loved u because I never expressed.I was not afraid but I was a stranger for u.U never knew me I was secretly seeing u daily from my balcony.but destiny had its own plans.After my 3 years of secret love I had to move on to another city for college.I thought I will miss u for my whole life but for my surprise u entered the same college we were Of same department.

We became friends.Those 4 years was the beautiful days of my life which I will never forget.I am still LIVING WITH THOSE MEMORIES.

I was scattered when I got to know u r getting married with daksh after completing college.I think destiny wanted us to be together.For my surprise u broke your engagement.

I didn’t wanna delay more.
That day night

Shivaay weared a simple white shirt n jeans with a lover boy look.He phoned anika to come to a place.

Anika entered the place wearing a white kurti.Very simple one.

The placed was not decorated with lights n balloons.There she saw a man with a mask of sharukh khan.
Hi seΓ±oritaa i may not as romantic as sharukh not beautiful as sharukh but there is not fault in wearing his mask.My wish
Anika smiled???

Anika u may wonder why I called.Just wanted to say I LOVE U.Its not because u broke

Anika stopped him n said sharukh I know u r just a flirt.I know that u were seeing me for 3 years from your balcony.
Shivaay’s reaction was like?????????????????

I didn’t ever expect that u will propose me.Let me say something.It was not u who fell for me I was the one who fell for u first.

Shivaay shocked.

I saw u when I went for the shop when I was 14.I liked u at first sight but knew it was not the age of love n I thought it was a infatuation but I could never control my feelings for u sharukh I used see u daily.I thought to forget u when I came to college to my surprise u joined the same college .i never expressed as I was afraid that if u reject what will I do?? But shahruhk u proposed why to wait I love u too.

Shivaay was fully at shock.He couldn’t beleive that anika is saying this.To his surprise again she hugged him tight n from there their love story began.

There life was filled with colours.Anika often used to say that when I die u have to the last person whom I should see n should die in your arms.Shivaay often says her not to say that but she often said it.

I still remeber everything anika.Our fights fun n all and I can never forget the day 11 September.It was your birthday (it’s my birthday n surbhi mam’s birthday).We went out to celebrate your birthday.

U love playing with children n that day too u did it.U played with a child who can only walk u became a child n played with her.I still remeber that the child didn’t let u go.We went to the opposite side of the road to buy balloon for that child.With happiness the child ran in middle of the road.U ran picked n was trying to stop the child that fraction of second.I found child near my leg n two living souls who were in pool of blood.Yes anika n the child’s mom ran to save the child.They saved the child but they unfornately met with a accident.I still rem…em…berrr I took u to hospitalll..???????

A drop skipped off from shivaay’s eyes.He closed his diary n started crying.

Anika came running.Billu u remebered it again???? Stop crying like a child billuuu it’s only the past.See at present anika is with u n Shivaay hugs her tight.Annika wiped the tears flowing from his eyes.

Ani go n play.Your billu will come n join u within 5 minutes.go.she nodded like a good child n went.

Shivaay opened his diary n wrote.Ani has grown well anika.She is now my world.I am living only for her.That day I took u n the lady to hospital.As u said u went to live in an in another world the last moment at this world was in my hand.



This may not to the perfect OS.Just an idea skipped n I wrote it down.i wrote it nearly 10 times but deleted all.So this was actually the end of the ff which I left in middle.

Hope u liked it.

All kind of comments accepted.All eggs n tomatoes R accepted.

Do comment.

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  1. Fenil

    Awww MY SRK ….Sharukh…Rahul…Raj….Samar….SRK….SRK !!:*:*:*@):[email protected]):[email protected]):-<3<3<3.

    Aww Billuji living in memories of Anika.loved the whole concept.Emotional part.

    See my Anika proposed your billu bhai:P:P:P:D:D.

    Rufi Rufi love u yrrr u gave me such lovely surprise SRK with Shivika…..

    Shivaay adopted that girl and named her such a pure love.

    Fabulous OS.
    Marvellously written.

    I will give u what u want eggs,tomatoes,chappls , chadani, chameli.B)B):D:D

    Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana Sanam Pyar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam.

    Love u SRK , Shivika and Ani.:*:*

    1. Fenil

      See Rufi , U proves that u r too Emoty Girl.

      And U R cheater also u roaming around saying don’t make your Billu bhai cry and u yourself made him cry. Dagabaaz.:@:@:@>:)>:)>:) U lil Devil.

      Balcony and Vegies is witness of Shivika love story :P:P:P:)):)):)).

      Ff ko os me convert karke haath khade kar diye ;););)

      Billu ko Dairy bhi likhwane baitha diya:?:?:?:?:?:&:&8-}8-}

      Whatever lovely comeback.

      1. TUFriendsForever

        Bhai I made him cry only once all make him cry in every epi.techincally SHIVAAY became. The cry baby OBEROI in all ff n actually this one is a true story I changed half.half concept is of a short film in that the boy will die because of brain tumer n it will end like the girl is living with his memories so I can’t make my bhai dead right so what I fid was to make him cry once not cry.Then SRK I added because many R his fans at least for SRK they will comment Na (logic wala sign) n see the side effects of my comments u also started commenting big?????? diary actually I promised to write 3 diary OS two were posted so I just this as its third one n emoty girl noooo to be frank all possitive ones didn’t work out so I found many R liking emotional stories so I thought to try. The girl is the child who anika saved I didn’t mention that in it.

        Thanks for reading n commenting bhai
        Glad u like it

        See in replies too I do bak baks ????????

  2. Ruksy

    Flowers to you ??????????????⚘⚘?????????⚘? loved the os totally

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for the flowers dr.
      Thanks for reading n writing
      Glad u liked it
      It gives me happinesssss
      Thank uuuuuuuu

      1. TUFriendsForever

        Commenting typi


    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting
      It really means lot to me
      Glad u liked it

  4. JanviSingh

    It was Awsm rufi…
    My SRK n my nakuul together…
    That’s the best part…. ????
    No no…
    Bht saare best parts the…

    Like you writing an emotional OS… N many more…
    I loved the whole concept of this OS…
    U rocked it girl…
    Luv u ?????

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thank u januuu for reading commenting
      Glad u liked it
      SRK actually I added it for more fun n I know many will comment at least for him
      U upload your ff when u r free it was funny n enjoyable I enjoyed your ff if u get time upload it

      1. JanviSingh

        Okkk sissy… U know I have got 2 requests to continue it… So I’ll be working on it as soon as I return home…
        Love you ??????

  5. Amazinggg os….loved it ???

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting vaniiii
      Glad u liked it

  6. _areesha

    Such an adorable piece of writnig?????

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting dr
      Glad that u liked it

  7. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting
      Glad u liked it

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear and emotional also

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting

  9. Ishuyamjha

    Aww it was awesome loved it ??????? and i am crying too???????

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting
      Glad u liked it

  10. Radhika.k

    Yaar,rufi u killed it!!!A very simple,heart-wrenching,emotional story!!!!!!Loved ur concept!!!It was fantastic!!Billu living in anika’s memories………….i don’t knw what to say!!!It would be really tough for him!!!N yaa you correlated this with the Diary writing OS!!Billu writing diary….nice to imagine!!The description n the way u made their proposal simple was very sweet……..Shivaay’s chupka-chupka sighting from the balcony!!!awesome!!
    The most loving part was shivaay adopting the same child JUST N JUST FOR HIS ANIKA……I loved the SRK touch which u added for SRK fans *logic*.Well,i am commenting not bcoz u included SRK part,but for my RUFI N SHIVIKA!!!!Keep writing dear!!!!

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting
      Glad u like it
      It really means a lot to me

  11. AMkideewani

    Fantastic dear???

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading n commenting
      Glad u liked it

  12. Misbah4

    Fabulous episode???? thank u fa sending d link??? thanks???

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      No need to say thank u for sending
      I have to be thank u as u read it and commenting
      Glad u liked
      There is no need to be toooo formal

  13. Sagithya

    Awesome mind blowing fantastic yaar…. It was emotional… U made me cry..

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Awwwwww sorry that I made u cry
      Thanks for reading and commenting
      This do really means me a lot
      Glad u liked it

  14. Soumya85

    Wow BFF kya likha h?
    Amazing one ?
    Loved it❀
    Yeah sad ending but i love it?
    You wanted eggs and tomatoes but i will give you love??????
    Do write some more like it?
    Love you??

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Awwwww whatever u give I will get it with whole heart even if u give me a tight slap I will get it from heart just joking.
      I won’t give u love because how can I give one which I already gave (Logic wala sign)
      Trying to crack jokes but not working
      But really thanks for reading and commenting
      Glad u liked it
      Love u

  15. Ahsana98

    Rufi it’s was an awesome lovely fantastic marvelous shivika OS. I like it dear. Shivay was living with the memories of anika ,that’s was nice concept dear. The entire part was outstanding dear. I am happy for you completed your shivika ff” A love story ” . In the form of OS. I like your ff but you stopped it in its 6th episode. Love you rufi .

    1. TUFriendsForever

      I stopped it as I didn’t get good response
      Actually this was the end
      Like siddrath n anika marriage will be about to happen.He will stop the marriage at last minute saying I love somebody else.Later anika talk with Sid n asks for the real reason as she knows he loved only her.he just replied go to some place n then the same as in OS proposing n then last one

      Thanks for reading and commenting chechi
      Glad u liked it
      This really means a lot to me

      1. Ahsana98

        Love you Rufi.I was really like your ff dear.You stop the story because you didn’t get good response. Don’t write ff on the bases of no of comments dear. comments on your ff was less but there is some people are waiting for reading your ff ,iam including in that people’s. I was read all parts of your ff (1-6) and I was post my comment too. But I saw that you only replying ur friends comments and register member s comment. That time I was a silent reader. I always check out your ff .my memory is correct then you replied one or two comments of mine.

        Forget about it .I am happy to read your OS and you completed the ff in these OS.Thank U for saying the further story of ur ff. I was read your OS while going to College. I like it dear .The sharuk part ,proposal, Anika’s birthday, Her accident, shivay adopted the child and live his life with Ani with Memoires of Anika. Great story dear.
        Ur OS inspired me to write an shivika OS. I was posted in yesterday. It’s was the link‘d-no-sun-ln-life/

        Do read dear.Good morning Happy Sunday.

    2. TUFriendsForever

      True chechi i have have not replied all as I used to be busy I just reply those who I know because I always thought at least they should not think about me bad.But I am not good at all that was one of the mistakes I did.I regret it but really thanks for expressing what u felt this time I have tried to reply all n further will do it too
      N will read that for sure
      I am so selfish all my friends say this
      As if they r my friends I can do anything but when it comes to others I will do less of my ability trying to change it but it’s really difficuilt to change but will try for sureeeeeeeeeeeee Pakka promise

  16. Ankita27

    Amazing OS…

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting glad u liked it

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