Living with him with my life… (KKB) Shot 2 -Final shot!

Hi everyone Maya here again! First of all thank u everyone for reading and also to those who had commented! It’s nice that some of u all have identified it’s me while reading or just by seeing the title! Thank u again! So we shall just get into the story as I don’t want my bak bak to get longer….Anyways it will be longer once my exams comes to an end as my holidays will be longer this time! I just can’t wait for my holidays!

Back to the story…..
I was never like this before….I couldn’t accept this marriage…how could everyone think marriage would be the solution to my worries…I know I am not an ambitious person but that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams…How could Ma get convinced even before convincing me? Why she never value my feelings?

Days passed,
He is a successful singer…that’s what I considered but people around me said he is a rockstar….I don’t know why they consider him that way too…He sings in concerts and dances…in that way he is a singer and dancer…but rockstar? I couldn’t even relate to that…By the way it doesn’t matter what was his profession to me…
He did talked to me and tried to be as normal as possible…but my heart never wanted to be normal with him…sometimes he never disturbed me when I was in my own world of reading books…..

I had to act in front of everyone and he was indeed a great actor too. As days passed, I was used to the acting zone. Outside our room, there was acting zone. Inside our room, it was silent zone…Most of the time, both of us are silent…Oh wait our room? Yes may be I had considered that as my room too as my things was also there….
Then one day, he asked me where I was going? I said I am going back to work. He was startled for a second and he asked was it necessary for me to go to work? I remained silent for some strange reason…maybe because I took a decision without asking him….He told me as now u are my wife may be u should work at somewhere with more reputation…
I know what he means but I don’t even like the idea of asking him permission to work! It’s my life and why do I have to inform him or even ask permission?
I just felt like shouting at him for marrying me…but I can’t so I just sat on the bed looking at the blank wall opposite to me….He also sat beside me and I knew he was now going to convince me….

To my surprise, he gave me a peck on my cheek! I was shocked and when I turned to look at him, his face was so close to my face…his lips were also so close to mine! That was the moment I got my first kiss! To my shock, I even responded to his kiss….
Then he looked at me again and told me, I am sorry Pragya for being unromantic all this while if not u wouldn’t have thought about going to work…U know right I was busy with concerts and other stuff…now all my time is for u and also to know about u….
I was speechless…I didn’t know what I should reply…He was enjoying my shock reaction to the extent that he was about to kiss me again but before that I stood up and ran away from the room…

How can he even think that I was expecting him to be romantic towards me? I mean yes I was his wife but that doesn’t mean I want him only to be romantic….
After my first kiss, there came all kinds of antics from his side…Who named him as rockstar! He is not a rockstar but he is a naughty star!
He used to wink at me whenever he see me…I was affected by it that I always closed my eyes…this was not the worst…that day when I was cooking in kitchen he placed his hands around my waist. As a result, I dropped the vessel that was in front of me…and then it was so embarrassing when he yelled from the kitchen to others that he is here to take care of Pragya and vessels….
That made it obvious to the others that he was being close with me…I did liked his touch as it showed affection and love….but I felt it was too fast in a relation where we are unknown to each other….

Then one day, he said he wants me in his room right now in front of everyone in the living room…I was scared by his loud voice again…I had no choice but to follow him….Then he ask me to lock the door and I asked why. To that he said, it’s important…then he came closer to me and said sorry for disturbing u all this while…I won’t do like this anymore….I was wondering what made him to apologise now? I just replied him saying it’s ok…and he smiled at me…Strangely I also smiled at him and he came even closer to me….Now my heart beat raced faster….that’s when he said that he will continue to disturb me as now he had apologised to me!

There came his disturbance again by kissing and hugging me….Was he thinking all this will make me happy? The fact is it did made me happy but not in the way I wanted….I still have my dreams that I wanted…they were more to me that can make me always happy…..How am I going to tell him is the most disturbing part in my life now….I hope he can understand my dreams…..

I was slowly opening up to him…maybe it was the result of his closeness towards me…It seemed that he was also enjoying my presence….then one day, I had the courage to tell about my dreams….
He came to our room totally drenched in rain…he looked very tired…I thought maybe today was not the day to tell him about my dreams. I ended up helping him in drying his hair. That’s when he pulled me towards him and once again his romantic mood beginned….
To tell the truth, his romance was never beyond limits…that’s what I liked about him…in between his romance he did gave me space to tell about my likes and dislikes….He also shared his likes and dislikes when I asked….As a result, I liked him just like my dreams…..Space is always required to be given to each other especially in a relationship. Without space then it will be suffocating!

Finally, I went to tell him about my dreams as I felt that he will understand….but I never knew he had other plans….
I was outside our room when he was busily talking to someone over phone. That’s when I heard him saying, Why can’t u understand? Pragya is not trying to be my wife!!! She is still behaving weirdly…and if that’s the case then how can I go out with her for holiday?
Now what can I do…I mean yes I am behaving weirdly but I did respond whenever he was close to me…..How can he say that I am not trying to be his wife? That hurts me for some strange reason. I entered the room and he saw me. He told me not to misunderstand me for what he had spoken just now….As usual I said it’s ok and u have the right to tell about what u feel….

He held my shoulder and said it is not like what u are thinking…I would like to go for holiday with u but I know u are still not accepting me as your husband….completely in all ways….I know that u like my closeness and disturbances but that’s not I want from my wife….I want u to tell about your dreams that u said was shattered after marrying to me…Will u tell me?

That was the very first time, I saw him talking to me emotionally after our wedding night. He really considered me as his wife and that’s when I realized all his disturbances was to actually make me tell about my dreams to him.
I looked at him with all my liking…no…love…no…respect for him! He shook me and I came back to senses. Then I started to tell about my dreams…..

My dreams are not that big but they are big to the person whom I am going to share with….She is Megha…He asked me who is that? I continued saying that after my marriage got cancelled I wanted a change in my life…and that’s when I started to visit an orphanage…I don’t really like to mention it as an orphanage…it’s another home to me. There I saw Megha…she was a 3 year old child….For some strange reason, I was having a close attachment with her….I liked her, I adored her and I wanted her like my own daughter. I was planning to adopt her as my child…..that’s when u came in my life and now I am badly missing her….I can’t even visit her nowadays as I am scared what if anyone in your family don’t like me being with her…..He then asked me, u never thought that I will not like you being with her? I replied to him saying that I couldn’t think in that way after being with him all these days….

He hugged me and said what took u so long to tell me all this? I thought I had shattered the dreams of yours that can’t be fixed…Thank you for at least telling me now about our dreams….I was confused for a moment, Our dreams? Did he said like that?
He broke from the hug and looked at my confused face….I asked him what do u mean by our dreams? He now smiled which made me even more confused…..He went to take something from the side table. He took his phone from there and passed it to me and asked me to see the pictures in the gallery. I was now shocked to see the pictures. Abhi “Now u understand why it’s our dreams!” I was lost for words and just hugged him in response….

What I saw in the pictures makes me surprised….Yes I saw the pictures of Megha and me and other pictures with Megha and him. I realized he had known about all my activities and he was even in touch with Megha…That’s when I remembered Megha had told me that she only like to be with Abhoo and Pragoo (which is me)….I always wondered who was this Abhoo as whenever I was with Megha I couldn’t see him…It was always after or before my visit that Abhoo visits Megha….Now I understand that he did that purposely! Naughty star!

My dreams were fulfilled through him. I never know that he would be this much supportive! I thought he would not agree to my idea of having Megha as our daughter….but I was wrong! Now I feel complete as myself being able to have our dreams come true….Without his support this would not have been possible and being with him itself is a dream to me….He very well managed in making our family members agree to our dreams…What else I can ask for when my husband is so supportive? This was all I needed in my life…

That’s how I am living with him with my life…no! I am living with him with our lives…and I can feel living with him is going to make me have more life….and most importantly more love….


Once again thanks to all, for my ff please wait until 12 December which is my freedom day….in between I will try to update but not sure when and it really depends on my brain’s working condition….It applies the same for the random shots Effects of love…So sorry guys!
And about this random two shot not sure how was it too…It’s just a random one from the perspective of Pragya…Ok bye guys and see u all soon or later! Princess Krisha I am still guessing about the clues u gave me! Is it Tamilnadu? I think u are refering to a place specifically but my brain is not working…so sorry sis!

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