Living A Lie – Part 6 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi]


Part 5 –

Living A Lie – Part 6

“Oh no no no”, a fearful plea escapes my lips as I try to hold Dev with my weak hands. ‘Yeah! They are weak. I mean, look at him, how can I manage him alone?’
“Baby, what happened?” I hear Mia and see her approaching us.
“God! At least she’ll be the reason of my relief for once.” I mentally thank the God.
“Dev? Baby, open your eyes”, Mia said to Dev, while shaking his shoulders to wake him up.
“Mia, please take him with you. I have to fetch Alyssa urgently. Take him”, I tell her, by gently moving Dev’s body of my shoulder towards her.
She didn’t reply, but shrugged her shoulders, indicating her approval of my request.
Suddenly, from nowhere, a stranger collides with her, spilling all his drink on her oh so revealing dress.
“NO! My dress, YOU BASTARD! You spoiled it. No…” And with that Mia leaves the place without even giving a second glance at me.
“MIA” I call out, but all in vain.

“Sona, you sooooo pretty……go home….no safe….here” Dev mumbles in his unconscious state. I let it slip from my mind that for the first time he called me Sona and scanned the hall in order to find a familiar face. No, no, no one. I can’t even find a single person I know. ‘Who the hell are these people? What are they doing here? And what am I going to do with Dev now?’
If this is how it’s gonna be, then I have only one option left. Dev. I have to do something to get him back into his senses and ask him what to do. He’s passed out on my left shoulder. I can feel his steady breathe on the back of my neck, making the hairs stand there. He looks like a small child right now, so vulnerable and no one can tell from this look of him that he’s the biggest Casanova of our school. I drag him by his jacket towards the kitchen where I went earlier on. After adjusting him on the chair, I open the fridge to find something worth my use. Grabbing the lemon, I cut it into two half’s. Removing the seeds of one of the half’s, I went towards Dev. Holding up his chin with my left hand, I squeeze the lemon in his mouth after opening it.
Oh, he’s made a movement. Much to my amusement to push my hand down from his chin. ‘So the bad boy doesn’t like the lemon. Let’s do it again.’ Further grabbing up his chin, I drop more of the lemon juice in his mouth.

“What the f**k” Dev cries out.
“Good morning Dev. How are you now? Feeling better?” I ask, trying to hold back my laughter.
“Sugar? What are…? Where am I?” Okay. The bad boy is back.
“Can’t recognize your home? It’s your kitchen Dev.”
“Kitchen?….Ouch! This blo*dy headache is killing me.” He says, holding his head in his hands.
“Dev, I don’t have enough time right now. I want to meet Aly immediately. Help me to get out of this house.” I tell him, stating the truth.
“Hmmmm? Okay. I’m calling Sid, hope she’s with him.” Fishing his cell out of his pocket, he calls Sid.
“Sid, Where are you guys? What? When?…….and Alyssa?……ok… no……I’m fine……ok…….bye”
“What?” I ask as soon as he ends the call.
“They left” Dev replies, rubbing the corners of his eyes.
“Who? Where?” the question left out of my mouth almost immediately.
“All the three of them. They left about an hour ago for a long drive…….and……ummmm….they aren’t coming back.”
“Aly! She’ll be my death someday…ok…..I have to go home right now….I have to”, I murmur, grabbing my handbag from the kitchen counter.
“Wait. It’s too late for you to go now” exclaim Dev, with an unknown concern flashing on his face.
“No. I can’t. I’m going” I stride towards the hall for an escape. I can hear Dev’s call for me, but I can’t stay. Why did I even come here? I knew about these disgusting parties and even though I took a chance. I have to reach home as soon as possible. I couldn’t drag myself more into it.
I reach the main door and grasp the handle to open the door. Much to my surprise, the door is locked.
“Who did this? Who locked it?” muttering to myself, I peek towards Dev and shoot him a murderous glare.
“Dev, Open the door. Why did you lock it?”

“Oh I didn’t. I didn’t lock it.” He says, making a pout face. Obviously, the side effects of an alcohol.
“Okay. Do you have the key?” I’m sure he’ll have one. It’s his home by the way.
“Yeah! “ He shrugged his shoulders, putting his hand in the back pocket of his jeans to find something which is hopefully the key. He took back his hand and glance towards me, showing me his terrified face.
“F**K! F**k f**k f**k” he growls, making me jump in my place.
“Dev? What? Where are the keys?” I ask, hiding my nervous state in front of him.
“No! I mean sorry…..I don’t know…”
“Huh? Please Dev, don’t play these silly games with me right now. I really have to go home.”
“Please, I’m not playing games Sugar. I do not have the keys….do you understand…I DO NOT HAVE THE KEYS” he says, raging beyond his anger. The alcohol is still running in his veins.
“Dev…ok…so, what now?” a small plea escapes my lips after seeing his anger.
“Come with me. You can’t stay here. We are going upstairs.” Dev says, forwarding his left hand towards me.
“My room. Don’t worry, I’ll not kill you Sugar. I’m telling you this, because I care about you. Come” Care? This word seems so foreign coming from a bad boy and especially for a girl like me.
“But, Dev…your…”
“Just come on Sugar..ok…don’t come. I’m going.”
And just like that, he turns his back towards me, making me squirm in my position. “He can’t leave me alone. NO!” After completing my mini marathon, I quickly join him towards the stairs. As we reach the first floor, I scan the surrounding with my wide eyes. Everything looks so beautiful here. There are 2-3 bedroom doors on each side of the place, leaving a huge corridor in the middle. The whole corridor is decorated with various antiques and flowers….
“Are you coming or not?” before even I know more, Dev calls me from inside of his room.
“Yeah! Wait.”

His bedroom is big. Much bigger than mine. A faint dark blue colour complimenting the walls and then the bed, or I can say the king size bed, laying in the middle of the room, calling me.
“Ok Dev. I know that you’ll probably want to take the couch, so take it. I’m perfectly fine with the bed. Thank you.” Dumping my handbag on the study table, I make my way towards the bed.
“Stop. Who said I want the couch. No Sugar, it’s my room and I have the right to sleep in MY bed.” He says, emphasizing the word ‘MY’.
“I’m a girl Dev. I’m sleeping on the bed.” I quickly jump on the bed.
“Woah, woah GIRL! And what makes it different if you are a girl?” sitting on the edge of the bed, he asks.
“That….that….” Oh my GOD! I’m running out of words.
“Ok, so, let’s make it easy. We’ll play one game and whoever wins it takes the bed.”Dev says, putting a tempting offer in front of me.
“What’s the game?” I ask, curiously.
“We’ll play…..ummm……a staring game, yeah a staring game….ready?” he asks, after thinking for about a couple of seconds.
“Staring game? Ok….I’m in.” Blinking my eyes a couple of times, I shift on the bed to sit right in front of him.
“Ready Sugar, Three two one starts!”
And we keep staring in each other’s eyes. I know I’ll win because I pretty own this game. No one has ever beaten me in a staring contest. Dev is surely gonna lose this game, as well as his bed. hahaha.

I keep staring into his eyes. The colour of his eyes is slightly unique from the others I know. It’s something like brown, mixing with the yellow. His eyes are deep and as in deep DEEP! You can even swim in there if you want to. He’s watching me with much intensity in his eyes and even if I’m on the bed, my legs feel like jelly.
One minute I’m thinking about all this, and the next minute I feel something cold touching my lips. It’s him. Dev. He’s kissing me. He lunges me and grabs my hair, pinning me on the bed. I’ve never kissed anyone in my life, and I couldn’t urge the strength to stop him from doing this. I’m feeling paralyzed. He bites my bottom lip, requesting me to open my mouth and I moan, giving him his access. He tastes of alcohol and lemon. My tongue gently strokes his upper lip, gaining a rewarding moan from him. He grabs both of my hands to keep me in place while his tongue explores my whole mouth.
“Sugar. You. Taste. Like. Sugar.” He mumbles, each word on each time in between the pecks.
Instantly the bedroom door opens, revealing the persons I have known for the most of my life…

A/N : Just one thing- SORRY. I was suffering from a viral fever so, wasn’t able to write anything the entire time. After that the Diwali celebrations occupied the whole 10-15 days. I even tried to write then, but all that came out was disaster! I’ll try to upload the next part of my other FF as soon as I finish writing it. Wait a little longer for the FS, as it’s the toughest one write from all of my three works. Happy belated Children’s Day and Dev Diwali…(Did you notice that DEV Diwali {He surely got his Diwali present in this chapter} 😛 😛 😉 )
DevSona 🙂

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  2. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon

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  6. Hey di!
    I’d been missing you sooooo badly! Huh! Thought you’d forgotten all about us! Everytime I’d log on, my eyes would automatically go searching for your name. But, I always turned out unsuccessful 🙁 Today, when I’d logged on after returning from school, the level of my happiness was unbearable as I saw the name of this FF! I was sooo excited to read it and, all my excitement was truly worth it!
    The episode was simply wonderful! It was awesome! It was fantastic! It was fabulous! It was brilliant! It was incredible! It was amazing! It was commendable! It was mesmerising! It was mind-blowing! It was superb! Ughhh! I may fall short of words but your writing shall never! It really was a treat to read it! I mean, the way you described everything was amazingly amazing! And, the last scene left my mouth wide opened and I couldn’t help but smile to myself like an idiot! It was superbly lovely watching the two together, alone and all by themselves!
    You and your writings are the among the sweetest I’ve ever come across!
    I know this might seem stupid, but I’ve really fallen for you and your works!! It always has this unique charm that attracts readers
    !Assuming that you’re better in health now, I can’t help but request you to post really soon! I’ll be waiting for both your FFs and FS!
    And, abki gayab mat ho jaana!
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