Living A Lie – Part 5 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi]

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Living A Lie – Part 5

I took one book out of the first shelf and start reading it. The name of the book is ‘Someone Like You’ by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. Durjoy Datta is one of my favourite Indian writers. I just love how he portrays every character in his stories and knows our interests and disinterests. I’ve read some of his books, like ”You Were My Crush”, “Hold My Hand” & “World’s W̶o̶r̶s̶t Best Boyfriend” and now I’m going to read this one. I want to read a book right now because I know I’m in a mess and want an escape from it. I still can’t believe I agreed to Aly over a silly dare. Dev is nowhere near to what I’ve imagined my guy to be. He is a bad-boy, and yeah, a player too. What if he gets to know about all this? Oh god! He’ll destroy me. I can’t do it. NO!
I saw Alyssa in the corridor, confused seeing my horrified expression.
“What?” I asked her, as if I don’t know anything.
“What what? Look at you Sona. It looks like someone has sucked a life out of you.”
“There’s nothing like that” I lied and she laughs.
“No, really. I’ve never seen you this horrified, just look at you.”
“Thank you so much for making me feel better.” I said with a hint of sarcasm, which made her to stop laughing.
“Oops! Sorry. I know why you’re scared? It’s Dev, right?” She asks as soon as I made my way towards the parking area.
“Yeah, it is. I have no other drama going on in my life right now.”
“Sorry. I know I shouldn’t have given you that dare.” She says and reaches to take my hand in hers.
“So, are you going to call it off?” I ask with a little hint of hope in my heart.
“No ways. This is so much fun Sona. I want to see how you’d get along with the bad boy” She says and I rolled my eyes.
“I knew it. Thanks for being my best friend.” I said, jerking my hand from her hold. “I’m going home. Should I drop you?” I ask after getting on my two wheeler.
“Nah! Rahul is coming to pick me up. Bye” Rahul. Yaa, her long gone London returned cousin. I remembered when the three of us used to play together at her house.
“Okay. Good bye” I know that I’m still mad at her, but it’ll not change the fact that she’s my one and only best friend.

“Maa, I’m not in a mood to eat anything. Please don’t disturb me, I need some rest.” I said as soon as I saw my mom in the kitchen.
“Sona, what happened? Is everything alright?” She said, sounding worried.
“Yes maa, it’s just some headache. Nothing else. I want some sleep.”
“Okay. But if you want anything, then call me.” I smiled seeing her concern and assured her nodding.

As soon as I reached my room. The first thing came in my mind was to call Max. I still remember our chat from the afternoon.

{Message from Max}
Got something to tell you. Meet me tonight.
I replied:
Okay. Hope everything is alright. ‘ll surely meet you.
I grab my backpack, shuffling the things inside to find my cell phone. I can’t find it. “Where have I kept my phone?” My heartbeat accelerates and I start to remember each and every place I went today. “I had it back there when I went to the library. Did I lose it there? No, no, I also had it in my hand when I was in the parking area. When Alyssa……” Then I remembered Aly taking my hand…”Oh no! She did it intentionally. She took my cell phone so that I can’t be able to talk to anyone. Arghh! I hate her” I mentally scold myself for being careless and decided to go to Aly’s.

“Maa, I’m going to meet Alyssa. Don’t wait for me because I’m going to be late. Bye. Love you.” I hurriedly blurt out and left the place without even bothering for her reply.

I reached her home and immediately knocked the door. I prepared myself to shout at her as soon as she opens the door. Surprisingly, her mom opened the door.
“Aunty, Is Aly home?”
“No Sonakshi. She just left with Rahul…they were talking about some party…” she tells me and my mind start to remember every possible party I’ve heard going to be happen tonight.
“Oh okay. Thank you so much.” I said and went towards my vehicle.
“Where is the party tonight? Think Sona think…ugh! Please god help me. Just one hint, one.” I saw one candy shop across the road and my mind caught up with what happened between me and Dev today. I really don’t like the way he called me Sugar. I have a name of my own and I don’t want someone to change it, and especially if it happens to be Dev. Dev, Dev…DEV! Yes! there’s a party at his house today. I went back when two days ago, when Aly had told me about this late night party at his place, but I refused it on the spot because seriously I’m not into parties. Parties always make you feel worse and from what I’ve heard from Aly about them, I wish not to go to any of it.
“What do I do now? Should I go there? No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I should just go back home and sleep. Yes, I should just go home.”

I don’t know how I end up in front of the Dev’s house. I had mentally made a note to go home, but I can’t. I don’t even know how I am supposed to get in. I’m not dressed up for this. I can’t. I’m going home right now, yeah!

I’m making my way through the crowd with a loud music hurting my ears. It’s nearly 500 people roaming here, all stinging with alcohol and I don’t know where to go. At last I found a less crowded place. It’s the kitchen. I went inside and opened the fridge, hopefully finding a bottle of water. I drank more than half in one go and again went on searching Alyssa.
I went outside continuing my search for Aly. After checking a couple of places, I stopped at one corner watching the scene in front of me. It wasn’t Aly, but unfortunately for me, it was Dev and he was making out with Mia.
Mia saw me and her mouth quickly turned into a smirk.
“What a pleasant surprise. Our little good girl showed up at the party” She said dropping all the venom from her mouth.
Dev turns and just stares at me. His face held no emotions, no surprise, and no shock.
“I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just looking for Alyssa” I said facing the floor, nervous.
“Then what are you doing here, go away” she said insulting me, making my blood boil.
“Oh please don’t think I’m here to listen your insults Mia. I don’t even care about you anyway. So you just shut up” I snapped and saw Dev coming towards me.
He stands in front of me and moved towards my side to whisper something in my ear,” This is not where you belong Sugar. Go home.” It sounded more like an order than a concern coming from his mouth.
“Who are you to tell me where I belong. My father? I asked with a fake laugh.
“I can be anything you want Sugar. Try me.” By now I know that it’s not him talking. It’s the alcohol in his system who’s talking.
“I am not interested in you Dev. Go and please Mia. She must be feeling cold standing there.” I tell him and I know I skipped a heartbeat there. I don’t want him to go to her. I don’t know what I’m feeling.
“No. I want you. You’re so innocent, and so beautiful and so……..” It took a second for me to process why he’s leaning too much on me, but then it hit me. He is not leaning, he’s freaking fainting.

Precap : Dev-Sonakshi kiss and the first day of Sonakshi’s dare.

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