Living A Lie – Part 2 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi]

Part 1

Living a Lie- Part 2:

“But I don’t. So leave me,” I ordered Dev sounding pretty much annoyed.
“I won’t babe, and why are you annoyed? Don’t you know who I’m? I’m ‘THE Dev Dixit’. The most popular guy of the school and every girl wants to be with me,” he said, showing me his famous ‘annoying’ smirk.
“That List DOESN’T include me, Mr.‘THE Dev Dixit’. I’m not like that vulgar bimbos who revolves around you every time just to make sure you notice them. And I will never be like them.”
“All the girls say that, but no one can resist me babe,”
“Don’t babe me Dev, I’m not your babe,”
“You are my babe, babe,”

“Oh just…” as I was going to answer him, I heard someone’s voice.
“Dev? Oh baby you’re here. I was looking……YOU?” ladies and gentleman, a big round of applause for none other than Mia. The most popular girl of our school. Not for her studies, but for her (not so) good looks and for her careless behaviour in front of boys. She is the biggest “*****” of our school and my childhood bestie cum present enemy.
As she entered, Dev got distracted and I get a chance to escape from his hold.
“Yes me Mia, any problem?” I asked Mia in a challenging voice.
“Shut up Sona, you **…..”
“Don’t. Get it straight Mia, you CAN NOT call me Sona. You have lost that many years ago and second, never ever dare to call me anything which makes you to bring down more and more in front of me. You’ll regret it”

“You’re literally too stupid to insult “Sonakshi”.” Mia came back, more strongly than I would have thought of.
“Whatever,” I mumble to myself and start forwarding towards the door.
“Bye, loser,” I heard Mia and when I turned to face her, she was smiling widely, showing me her whole 32 teeth. So, she thinks she won? No way Sona you can’t let that happen. Think about something………….
“Nice teeth. Are they available in white?” I asked, with my best comeback till date and heard a chuckle coming from Dev.

“Nice one, babe.” Dev told me in a hushed voice so Mia can’t hear, and I left the room with an amused smile on my face 🙂

“OMG Sona! You said that? to Her?” asked my over exited BFF Aly, after hearing the whole locker room drama.
“You should’ve seen her face.It was priceless,”
“Yes, I should’ve but I didn’t, and I won’t.” Aly said sounding quite sad.
“Don’t worry Aly, this isn’t the last time. It’s just a beginning to the end of her popularity.” I told her, an evil smile forming my face.

“Look, who’s in the house.”

Anyone can guess from her amused voice that who it is going to be….Obviously, our three MUSKETEERS (male version though 😉 ) They entered the cafeteria and immediately wandered their eyes if they were finding someone.

Suddenly my eyes caught Max’s and his eyes literally twinkled with pleasure. He then signalled me a cute smile and told something in Sid’s ear. Sid then passed it to Dev and immediately his eyes found mine. Dev’s eyes are so intense that anyone could get mesmerized with them. But this has to be his eyes only, his bad boy nature is 100% no-no for me. His careless attitude and his player image is getting on my nerves. Seriously….

Without even waiting for a second, they came to our table and occupied the seats.

Dev sat on my left and Max on my right. Aly and Sid were on the other side of the table.

“Hello Babe,” no need to introduce. Yes, it’s the smirking guy. 😉
“Hey Max, how’s it going,” ignoring Dev I asked Max.
“All is awesome Sona……umm Sonakshi, how about you?” Max replied, sounding nervous. God knows why?….

I opened my cell phone to check for any whatsapp notify. And as my instance, I’ve got one. It shows…
{Message from Max}
Got something to tell you. Meet me tonight.

I replied:
Okay. Hope everything is alright. ‘ll surely meet you.

This message made me nervous. What happened between the boys? Any fight?…..ughhhh, I can’t wait. I want to know…….

“Come on everyone, let’s play STD.”
“Great idea”

We have a free period and the game they could think of, have to be the only one. Bl**dy STD!
I’m telling you guys seriously that this game is a piece of s**t. How can a person, without his/her will, have to do or have to say something which his friends/strangers ask or tell for THEIR fun. No ways, I’ll not play it.

“Sona, come, let’s play.” Aly came and said to me.
“No Aly, You can play if you want.”
“You have my spare. Please come, for me…”

Anyone could melt after seeing Aly’s puppy face and being her BFF. I can’t deny.

“Yay! It’ll be fun this time. Really…”
“You always say that.”
“You always buy that.”

“Tina tell us the name of your crush.”
“You have to”
“It’s Rohan”
“OMG Him!”
“Tina, you seemed to be cleverer than that”
“Okay stop now, next spin.”
“Alyssa! S-T-or-D?”

As she said that, I, without wasting any second, take that chance and put the dare in front of her.
“Ok Aly, you have to propose Sid for a coffee date”
“No Sona!”
“Yes Aly, you picked the dare”
“Sona, please….Pretty please?”
“No pretty no ugly please Aly, you are doing it”
“But he isn’t here”
“You’ll do that after the school gets over and I’m the chief witness for it.”
“Yeah…… can we proceed”


“Sonakshi, what do you choose?”
I can’t choose truth. Can I choose situation? No. I can’t take any risk.
Same as me, Alyssa was also very happy that I chose dare. I can feel that I’m in a BIG trouble.
“ Sonakshi, Okay…Sorry if this is long ,but don’t argue after listening because this is one thing only and you chose dare so you have to do one thing we told you. Okay?”
“Okay. Go ahead”
“What? What did you say?”
“Pretend to be in love with Dev for 5 Days.”

“Are you out of your mind Aly, this isn’t even a legal dare. No, I AM NOT doing this.”
“No Sonakshi you have to”
“That’s not fair”
“You are breaking the rule”
“Alyssa also agreed to your dare na”
“Please Sonakshi”
“OKAY! Okay stop, I agree.”
“What Sona? Please repeat”
“I AGREE to PRETEND to be in LOVE with Dev for ‘5’ Days.”

A/N : Sorry guys for late upload 🙁 can’t get any time to write. Please wait for Ishq F(o)re(ver), I’ll be uploading soon. Please comment your views below. The first part has more than 15 comments and I’m pleasured by your responses to this story. And yes, I’m a wattpad reader and I’ve read numerous badboy stories there, leading me to write my own version with DevAkshi. *Feeling Excited 🙂 *

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