Lively love! OS

He is lively but I am lovely! Too much of self appraisal Pragya. Always thinking so high of you. You are lovely? When did you start to think like that?

He is lively that is true but when did you show him that you are lovely? You are always arguing with him like a live wire!

How to show him I am lovely? Can I kiss him? No way Pragya! Its what he does to me! Think of something else! Hug him? But I have already done that many times!

Then how? Be lively like him to show that I am lovely? But how?

Abhi saw her talking to herself. She is gone mad again by talking to herself. I think I better go and sleep in the guest room. She saw him and called his name ” Abhi!” Abhi ” You called my name?” Pragya ” Yes Abhi!” Abhi ” Pinch me! I think I am dreaming!” Pragya pinched him. Abhi ” Ouch!” Pragya ” Abhi I have decided something and I am going to call you Abhoo from now onwards!” Abhi ” What? First you called me by my name and then now this Boo name!” Pragya ” No you are getting it wrong! Its Abhoo!”

Abhi gave a sulky face and moved from there. Pragya ” Its now my time to give you names! First one is Abhoo! Keep waiting for the next one!”

Abhi ” You have completely gone mad! I dont what made you even think like this!”

Lively love from Pragya’s side has just started….

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  1. It’s very cute and I loved it…awesome,keep going and present us such cute stories..

  2. Nice one yaar

  3. Nice yaar☺

  4. Riyashri

    Lovely Os Yaar !!! Keep Writing More !! Such A Cute And Sweet Update !!

  5. It was awesome

  6. Adhya

    very lovely yaar…i loved it..plz continue

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