live to love – part 9

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry …………………………………..
I know you all are angry with me
Cause I am posting after at least 3 months
But now I’ll try to be punctual

After seeing the slide
Naina,Sona,Shraddha and naina’s parents cry a lot
Sona gives naina a tight hug
After sometime they break apart
Shraddha reminces how Sona and Shraddha helped her for a runaway marriage ?

Shraddha’s father has foxed her marriage to a corrupt politician
But Shraddha loves Rohit
And they want to get married
They had taken this decision after thinking a lot
But who would dare to convince shraddha’s family
Especially her father
Shraddha is from a very protective and narrow minded family
However she is very much opposite of her family
Shraddha doesn’t wanna get married ?
But she doesn’t date to speak about Rohit in front of her father

After sometime of ?,remembering the happy moments shared with Rohit
She gives up
There is only two days left for her marriage
In night,
She gets a call from Sona
She gets confused that why did Sona called her at 2 O’ clock
She picks up the call

Sona:bahar nikal!!!!;

In a very hushed up and flat tone

Shraddha:what….kya Hua

Sona:bahar nikal….

Shraddha:tu pehele Bata kya hai…..

Sona:tera saman to packed hoga hi

But kyun….

Sona:abhi main much nahi bol sakti
Tu bas apna saman lekar bahar nikal
Main tere ghar ke bahar khadi hoon
Saman lekar balcony Mein aa
Phir main tujhe ek rope doongi
Ussr neeche utar jaana

Shraddha:what….tu pagal hai…..tu mere Ghar ke bahar kya kar rahi hai…..pakdi gayi to bura phasegi…..
Tu kar kya rahi hai

Sona:abhi main much nahi bol sakti tu bas nikal na…..


After some time Shraddha comes in the balcony with her stuffs packed in suitcases
With the help of the rope
She gets down
And there she sees Sona,naina and Rohit
Shraddha gets shocked seeing them

Shraddha:tum log yahan kya kar rahe Ho

Naina:tujhe bhaga rahe hai…..aur kya karenge hum…..pagal thodi na hai Ki raat ke 2 baje tere ghar ke bahar aayenge…..

Shraddha:bhaga rahe hai??…..tum log pagal Ho kya….agar papa ko pata chal Gaya Ki main….unki beti shaadi ke 2 din pehele bhaag gayi to tum log soch bhi nahi sakte kya hoga ……sona tu to inhe samjha…..pagalon jaisi baatein kar rahe hai

Rohit:Shraddha we know Ki tumhare dad ko bahut gussa ayega….but kya tum uss gadhe se shaadi kar logi …..zindagi tumhe uske saath bitani hai….tumhare dad ko nahi… first you have think about yourself…..

Sona:he is right….look hamne sab plan kar liya hai…..kal subah jab tumhare dad ko pata chalega tab tak tum donon Ki shaadi ho chuki hogi….you get it….so koi darrne Ki baat nahi hai….ok…


She looks last time at her house and sits in the car with Sona and Rohit
Naina went in another car and left

Thanks for being patient
And pakka ab main thoda jaldi post Karoongi
Till then give away you precious comments

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