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Hi guyzzz .. This is a real life story which I will express through a serial

In India there are 29 states in that ..there is a state which lies near the Arabian sea.. The gods own country kerala.. In that beautiful small state a girl was born in a muslim family .Her name is aliya..From the day of birth onwards all here family members love and pampered her ..
she was naughtiest of all child .she was not a she i.e. Aliya jzt behave as boy .she like to climb trees.runs behind a cat..etc she was a total hungamma type..her family was so concern abt her if she behaves like a wud marry her wht will be here future..

After. A few years aliya parent thought of having a child also was boy they named him zain..

When she was at the age of 12 .she was shifted to a metropolitan city Kochi..where aliyazain were studing in convent school….

This school changed the life of on this school only she understand the meaning. Of love … Where her frnds taught her the love

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  1. Wow !!! Gud . r u a malayali ??? Where??

  2. Nice laya but
    Too short 🙁

  3. Nic one.. Laya r u a malayali… I am frm Ekm.. Where r u frm??

  4. Laya its nice,I like it

  5. Wowwww nice start….very interesting. .plzzzz continue dear

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