Live life to the fullest – Episode 1

Hey there ppl I’m back .Actually when I posted character sketch it felt like no one was reading my story so I was about to stop.I decided to stop writing but one of my fans commented in my previous chapter to continue the story which really made me happy.That person gave me reason to continue the story.Thank you very much I really appreciate your support!!!Also I decided to change the profile pic of this story.SO  THE story continues in school.

The teacher was starting the lesson.But suddenly the door opened and a girl came in breathing heavily saying,  sorry teacher I’m late it will not happen again, teacher was disappointed but knew that student was later for a reason so just says, Ishani this is your fifth time being late plz try to come early, and plz wear uniform.Ishani said, okay miss it will not happen again and sat near rithika.Rithika and Ishani hug then Rithika starts asking from Ishani the homework since she forgot to do it.Ishani surely gives it to her and sees Ranveer looking at Rithika.After few classes they head to lunch and Rithika starts talking about how she met a cute guy yesterday.Ishani laughs and says Rithika you always meet cute guys so this is no news for me.Then Rithika says of course since im beautiful and all of them fall in love with my body which is better than yours and laughs

(Rithika means that she have bigger chest than Ishani.)Ishani becomes silent for a min then Rithika says omg Ishani I was just joking don’t take it serious but I feel kinda bad for you since most of the girls in class have bigger chest than yours.Ishani changes the conversation from embarrassment and asks her if she will come over her house to do homework.But Rithika replies  back saying oh no Ishani last time when I went there I couldn’t breath since it was so freaking small.Ill never go there .Instead you come over.

Rithika suddenly sees Ranveer and runs to him and hugs him from the back.Ranveer says oh Rithika and touches her waist.Ishani feels chill from her back and says Rithika before you leave I have to tell you that I can’t go home together today I’m going to store to buy groceries .Then Rithika replies saying , I don’t care just go cuz I’m going to buy a drink WIt ranveer today.Ranveer looks at ishani but then says to Rithika , okay let’s go Rithika I’ll buy you something.Ishani goes to the bathroom an starts washing her hands. She feels sad and thinks about her mother Falguni who is model right now .

New character

Falguni-she is a mother of Ishani and she is model .She divorced bc she became model and Harshad didn’t agreed to her being model.Falguni promised Ishani that she will come back.

Ishani thinks of how happy she would be if her family was together right now.After few classes  she leaves and goes straight to groceris thenhome thinking about ranveer and rithika.When she comes home she cooks food and when her father comes .She runs to him  and hugs him tight.

  1. Hey guys I know it’s sad but soon everything will suddenly change .I hope you liked this story and next time I’ll try to make it longer .Have a good day! :wink::wink: Peace!
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  1. thank you for your kind decision. can you please help me? I am the author of MATSH: Our Endless Love story. i stopped writing. but I will update in next two days. can you pls inform this to readers at the end of your next episode? and pls do continue your story. I am reading. don’t worry. others will also comment and you have good writing skills.

    1. Nonosh2525

      Of course ;ll help you its no problem for me.In my next episode I will tell readers to read your story and check it out.Surely I will check it out too and comment what I think about it.By the way thanks for commenting and I like the title of your story!

      1. thank you so much.

  2. thank you for your kind decision. pls do continue. don’t worry. others will also comment. can you help me?

    1. Hii bhavani soo happy to see u here and to know that u will be continuing ur ff. I missed it soo much yaar. Will be waiting for it

  3. Hi nonosh great story..pls do continue. I’m very excited to know how the destiny will bring our ishveer together.

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