Live life to the fullest – Character Sketch

Hi guys!!!How are you?You can call me Nonosh and Iam 15.Iam a fan of MATSH.I decided to write a story about them but it will be completely different.So right now I will give you info about the story and what kind of characters will be in there.


Ishani-at the moment ishani and her friends are between 14 and 15.Her bestie is Rithika.Ishani lives with her father Harshad since her parents are divorced.Shes in love with Ranveer.Ishanis brother is Shikhar.Ishani is poor and always spends most of her time helping her father.

Ranveer-he is also around 14 and 15.He is really rich and he’s in love with Rithika.

Rithika-is really rich and is bestie of ishani.She is also around 14 and 15.Most of the time Rithika makes fun of Ishani in front of everybody since she’s rich and popular.She uses Ishani and pretends that she’s her bestie.

Shikhar-is 21 and is studying in America.He also works there and earns money then sends his family some money.

For now I stated all of the most important characters.

Also guys I would like to tell you that ritika ,ranveer and ishani are in high school 9th grade.All of them are in same school.

I would like to compare Rithika and Ishani.So Rithika is already mature and her body is already grown.So almost all boys fall in love with her.But Ishani is not that mature yet, she’s flat and Rithika always makes fun about that and compares their body.Ishani doesn’t have much clothes and all of them are old.Ishani doesn’t know much about boys and the reason her body looks like 6th graders body is because in home she’s doesn’t eat a lot protein (meat).Even if her father used to bring meat home when they were young..Most of the time she gave most of the meat to his brother(her father told her to do that, since he’s only boy In the family)

  • For now this is all.I hope you enjoyed how I desribed the characters.Guys soon they will grow up and everything will be different.I will post the 1st chapter soon because I have nothing to do during summer. Bye guys have a great day.Enjoy.???♡♡♡♡♡♥♥


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  1. nice one. please do continue

  2. nice one pls do continue

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